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Isotope & Comixology’s First Event Together!

Most of you know the Isotope goes way, way back with our friends David Steinberger and John Roberts from Comixology (even back to when they were known as iComicsOnSale). Like all the best friendships, we’ve had many great times just hanging out together and we’ve also taken that mutual admiration for each other to do cool stuff together. We conceived, constructed, and tirelessly beta-tested a Comics Subscription System for Retailers and Readers that has enabled comic stores all over the planet to take amazing care of their customers and grow their businesses. And, along with the industry’s most forward thinking shops, we’ve pioneered together the fusion of analog and digital comics markets. The best of all possible worlds!

But for some strange reason, we’ve never thrown a party together. The time for that to change is now.

with Comixology & the Isotope
Tuesday, June 11th, 8pm
@ The High Dive Lounge
Embarcadero @ Pier 28 1/2

In honor of the 2013 WWDC that brought our friends to town this month and the upcoming 7th anniversary of the Isotope/Comixology friendship, let me invite you to our first official event together! We’ll be posted up Bay Side at one of SF’s most beloved old school treasures, the city’s best dive featuring the city’s best view, The Hi Dive Lounge for a nice evening of cocktails and great comic talk. Join us, won’t you?

Duty Now For The Future!

With SEP10 orders due this upcoming Monday, it’s time to point your browsers toward those pull-lists for a little duty now for the future time, friends. But don’t stress, your amigos here at the great hallowed halls of the Isotope are here to be your personal tour guides to the world of the future of comics. Just look at that picture of Batwoman there on the left, you know we’re going to steer you true!

It’s simplicity itself to search the future by hardcover, trade paperback, and softcover. Or you peek at the future by publisher if you’d prefer, check out what Oni Press has up their sleeves. Or AdHouse Books. You can see what Dark Horse, Marvel, Image, and DC have coming up. And even a look into the future of Vertigo.

I’m sure you all know how much I want to make sure every single person coming in the Isotope door leaves here with the things that fill their lives with joy, and that’s why myself and my amigos at Comixology have put so much time into building something to make sure you can all do that. And have your days filled with pure, undiluted funnybook joy!

There is truly some exciting things in your future, including Chew vol 3, Batman Inc. #1, and Walking Dead vol 13, and the long-awaited Planetary vol 4 softcover. And also some stuff you might overlook…

Don’t sleep on Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes‘ amazing Yesterdays Tomorrows, Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen‘s long out of print Shockrockets, San Francisco native Serena Valentino‘s return to comics with a relaunch of Nightmares & Fairy Tales, one of Pete Milligan‘s best works The Extremist, and Rick Remender‘s rather awesome (and gorgeous) The Last Days of American Crime softcover.

And don’t miss out on Henry & Glenn Forever, the not-quite-wedded-bliss story if Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig lived together. So, so good!

Don’t hesitate, a bunch of these indy creators need your orders or they may not get distributed at all. I can tell you that last month Isotope Support Staffer Jason McNamara was *very* thankful for your pre-orders, which (knowing how many we ordered) I’m sure made a huge difference to his distributor. Please do the same for this month’s pack of awesome comic creators… and help me, Storm and Kirsten ensure we;re getting you everything that makes you happy!

And don’t forget to place your orders for Batwoman #0 and this too!

SEP10 orders are due by this next Monday, any orders placed after that not guaranteed. Here’s your link to this world of goodness:

Click here and place your orders by Monday, September 27th

(Don’t already have a pull-list at the Isotope? email hidden; JavaScript is required for all the info!)

Your Future Is Full of Love

It’s that time of the month, my amigos, to start thinking about the wonderful world of the future again! No, no, I’m not actually talking about this future or this one either (although I’m a massive fan of both)… I’m talking about your future of comics!

There’s really nothing that I want more than to make sure every single person coming in the Isotope door leaves here with the things that make life happier and filled with pure, undiluted funnybook joy. It is with this thought in mind that I teamed up with my friends at Comixology and built an on-line pull list system to make all your lives simpler… and to ensure that I’m getting every single comic and graphic novel for every single person I can. It’s a pretty wonderful thing!

And the future is definitely full of love! Browse by hardcover to find such treasures as Darwyn Cooke‘s Parker: The Outfit, Marvel’s classic undersea invasion Atlantis Attacks Omnibus, the 10th anniversary edition of Phil Hester and Mike Huddleston‘s brilliant The Coffin, and even amazingly awesome all-ages things like Yo Gabba Gabba – Comic Book Time.

Or browse the trade paperbacks and softcovers where you’ll find wonderful can’t-miss things like Forgetless (one of the coolest new series in a long time, you’ll thank me for it!), this kitchy-cool Batman: The Brave and the Bold book, Isotope Support Staffer Jason McNamara and Paige Braddock‘s awesome Martian Confederacy vol 2 (which features the hot lip-to-lip scene pictured with this very post), and even the long-awaited A Red Mass For Mars by the brilliant Jonathan Hickman!

Don’t hesitate, AUG10 orders are due this coming Monday, and any orders placed after that time are not guaranteed. If knowing that a bunch of these indy creators need your orders or they may not get distributed at all isn’t enough incentive, think about this… you wouldn’t really want Darwyn Cooke finding out you forgot to order the next volume of Parker, would you?! I sure wouldn’t!

Click here and place your orders by Monday, September 27th

So be smart people, place those orders tout de suite… duty now for the future!

(Don’t already have a pull-list at the Isotope? email hidden; JavaScript is required for all the info!)

And Now, A Word From James

Cheers, beloved members of the Isotope family!

If you’ve been paying attention to the recent comic news you already know it’s another exciting time of change for the comic industry. One that will no doubt be great for comics and will also probably cause some chaos for us Friendly Comic Book Retailers throughout the industry for a bit. As you probably also know, everything we get from Diamond Comics Distributors is non-returnable, so if I order something that no one wants for whatever reason, that hurts the general healthiness of the store. Admittedly, I’ve always had a pretty keen sense of what will and what won’t sell at the Isotope and have done pretty well with that over the years. And I plan to continue doing just that. However, recently a number of publishers, understandably eager to make their mark in the digital comics world, are no longer providing folks like me with accurate information on what to expect as far as the wheres and perhaps even the whens of distribution on their books anymore. I don’t really mind these changes and think it all heralds an exciting new era for comics, but it does require a few adjustments on my part… ‘cos Momma Sime didn’t raise no fool. When it comes to order time I have to assume anything they publish will be distributed digitally at whatever unknowable price they might decide now (and perhaps on whatever unknowable day as well). With all that in mind, I’m sure everyone will appreciate that while the Isotope remains just as committed as always to selling and stocking a vast variety of comics I’m going to be just a bit more cautious about going out on a limb for certain books or formats in the future.

Fortunately, I had Comixology built so we can ensure my staff and I continue doing an excellent job providing you with all the information about upcoming releases we can and getting you all the books you want. Truth be told, after all the false starts I encountered trying to get an on-line Previews and pull-list made, I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. I spent 3 years of my life getting that thing made and preparing the Isotope for this exact moment! Man, it’s great when a little duty now for the future pays off, isn’t it?

Orders for July/August are due this coming week, please take the time this weekend to place them. I am, of course, going to continue to bend over backwards to get you whatever you want, but anything with JUN10 order codes placed after Monday, June 28th at midnight may be subject to delays or allocations. So please do get those lists updated, por favor. Here’s everything Diamond is shipping for August/September releases:

If you don’t already have an account and would like us to start pulling titles for you (and get a nice discount on them as well) email hidden; JavaScript is required and I’ll help you get set up right away.


– James

Update Your Pull List On Your Sexy Mobile Device

For those of you wonderful people who have regular pull-lists here at the Isotope and are walking around with sexy mobile devices in your pockets… go ahead and update those lists to your heart’s content with Comixology. This is something I wanted to have made for our customers for years!

Long before it was a reality I asked Diamond Comics and several software developers to make a website and a program that would make managing your subscriptions effortless for you folks, but none had the vision to see how this could benefit the entire comic industry… that is until I found the folks from Comixology. These people not only “got it” and built us something beautiful but they’ve also managed to carve quite a nice high tech comic industry niche for themselves in the process. Bravo, guys!

So don’t be shy, start using their great site. And if you have an iPhone, grab yourself the app here. Blackberry user? There’s an app for you too!

Find out more here:

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