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Ex Machina: Deconstructing the Machine

Today we celebrate the final issue of Ex Machina, the multi-award winning socio-political science fiction epic by author Brian K. Vaughan and artist Tony Harris.

To launch this series back in 2004 the Isotope threw a Voter Registration Drive with Brian K. Vaughan both in the store and on-line (which got a nice write-up in this issue of Time Magazine). We decided to do a follow-up event with both Brian and Tony Harris, a legendary Ex Machina Election Day Party. Brian, Tony, and I all wanted to make something incredible to give away to fans as a reward to those folks who got out and voted that year. We wanted something more than special… we wanted the single greatest behind-the-scenes resource ever made for a comic book… a virtual Criterion Collection styled DVD extras disc, autographed by the creators and jam-packed full of goodness.

So that’s exactly what we did.

Teaming up with Darren and Michelle Murata, co-founders of San Francisco’s Comrade a celebrated Technology Think Tank & Digital Design Agency, we made something truly beautiful. Packed with pages upon pages of Brian’s never before seen scripts and Tony’s production artwork from start to finish, this Deconstructing the Machine disc took viewers on a personal tour behind the wizard’s curtain in a way nothing else ever had before. And we gave them away for free to each and every person who attended our event. And also to 100 lucky fans across the nation.

Today, 6 years later, we’re going to let the rest of you enjoy it too. Now it can be shown!

See the complete creative process w/ revolutionary Page Peel&#0153 technology. Pull out the colors, the inks, and even the pencils.

Watch exclusive video interviews with the entire Ex Machina crew, from author to penciler to inker to colorist.

Straight from Tony Harris’ personal archive, see never before seen production sketches, props, photos, and more.

Join in on a complete behind the scenes video tour of the legendary Jolly Roger Studios where Ex Machina is made.

Let’s all raise a glass in celebration of these great creators and this amazing series! Please remember that these videos were originally encoded for disc so on the web they do take a bit to load, but your patience will definitely be rewarded. I hope you enjoy the gloriously sexy Flash design of as much as I do. Click the following link to witness it for yourself:

Ex Machina: Deconstructing the Machine

Oh, Ex Machina, you are near and dear to all our Isotope hearts. We miss you already!

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