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Parking for your Super-Wheels

The biggest change for 2011 here at the Isotope is a sudden abundance of new parking to be found right here on our block. And in a city like SF that is a truly wonderful thing!

It wasn’t too long ago that the garage up the street quite literally filled every available spot with automobiles, but with the city’s metering of Fell street now we’ve always got plenty of room for you to park your Blackbirds, Bat Bikes, Quinjets, Fantasticars, and Owlships (there are quite literally 9 spots on the block as I type this)! Eventually folks will figure out that the parking situation has changed but for now… glory! Thinking about this new embarrassment of parking riches and also checking out the awesome Batgirl Scooter by Ted Naifeh inspired me to come up with a comic themed list of great ways to get around in comics.

Top Five Favorite Comic Vehicles That Aren’t The Batmobile

#5. The Supermobile

Yes, it’s one of the absolute dumbest superheroic vehicles of all. But that, dear friends, is what makes Superman’s Supermobile so awesome. This is the height of leisure, why should Superman bother flying around or use his super strength when he can sit back listening to tunes while his Supermobile does all the work? Yes, the neighbors may laugh at you for putting this in the drive… but only until your car knocks them out with those big crazy fists!

#4. Silver Surfer’s Surfboard

Fueled by nothing more than thought and The Power Cosmic, Silver Surfer’s surfboard remains one of the most snazzy ways to get around in any universe. I don’t know if they had surfing on his home planet of Zenn-La, but the amusingly-named Norrin Radd sure seems to relish in carving the cosmic and shooting the spaceways. This vehicle looks so darn fun to ride it would be worth cruising around the town wearing nothing but your silver underpants!

#3. Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle

Yes, yes, I dig motorcycles. Who doesn’t? Well this one is conjured from the very fingertips of it’s rider, made from living hellfire flames! And it can drive up a wall. With great biker styling and leaving one heck of a hot trail behind it, this should be an essential addition to any list of favorite comic book vehicles. Sadly it probably gives off quite the cloud of burning sulfer stench. While I don’t think Johnny Blaze cares too much if he reeks, stinking of rotten eggs is a bit of a turn off on this one. So the motorcycle only makes it to #3.

#2. Mobius Chair

I’m of the opinion that the best rides really make an impact. And Metron makes being a New God look downright awe-inspiring as he traverses both time and space with kicked-back, out of this world style in the Mobius Chair. I think traveling around on this is so downright swanky I was seriously hard-pressed to come up with a better choice of vehicle. Talk about turning heads, who wouldn’t want to cruise through the local drive-thru in this badboy?!

But there can only be one #1! And that is…

#1. Devil Dinosaur

When it comes to sheer coolness, no vehicle in comics can even compare to riding around on a savage 25 foot tall blood-red Kirby dinosaur like Moon Boy does. Seriously. What could be cooler?!

I’d happily swap in a whole fleet of Batmobiles for Devil Dinosaur!

UPDATE: Just for fun there’s one more addition to this list but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. You’ll find it in the pages of Brat Pack by Rick Veitch, an amazing graphic novel that fans of books like The Boys will absolutely love! That particular vehicle may not exactly be a favorite, but it is definitely the most memorable one of all.

Happy St. Patricks Day

Inspired by this thread on the Comic Geek Speak boards this year I decided that instead of braving the bartime insanities in search of horrible green colored beer… I’m getting in the spirit by ranking my Top Five Favorite Green Skinned Comic Characters in honor of St. Patrick’s Day instead. Because, really, who doesn’t love some green skinned comic characters?

#5. Beast Boy / Changeling
Like lots of folks my age it was The New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez that first got me seriously reading DC Comics. From this green-skinned hero I discovered Doom Patrol. And the rest was history! I still have my badly worn copy of this Changeling solo book from back then.

#4. The Leader
The Leader with his gigantic gamma-irradiated head and his rather awesome facial hair will always have a special place in my heart. Despite being one of the most brilliantly intelligent criminal masterminds to ever walk the Earth… somehow he just can’t manage to not get thwarted every time by the dumb as a bag of bricks Hulk every time.

#3. Jade
This gorgeous green-skinned heroine is the daughter of original Green Lantern Alan Scott and is more often seen flying through space than here on terra firma. With all that cosmos traveling you’d almost never suspect she grew up in a Milwaukee suburb. A Midwestern space girl, really is it any surprise I dig her?

#2. The Hulk
When I was a kid The Hulk pretty much fought the Army every issue. Seriously. It was always “Army come to bother Hulk, why won’t they leave Hulk alone?” issue after issue after issue! But even so, I loved them back then and I still love me some Hulk comics.

#1. Doop
Doop isn’t only my all-time favorite green-skin in comics… he’s one of my favorite characters ever! Peter Milligan and Mike Allred were in rare form when they created this most memorable Marvel character in the pages of their downright brilliant X-Force series. And then they really blew everyone’s minds with the silent issue #123. Check it out… even the script is insanely fun to read! You go, Doop, thanks for making St. Patty’s day awesome this year.

Please do drink responsibly today folks!

A Clea Fashion Parade

My favorite part of the internet is getting to accidentally run into random nerd weirdness. Today, while answering a customer’s question about Steve Ditko costumes I happened upon a really incredible comic fan blog, The Wastebasket, that looks to have all the obsessive-compulsive features I like in a comics blog.

Blog owner Tony bills his writings “Disposable Thoughts on a Disposable Culture” and features such oddball and wonderful things as slightly dirty remixes of classic Kirby comics with eye-opening results, letters to superheroes about their relationships, massive chronologies of the Marvel Universe broken down to months, and in-depth discussions on why Superman’s hair is blue.

Check out Tony’s amazing article on the changing styles of Dr. Strange’s always cool ladyfriend Clea, the curly-haired master of the Dark Dimension. Of course I love this stuff, what could be better than comics + fashion?

Clea’s Fashion Parade

Hey Tony… love your Mike Allred-y art, your crazy rants, and your hilarious take on silverage comics. When are you going to start making comics for me to sell?

Cool & Nerdy: Street-Legal Tron Lightcycles

What could be better than rolling up to opening night for Tron Legacy on an actual completely street-legal custom Tron lightcycle? That’s about as cool and nerdy as it gets, and talk about a James Sime boyhood dream come true!

Built from the exact specs of the movie props by the madmen at Parker Brothers Choppers, these custom-built beauties sport 22-inch hubless wheels, your choice of 1000cc gas burning engine or high-powered electric motor, and enough glow-y neon LED light-up bits to drop jaws from half a mile away. Apparently only five will be built, and each of these one-of-a-kind collector’s items feature a different accent color. Red, blue, yellow, green, or orange lights of course.

But looking this nerdy cool is not going to be cheap, the bidding on these start at 35 thousand dollars a pop, so you might want to start cashing in your change jars now before the blue and red ones are gone! Lots more pictures and eBay auction here.

Me, I’m still trying to figure out what this Astro Gunner postcard they sent me is all about. Any ideas?

Cool & Nerdy: Stormtroopers

One of the things I really love about the SF Bay Area is that people dress up and they do it often. I don’t mean dress up in a suit and a tie kind of way, although they do that too, I’m talking about people dressing up silly… and that’s a field which San Francisco really excels. It’s no secret that I do some manufacturing of an excuse to do that too!

I always love seeing armies of Stormtroopers “working security” at the cons or getting down on the dancefloor on Halloween or marching through the city during Bay to Breakers. They might look grim but I bet they’re usually grinning ear to ear under those helmets, because Stormtroopers seem to always be doing something fun.

Writing this I can’t help but think about the time I went to the Star Wars 30th Anniversary Celebration a few years ago. You would seriously not believe the amount of hooking up I saw going on at that show! It seemed like everybody who was wearing a costume was there just to have sex with other people who like Star Wars too. But most shocking was the fact that there wasn’t a single Han in sight. And with literally hundreds of Slave Leias to rescue? Even the worst looking Han Solo would have had his hands full at that convention. Just FYI to all you single gents out there…

Anyway, go and click on through to see a whole bunch of hilarious pictures of cool and nerdy Stormtroopers doing all sorts of funny stuff. It will definitely make you smile!

Imperial Stormtroopers: They’re Just Like Us!

Cool & Nerdy: Comic Creator Cards

Back during the speculation-crazed days of the 90s it seemed like there were collectable trading cards for everything. There were cards dedicated to blues guitarists, attacking dinosaurs, sexy robots, serial killers, and even the Iran-Contra Scandal… and yes, even sets dedicated to comic book creators.

Check out this great collection of comic creator cards featuring some of the industry’s greatest talents, from Moebius to Wally Wood to Harvey Pekar to Bob Kane (pictured here). They are awesomely cool and nerdy!

Hilarious 90s Trading Cards of Comic Book Creators

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