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Happy Special Appearance Week!

Two of the most anticipated reprints of the month here at the Isotope (and everywhere else) are the new printings of Darwyn Cooke‘s PARKER: THE HUNTER and THE COURIERS by Brian Wood and Rob G.

We’re thrilled to get to finally help put these gorgeous new softcovers in your hands… and it’s extra fun that both of these fantastic books feature special comic appearances by members of the Isotope staff!

PARKER: THE HUNTER by Darwyn Cooke
Yes, it’s finally here in softcover, the first volume in the best series of crime noir comics ever made! The hardcover version of this was without a doubt all our favorite book of 2009 and if you haven’t read it already I can’t recommend it more highly. I was lucky enough to be staying with Dar and Marsha on a short vacation while he was drawing this book and got to show the first sneak peek of it anywhere… and was surprised many months later to find out Dar not only added a tiki bar for me but also drew myself and (ex-cigarette girl) Kirsten into the book! I got a pretty hilarious call from Darwyn the week this came out, he gave me a bunch of crap for “not even looking at page 71.”

THE COURIERS by Brian Wood and Rob G
This one’s been out of print for too long and it always bums me out when enjoyable books are lost in the sands of time, so it’s pretty nice to finally have another one of these long lost books back on the Isotope shelves. Brian Wood was living in SF just up the block from the shop when these comics originally came out and we did all sorts of crazy promotions to help Bri promote the series. My favorite promotion was something we called “Couriers Adrenaline Rush” an annual series of high-flying daredevil stunt photos featuring crazy aerial acrobatics. Like this photo of yours truly. You can check out more of those here. For special appearance fun, artist Rob G drew me into a few scenes like the one below, and there are plenty of Isotope t-shirts all over this book!

Two great books and they are now back on comic store shelves everywhere as we speak. Your bookshelf will be happy to have these additions if you don’t already own them. Thanks to Darwyn, Brian and Mister Rob G for honoring us in the artworks of these!

Hey, waitaminute… page 71 in PARKER and page 72 in COURIERS? Now that’s pretty crazy!

Darwyn Cooke & The Vegas Wedding Bar Crawl

We’re still recovering from a multitude of insane Vegas weekends… it’s been a crazy six weeks!

It all started off with the congromeration/convention/conference we held with our good friend Grant Morrison known as MorrisonCon (yep, that crazy con was put on by your very own Isotope amigos)! It was a tremendous amount of work to pull it off but it was all worth it. A truly huge personal success for Kirsten, myself, Ron Richards and the Morrisons, especially creatively and culturally. Of course when you do something truly innovative there’s always going to be folks who come out of the woodwork to disparage your efforts but I’m happy to report it was *such* a success that after the fact pretty much everyone has universally accepted the life-changing convention paradigm shift we hoped it would be. That makes me smile!

It was only two weekends later that Kirsten and I were rushing straight back to Sin City for a truly lovely renewing of the vows ceremony for JH Williams III and his wife Wendy Williams. The wedding was held in one of the most adorable and un-Vegas like places I’ve ever seen, in the beautiful chapel at the Artisan Boutique Hotel. It was simply filled with love and sweetness. Jim and Wendy clearly felt the same. I had the honor of walking the bride down the isle and I have to tell you I’ve never cried so much at a wedding in my entire life. I’m truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Last but certainly not least was a third weekend in Las Vegas for Darwyn Cooke‘s wedding to the always lovely Ms. Marsha Cooke. For those of you who love Dar’s art as much as I do you’ll probably be thrilled to see that they made some very sexy Darwyn Cooke Custom Wedding Celebration Card Decks in honor of the day for the guests (pictured at left). The wedding ceremony, held under the waterfalls at Mandalay Bay on the Strip, was absolutely lovely. And Darwyn and Marsha’s vows definitely got my crying like a baby all over again. We’d been quickly becoming Vegas experts over the previous visits but even so we knew this would be potentially one of the craziest trips of all, filled with all sorts of fun events the Cooke’s had planned for their multitudes of guests and also more than a few evenings that didn’t end until the crack-of-dawn. One of those events was a “Joker’s Wild Bar Crawl” held by myself and Kirsten that Dar asked us to do to entertain the Cooke’s many guests. Kirsten contacted our brilliant circus goddess friend (and Vegas local) Jenn-O-Cide to get some bar crawling advice and really put together something special for the Cooke’s. The Joker’s Wild Bar Crawl took place on a swanky party bus named “Big Daddy” (see it in all it’s flashing disco lights and hot-pink-stripper-pole glory here), we filled it to the brim with an assortment of adult beverages, and took the crew of comics industry who’s whos out on an off-the-Strip tour of some of Las Vegas’ best watering holes!

While we were having too much fun (particularly with the world class bartenders at Frankie’s) and didn’t quite get to all the stops, I thought it would be nice to share the itinerary we put together with you folks. Just in case any of you were ever planning to host a Las Vegas tour with a similar group, or needed an excuse to do some off the Strip exploring of that city. Enjoy!

Click to Enlarge

Have fun and please do always remember to call ahead and warn the bars before you bring 40 people on a bus to visit them. They’ll thank you for it!

Congrats again to Darwyn & Marsha for a beautiful wedding! And thanks to all who attended and helped make our part of of it special for Darwyn and Marsha… we had a blast!

Happy Parker: The Score Day!

The wait is over, RICHARD STARK’S PARKER: THE SCORE has arrived. Darwyn Cooke once again delivers the goods… get ready to be blown away.

Best Book of 2011


True, true, Darwyn Cooke‘s PARKER: THE HUNTER topped my “Best of” list in 2009 and PARKER: THE OUTFIT also topped my list in 2010… and one might suspect the PARKER MARTINI EDITION to be simply a very pretty collection of those two books bundled together in an double-dipping attempt to hit all us hardcore fans for a quick and easy 75 bucks. Sure, I would have been plenty happy with that too, but it wouldn’t be topping my “Best of” list this year.

Lovingly adapted from the greatest series of crime noir novels ever produced, with art that will bring tears of joy to grown men and women’s eyes, and a hauntingly beautiful attention to detail, Darwyn Cooke’s PARKER adaptations are truly the magic of comics. If you enjoy that feeling of falling in and immersing yourself in another world this is one of those works… and if you like crime comics this is truly the ultimate.

Now one of the things I absolutely love about Darwyn Cooke is he’s acutely aware that the majority of the audience for this book already owns a goodly portion of the material from those ’09 and ’10 editions… and he really, really, really wants to make it worthwhile for all of us who his publisher is going to re-sell it to us as an giant-sized Martini Edition. As with his DC: THE NEW FRONTIER ABSOLUTE EDITION, he’s decided to over-stuff this spendy version with new, exclusive, jaw-dropping beautifulness. So much more than just an oversized reprinting of Dar’s two PARKER hardcovers, the table of contents alone will get your pulse pounding with the promises of a brand new 10 page story by Cooke, around 25 new pages of exclusive jaw-dropping pin-ups by Cooke, and lots of “extras” and Criteron Edition style commentary from likes of Mister Cooke, Ed Brubaker, Tom Spurgeon & Abby Westlake.

Isotope proudly carries (and restocks) copies of all PARKER formats in the shop each and every week, you can walk in the front door and look inside the slipcase for yourself. Or if you live far away or you’re one of those digital device obsessed folks you can always get the vanilla versions from us here and here. You will be glad you did!

Nothing brought more smiles to my face than to finally get a copy of the amazing PARKER MARTINI EDITION in my hands. Hands down it’s the best $75 you could spend on comics in 2011. Thanks Dar.

Best Book of 2011 Runner Up:

Best Book of 2011 Honorable Mentions:

Extra-Special Honorable Mention for Best of 2011 Awesomeness:

X-Statix Omnibus, Isotope Edition

Last week I teased this sneak peek to my Twitter followers, and at last Marvel’s “stagger shipping” on one of our most anticipated books of the year delivers us huge stacks just this morning.

Behold, dear friends, the glory that is the X-STATIX OMNIBUS, ISOTOPE EDITION!

X-STATIX is one of the best superhero books ever made, with brilliant writing by Peter Milligan and jaw-dropping pop art by Mike Allred. I definitely consider this series (and particularly this huge Omnibus) one of my first picks as a Desert Island Read. Jam packed with stunning comic entertainment, the Omni promises to be a whopping 1200 pages of pure comics heaven! The genuinely “worst thing” to happen to this series is it gets fill-in issues by the likes of comicgods Darwyn Cooke and Paul Pope. It is seriously that good.

And in honor of this edition’s release, we’re been quietly telling you we were going to do something special to celebrate. Only here at the Isotope, the X-STATIX OMNIBUS comes with an exclusive, ultra-limited edition Mike Allred art print on acid-free/pH neutral 100% cotton rag Fabriano Watercolor Paper, lovingly printed using Epson’s archival UltraChrome inks with a lightfastness rating of over 200 years. This hand-numbered print is suitable for framing and can be proudly hung on the wall of your swank pad…

or you can choose upgrade your Omnibus from the vanilla cover version other places carry with this as an exclusive dustjacket and your bookshelf can experience the true magnificence that is the X-STATIX OMNIBUS, ISOTOPE EDITION.

These numbered dustjackets/prints are very, very limited and this offer is, as you’d expect, only while supplies last. Email for availability. Happy holidays from the Isotope and the X-STATIX team!

X-Statix Omnibus Will Blow Your Mind

In the grand tradition of the gorgeous & ultra-limited Batwoman Print we made with JH Williams III for those folks who pre-ordered the Batwoman hardcover last year… this year we have something very, very special up our Isotopic sleeves for those folks who pre-order Peter Milligan and Mike Allred‘s X-Statix Omnibus.

Needless to say, we think the X-Statix Omnibus is one of the single best funnybook things you could ever hope to put on your bookshelf, I definitely consider this one of my first picks as a Desert Island Read. And it’s jam packed with awesomeness, the Omni promises to be a whopping 1200 pages of pure comics heaven! The genuinely “worst thing” to happen to this series is it gets fill-in issues by the likes of Paul Pope and Darwyn Cooke. Yep, it is SERIOUSLY THAT GOOD.

Read more about the X-Statix series here

Expect more news on our exciting pre-order exclusive soon… but I promise you, the X-Statix Omnibus at the Isotope will truly blow your mind and make all the others Doop-green with envy!

Celebrate Those You Love, San Francisco!

(sigh) Seeing that gorgeous Darwyn Cooke art above just makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

Speaking of things that make you feel good, it’s time to do something nice for the great city of San Francisco and to take a moment to celebrate what makes it such a fantastic place to live… it’s time for the SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay reader’s poll. Join us in celebrating the people and places we all love here in the greatest city on Earth. There really are lots of wonderful eligible businesses and delightful staff members behind those spots we adore who will no doubt appreciate being told how much it means to us to have them around.

Celebrate those you love, San Francisco! Vote here:

SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll 2011

Here’s some of mine and the Isotope family’s personal favorites:

Food & Drink
“Best New Restaurant” Boxing Room
“Best Late-Night Restaurant” Sauce
“Best Romantic Restaurant” Waterbar
“Best Food Cart” Curry Up Now
“Best Pizza” Patxis
“Best Sandwich” Ike’s Place
“Best Burger” Jardiniere (seriously!)
“Best Sushi” Otoro Sushi
“Best Seafood Restaurant” Farallon
“Best Indian Restaurant” Chutney
“Best Thai Restaurant” Jitlada Thai
“Best Lunch” Catfish Po’ Boy @ Brenda’s French Soul Food
“Best Dessert” PB&J @ Sauce
“Best Food/Drinks Blog” EaterSF
“Best Cup of Coffee” Blue Bottle
“Best Cup of Tea” Samovar Tea Lounge
“Best Dive Bar” 500 Club
“Best Swanky Bar” Bourbon & Branch
“Best Happy Hour” Shotwell’s
“Best Wine Bar” Rosebowl Florist & Wine Bar
“Best Brewery” Speakeasy
“Best Selection of Beer” City Beer Store
“Best Cocktails” Smuggler’s Cove
“Best Bloody Mary” Zeitgeist
“Best Butcher Shop” Fatted Calf
“Best Chocolatier” Christopher Elbow

Arts & Nightlife
“Best Movie Theatre” Balboa Theatre
“Best Rep Film House” Vortex Room
“Best Museum” The Exploratorium
“Best Art Gallery” Cartoon Art Museum
“Best Art Collective” Writers Old Fashioned
“Best Local Author” Jamaica Dyer
“Best Local Zine” Ashcan
“Best Local Publishing House” Nightshade Books
“Best Local Record Label” Prank Records or Pirate’s Press
“Best Local Band” Hunx and His Punx
“Best DJ” DJ Bearzbub
“Best Rock Club” Thee Parkside
“Best Salsa Club” The Roccapulco
“Best House/Techno Club” Shine
“Best Jukebox” Lucky 13
“Best Overall Queer Party” Friday Night @ The Stud
“Best Gay Bar” The Cinch
“Best Drag Show” Anna Conda’s Charlie Horse
“Best Burlesque Act or Show” Hubba Hubba Review

“Best Overall Bookstore” Borderlands Books
“Best Used Bookstore” Green Apple Books
“Best Comic Book Store” Isotope
“Best Record Store” Grooves Inspiralled Vinyl
“Best Men’s Clothing Store” Harry O. Menswear’s Secret Upstairs Floor
“Best Local Designer” Sally Kuchar
“Best Shoe Store” Gimme Shoes
“Best Furniture Store” Inside Modern
“Best Toy Store” Super 7
“Best Bike Shop” Box Dog Bikes
“Best Quirky Specialty Store” Swankety Swank
“Best Florist” Rosebowl Florist & Wine Bar
“Best Place to Buy Lingerie” Dark Garden

City Living
“Best Street Fair” BYO Big Wheel
“Best Hotel” Sleep
“Best Tourist Attraction” Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum
“Best Tour” Alcatraz
“Best Style Blog” CurbedSF
“Best Radio Station” SomaFM
“Best Place to Get a Tattoo” Body Manipulations
“Best Tattoo Artist” Tex
“Best Local Animal Rescue” Rocketdog Rescue
“Best Pet Groomer” All Creatures Healing Network
“Best Hairstylist” Donnelle @ Hair of the Gods
“Best Amateur Sport Team” Bay Area Derby Girls: Oakland Outlaws
“Best Massage Therapist” Justin Hall
“Best Public Park” Golden Gate Park
“Best Park for Dogs” Lafayette Park
“Best Skate Spot” The Embarcadero
“Best Place to Watch the Sunset” Golden Gate Bridge

Feel free to add your own wonderful suggestions in the comment below, I always want to know about the amazing people and places that I may be missing. And don’t delay on getting those votes in, the poll ends next week on Wednesday the 29th!

SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll 2011

Happy Darwyn Cooke Day!

Yes dear friends, it has finally arrived… Darwyn Cooke‘s highly anticipated Parker: The Outfit.

This follow-up to the best book of 2009, Cooke once again rocks our worlds with a great crime noir thriller. And look, we got a bunch of them in today!

Here’s the first six pages to start your morning off right:

(click on the images to see the rest of the pages)

Those extra-special smart ones of you who pre-ordered this from the Isotope are also going to be the proud owners of an exclusive Darwyn Cooke 19″ by 13″ 19mil cotton rag velvet fine artprint signed by Mister Cooke himself absolutely free! Similar to these Isotope exclusive JH Williams III prints, the print run on these was incredibly tiny. We expect to see them arriving from Dar’s section of the Canadian Outback in just a couple weeks.

If you want to ensure you’re not missing out in the future on sweet things like these from some of the best artists in the industry be sure to set up a pull-list and make sure you’re placing your pre-orders early. Because we adore you so and want to continue making these awesome incredible things with you in mind, we’ve made it incredibly easy to do just that.

Ahhh… life is good, isn’t it?!

Your Future Is Full of Love

It’s that time of the month, my amigos, to start thinking about the wonderful world of the future again! No, no, I’m not actually talking about this future or this one either (although I’m a massive fan of both)… I’m talking about your future of comics!

There’s really nothing that I want more than to make sure every single person coming in the Isotope door leaves here with the things that make life happier and filled with pure, undiluted funnybook joy. It is with this thought in mind that I teamed up with my friends at Comixology and built an on-line pull list system to make all your lives simpler… and to ensure that I’m getting every single comic and graphic novel for every single person I can. It’s a pretty wonderful thing!

And the future is definitely full of love! Browse by hardcover to find such treasures as Darwyn Cooke‘s Parker: The Outfit, Marvel’s classic undersea invasion Atlantis Attacks Omnibus, the 10th anniversary edition of Phil Hester and Mike Huddleston‘s brilliant The Coffin, and even amazingly awesome all-ages things like Yo Gabba Gabba – Comic Book Time.

Or browse the trade paperbacks and softcovers where you’ll find wonderful can’t-miss things like Forgetless (one of the coolest new series in a long time, you’ll thank me for it!), this kitchy-cool Batman: The Brave and the Bold book, Isotope Support Staffer Jason McNamara and Paige Braddock‘s awesome Martian Confederacy vol 2 (which features the hot lip-to-lip scene pictured with this very post), and even the long-awaited A Red Mass For Mars by the brilliant Jonathan Hickman!

Don’t hesitate, AUG10 orders are due this coming Monday, and any orders placed after that time are not guaranteed. If knowing that a bunch of these indy creators need your orders or they may not get distributed at all isn’t enough incentive, think about this… you wouldn’t really want Darwyn Cooke finding out you forgot to order the next volume of Parker, would you?! I sure wouldn’t!

Click here and place your orders by Monday, September 27th

So be smart people, place those orders tout de suite… duty now for the future!

(Don’t already have a pull-list at the Isotope? email hidden; JavaScript is required for all the info!)

This Week The Isotope Staff Is Reading…

James Sime


Man w/ the Getaway Face

Revolver HC

Sweets #1



Man w/ the Getaway Face

Young Avengers Complete TPB

Birds of Prey #3

Kirsten Baldock

Special Projects Director

Man w/ the Getaway Face

Sweets #1

Daytripper #8

The staff with the getaway faces! This week’s pictures theme is the IsoStaff’s tribute to Darwyn Cooke and Richard Stark‘s Parker: The Man With The Getaway Face. See Dar’s version of this same scene on the comic’s original cover here.

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