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Isotope: Where Analog & Digital Meet

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy all your digital comics and still be part of a great analog community envied by comic fans the planet over like the Isotope? Well fear not friends, you can have the best of both world’s thanks to our sexy Digital Comics Store powered by our amigos at Comixology!

We stock and sell all the great digital offerings that you can get through your apps, from those newest releases to all the crazy weekend sales, for the exact same price as elsewhere and with the same great customer service we’ve all grown accustomed to. The only difference is that instead of our friends at Apple getting a couple pennies, it’s the Isotope. For those folks who have been missing the awesome community and fantastic retailing experience that only coming into the Isotope can provide… and for you folks outside of SF who can’t get to the shop but want to make us part of your comic buying worlds and help us to continue to create the awesome once-in-a-lifetime events… we welcome you all into our family! We hope this provides you the perfect solution to all your digital comic dreams.

The Digital Store is (currently) Flash based, so purchases have to be done on your computer in it’s current configuration. But it’s simple to get them on your iPad or other sexy mobile device, just click the Restore My Purchases button and you’re off and reading! Enjoy and do stop in and tell us how much you’re enjoying them, won’t you?

Ah, see how nice the world can be when we all work together to bring people together? It is a beautiful thing how well our worlds of Analog & Digital comics intersect!

Check it out here:

Isotope Digital Comics for September

We’ve teamed up with our amigos at Comixology to bring you the finest in digital comics releases, and here at the Isotope we’re helping you discover the best that’s out there by hand-picking our favorites for you to beam directly to your iOS or Android device. Don’t you think that what the world needs right now is a stylish and friendly comics boutique for the digital age? We think so.

So come sift through our virtual long boxes for all the comics of your dreams for the exact same price as the soul-less corporate megamart down the virtual street. And even better… check out the IsotStaff’s curated suggestions of the best there is out there to light up your digital comic reading with pure awesomeness!

Check out Isotope’s delicious treats for September:

by Grant Morrison & Rags Morales
How exciting is this one?! Superman re-invented by Morrison & Morales truly sounds like a dream come true. And having read it… it really is. Not to be missed!

by Darwyn Cooke
This stunning crime noir comic was the single best graphic novel of 2009, and now it can be one of the best things you’ve ever put on your iPad. From Cooke’s gorgeous artwork to his brilliant adaptation of Richard Stark’s first PARKER novel, this will deliver everything to love about comics in one perfect package. And as an added bonus, check out Isotope staff members James Sime and Kirsten Baldock hanging out in the background of this comic’s tiki bar (page 72).

by Jeff Lemire & Travel Foreman
It’s the sleeper hit of the DC Universe relaunch! I have to agree with Ron from iFanboy and say that this was my single favorite new #1 from the relaunch so far. Great, great comics!

by Joe Harris & Brett Weldele
Melvin Reyes discovers a mysterious pattern of people erupting into flames in this dark, creepy horror/mystery about Spontaneous Human Combustion. No question in our mind that this will be developed for the silver screen soon.

by Jeff Lemire
Our favorite Vertigo series right now! You will love this creepy, thoughtful, and at times chilling post-apocalyptic book filled with mutant animal boys.

by Mike Allred
It’s the history of American rock and roll, with an alien rockstar Forrest Gumped into a this brilliant, bizarre, surreal headtrip of a comic. Too, too cool.

by Scott Snyder & Yanick Paquette
Snyder has been blowing our minds on AMERICAN VAMPIRE and DETECTIVE COMICS all year long, and he’s going to creep you out with swampy goodness on this series. Check it out!

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