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Free Comic Book Day 2014 @ Isotope

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event at comic shops the planet over. And here at the Isotope our FCBD celebrations are truly the stuff of legend, feast your eyes! We will once again be featuring San Francisco’s most glorious and massive smorgasboard of absolutely free comic reads for comic lovin’ kids of all ages!

And we’re proud to announce our featured comic creator special guest star, Aidan Hernacki!

A true sequential art phenom at 11 years old, Aidan’s celebrated ONION BROS comic saw it’s debut here at the Isotope last year with THE ONION BROS: ADVENTURES IN SPACE, a hilarious action adventure romp, which has been endorsed by none other than Tom Hiddleston (yep, LOKI) himself. For 2014 Aidan is bringing new printings and also debuting his latest self-published opus for our Free Comic Book Day masses ONION BROS: VAMPIRE HUNTERS!

Like last year Aidan will be doing free sketches and also making his one of a kind original art production pages available for those of us with fine taste in originals & who want to pick up some of work before he gets too famous. As always, Isotope has a strict policy of never taking a cut of our featured creator’s finances during our events, no matter who they may be… so any money you spend on Aidan’s comics and original artwork will go straight into his pocket where it belongs.

The day-long celebration also features San Francisco’s very own DJ BEARZBUB, spinning his favorite blend of extra-exotical b-sides, booty shaking nöyze, and rare, rare beats to keep your Free Comic Day shopping grooving!

And because Free Comic Book Day has just gotten *so* busy here at the Isotope over the last few years we’ve actually had to bring in some additional help. This year, aside from myself and Josh, we are also going to be featuring some extra ordinary “security” to make sure everything is running smoothly (bring your kids and your cameras!) and we will also have a new special “shop boy” to help run the register. We’re very excited to get to introduce you! Keep your eyes on our Twitter accounts and Instagram for more details on our “shop boy” and “security” staffers on the day of the event.

With such a great day lined up for all of you, one parting thought about what makes FCBD so special…

We do indeed continue to have the most generous, high-stakes, no-limit, can’t-find-anywhere-else explosion of free reads in SF but we do ask that you keep in mind that here at the Isotope we believe Free Comic Book Day is all about the kids, and even the mighty Isotope’s supplies are limited, so before you over-indulge yourselves, remember… every free comic you scoop up is one the kids can’t. So please be nice to the kiddos. Thank you kindly!


Here’s a list of the official releases: FCBD 2014 website

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever @ Isotope

It’s the comic tour that’s rockin’ the nation!

Isotope welcomes the cartooning duo of Tom Neely and Ed Luce along with the Igloo Tornado Roadcrew in celebration of all-new issues of the indie hit comic book mini-series HENRY & GLENN FOREVER & EVER!

Continuing the domestic saga of Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig’s “what if?” comic adventures as committed life partners, cat lovers, and cult rock ‘n roll gods. This first issue sees our heroes working out, fending off the advances of a demonic Lita Ford, dealing with satanic neighbors Hall and Oats, attending couples counseling and (of course) Fresh Step shopping.

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever launch party @ Isotope
w/ Tom Neely & Ed Luce
Saturday, June 9th, 2012
8pm ’til the Witching Hour

Isotope’s famous mixologist Kirsten Baldock will be cranking up your tastebuds with bespoke adult beverages based on her favorite Henry and Glenn classics, and this event also features DJ Bearzbub on live soundtrack duties. Expect plenty of Rollins Band and Danzig tunes!

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Get Ready For APE Aftermath 2011

Here we go! In celebration of the Alternative Press Expo it’s our biggest… our best… and our favorite event of the year!

As always, this 10th annual APE AFTERMATH features the true highlight of the entire APE weekend, the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics ceremony at 10pm. With yours truly, our Special Projects Director (and legendary cocktail conjuring goddess) Kirsten Baldock, and this year’s mini-comic award winner. Words simply cannot express how many smiles giving out this trophy and hosting this ceremony always brings. I’m biting my nails right up until the last entries are in (submissions still open!). Who will take home the most dangerous trophy in comics this year?!

APE AFTERMATH 2011 also sees the triumphant return of the booty-shaking thumps of DJ Bearzbub that got hundreds of backsides moving and grooving last year, and also once again our special guest behind the IsoBar during the Top Shelf Happy Hour, co-publisher Brett Warnock of Top Shelf Productions fame, making his delightfully fancy pants margaritas starting at 8pm. What better chance to do a little schmoozing with one of the best publishers in the comics industry, and join us in the annual tradition of dancing the paint right off the Isotope floor with the coolest, cutest and most charming crowd on the planet?

We’re sure to be packing the house to the rafters and beyond with cool comic lovin’ folks again. I have a feeling this decade anniversary event is going to be our favorite year yet!

Saturday, October 1st
8pm – 2am

Are you ready? We are.

JH Williams III Does The Next Blondie Album

Let me tell you a very personal story about one of the happiest moments in my entire life.

Of all of the comic creators I’ve known over the years, I’m privileged to consider artist JH Williams III and his wonderful wife Wendy two of my closest, dearest friends. Jim is not only one of the most talented people on the planet, but he is also one of the sweetest, kindest, humble, and most sincere people I have ever met. And despite being a little quiet and a bit shy, he doesn’t seem to mind my somewhat loud and boisterous personality too much. It’s almost impossible to conceive, because I am in awe of his amazing comics, but as much as I adore his incredible work, I like the man behind it even more. And the thing I love about Jim most of all is that he’s one of those people who has that rare quality that I treasure so very much… where they seem to just sparkle.

As fellow life-long Blondie fans (AKA “fanatics” with just a touch of a healthy leaning towards the obsessive side of things) we had an instant connection. And if you ever want to see that rare quality I’m talking about just mention anything about the band, he will light up the entire room with sparkles! For years it’s been a fun little game of one-upsmanship about who was the bigger fan of Debbie and The Boys with him, especially for me back in 2009 when I was lucky enough to get backstage to meet the band after a show in Reno. Poor Jim was inundated with texts from me saying “Oh I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet. Did I tell you I met Debbie Harry?!” over and over for weeks (laugh)!

Last year Jim was up for a couple Eisner Awards, Best Interior Artist and Best Cover Artist, which he of course deserved to win for his amazing work on Batwoman. He asked me if I’d accept on his behalf, so I came home from San Diego Comic Con with two of those trophies packed in my suitcase. The day I finally got to give them to him was in a small hotel in Santa Rosa, where we met before going together to see a Blondie show that night, I hadn’t realized he’d never won an Eisner before (how is that possible?). Thankfully the hotel bar had a little stage that I was able to host a tiny little impromptu award ceremony for us and a confused group on onlookers. Here’s a photo of JH Williams III getting his well-deserved Eisner Awards.

Afterwards we went straight to the Blondie show. And this wasn’t just your typical concert, we had VIP passes, so this time we were all going to get to meet Debbie and The Boys. As you can imagine we were all practically vibrating in anticipation. Our meet and greet was scheduled pre-show, so we soon found ourselves backstage waiting for the band to come over to say hello to us. It was one of the most nerve-wracking waits ever. I don’t mind telling you how incredibly nervous we all were, about to talk to our collective favorite band, our life-long obsessive idols, and the most gorgeous woman on the planet. I was just hoping I didn’t say anything really stupid, or creepily confess my undying love, or break out in tears or something.

My brief meeting with the band the year previous had prepared me a bit, and fellow Blondie-obsessive DJ Bearzbub who had met the band several times before was with us too… but Jim? He was a nervous wreck. He’d brought a copy of his gorgeous Batwoman hardcover to give Debbie, lovingly sketched in, personalized, and carefully put in a plastic bag to keep it from damage on the tourbus. With trembling hands he handed it to her and stammered out “You’re… you’re… you’re… my favorite… band… ever…!”

“Oh man, Jim is dying here!” my brain screamed out, and I jumped in. I started to tell the band about what a true genius of a comic artist he is, how I’d just gotten to give him those Oscars-of-the-Comic-Industry awards because he’d swept the show, and how at conventions people flocked to get to meet him. And part way through I realized all my nervousness had disappeared. Because here I was talking about what a genius JH Williams III is and about how awesome that Batwoman comic is… something I do pretty much every day of the week. And suddenly all was right with the world. The band, who love indie art, got interested in talking about comics and comic art, Jim relaxed, and DJ Bearzbub got everybody talking about the band’s new tracks (something everyone in that room was pretty excited about). And we all got to spend some time talking to our favorite band. It was awesome.

How could it get any better than that?! Amazingly it actually does

After the show we were hanging out at the merch booth, buying CDs from the fantastic Detroit pop-punkabilly girl-group opening band Gorvette who were really, really cool. “You know what, if you don’t have other plans, why don’t you guys come hang out backstage with us and the Blondies? We’ll introduce you guys!” the drummer said with a grin. After a few we-wouldn’t-want-to-imposes they looked us right in the eye and said, “We insist!” And so… we found ourselves backstage yet again at the Blondie show! This time there was no time for any of us to build up any nervousness, gone was the formal meet and greet format and the awkwardly nervous backstage manager. Instead it was just an awesome hang-around with the nice folks from both bands.

Even better, unlike last time… Debbie and The Boys had all had a chance to open up that taped-shut plastic cover and actually seen inside that Batwoman book! And, yes, they were as impressed by his art as all the rest of us are. Backstage that second time Jim was greeted as royalty by all and almost immediately the headliners said to him “we should collaborate” which I’m sure totally blew his mind. I mentioned to Blondie guitar player, founder, and the reason I first thought wearing a necktie was cool, Chris Stein that we’d mail him some comics to read on tour. Chris is into the metaphysical so I suggested he’d probably love Jim’s series Promethea with Alan Moore. Chris suddenly blurted out, “Wait… YOU KNOW ALAN MOORE?!” Jim and Wendy were actually going to go stay with Alan at his house in just a couple weeks. It was truly a great universal nerdgasm!

There are so many wonderful little memories of that night. For me, it was one of the most magical moments ever. Hanging out backstage with Debbie and The Boys, Jim, Wendy, Kirsten, Bearzbub, and The Gorvettes, talking vintage synthesizers, stylish shoes, nerdy keytar bands, and comic books with the members of the coolest new wave band ever. I was on cloud nine. Here’s a photo.

But nothing makes me happier than to see my friends happy. And those sparkles of joy that Jim crackled with that night were truly magic.

Blondie‘s new album Panic Of Girls launched in the United Kingdom just this week. It’s pretty fantastic by the way, check out a sneak peek here and here. The superfans like us all pre-ordered the Fan Pack deluxe edition that comes with an exclusive 132 page book, which is apparently available as we speak in shops all over the UK. And in that fat book Debbie and The Boys drop this little tidbit:

“Blondie will be collaberating on visuals for their next album with J.H. Williams III, a DC Comics artist and fan of the band whose previous gems include an epic series with Alan Moore called Promethea, and the current run of Batwoman…”

I’ve been biting my tongue about this news since last August, I know Jim’s been hard at work on the next Batwoman book and the Blondies have a few world tours they need to do before they even start thinking about that next album. But since Blondie has announced it in the Fan Pack I don’t think we have to worry about keeping secret any longer this story about one happiest moments in my entire life… and a real life dream-come-true announcement for one of the nicest guys in all of comics.

JH Williams III will be doing the cover of Blondie’s next album. And probably a lot more too.

It kinda brings a tear to you eye, doesn’t it?

UPDATE: JH Williams III adds his thoughts about the news on his website here.

The Revolution Will Be Archie-ified

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event at comic shops the planet over. Here at the Isotope we think FCBD should be all about the kids so in years past we’ve always really played that fact up by stocking up on a huge range on kids comics and things like in-stores with 8 year old comic creators.

This year Diamond mis-shipped our FCBD Archie Comics order & was unable to replace them. Isotope has so many Archie fans… we all had a moment of panic. No Archie on Free Comic Book Day at the Isotope? The kids were going to riot!

Thankfully, Alex Segura and the Archie Comics folks managed to hook us up and saved the store from the impending Archie Riots. (whew)! So I let this story inspire this year’s flyer and theme.

So yes… on May 7th 2011… The Revolution Will Be Archie-ified!

Frank Quitely @ the Isotope!

The Isotope’s Saturday night WonderCon events are the stuff of comic book legend. Each year we bring in the industry’s coolest superstars, throw a huge party designed to rock the infinite Earths, and invite you all to join us. And this year is no exception…

Frank Quitely, the Scottish comics artgod behind some of the best comics of the decade, ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, NEW X-MEN, WE3, and BATMAN & ROBIN, comes to the Isotope for a rare American appearance! Frank will be hanging out, talking comics, meeting fans, and signing autographs all night. We also hear he’s planning to bring in some original artwork to sell too. Awesome!

We wanted to welcome Mister Quitely to SF in the highest of high style so we’re turning things up a notch just for him, and this event will also be featuring world-record sword swallower Betty Bloomerz and the famous Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow from Philadelphia, PA for a special happy hour show to entertain him and all of you. Yes, you read that right… sword swallowing! Prepare your brain for what you are about to bear witness to by watching this, this, and this.

All night long we’ll also be spotlighting the sweet, backside-shaking tunes by San Francisco’s hottest grandmaster on the wheels of steel, DJ Bearzbub, and an assortment of original cocktails based on Frank’s work created just for this event by Isotope’s own Kirsten Baldock. What could be better?

And don’t forget on Friday night we’re also teaming up with iFanboy for the planet’s first ever WALKING DEAD Bar Crawl with series creator Robert Kirkman. This is going to be one seriously huge WonderCon weekend!

8pm – 1am
Saturday, April 2nd 2011

(21+ por favor)

See you then!

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