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Free Dredd Makeovers @ Isotope

In honor of the DREDD 3D movie coming out, this week the Isotope is offering free “Dredd Makeovers” to anyone who asks. And we’re inducting an entire generation of rookies into the Mega-City One Justice Department! So far we’ve gotten 54 new Judges on the street.

For your viewing pleasure here’s a small sampling:

“Running on a walkway, 10 months punk!” – Judge Aubrey

“Inappropriate touching, six months creep!” – Judge Ricon

“Overdue on the meter, 3 months citizen!” – Judge Pistilli

“Unlawful assembly, 5 years punks!” – Judge Garber

(sigh) It really makes you proud, doesn’t it?

We are also giving out free posters and badges and advance screening passes to citizens as well. Check out the full set of Dredd Makeovers photographic evidence here:

Dredd Makeovers at Isotope

Get your own helmet and other MC1 gear from the fine folks at Planet Replicas.

Here Comes The Judge

The critics are quite all enjoying the pre-screening of DREDD from Comic Con.
I am beyond thrilled.

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