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New Comics: Wuvable Oaf Space Fuzz

Isotope is truly honored to get to present the World Debut of Ed Luce‘s WUVABLE OAF: SPACE FUZZ comic… today! In a far-flung future, millions of years after the extinction of humanity, Wuvable Oaf finds himself re-cloned from a hairball by hyper-intelligent felines (the descendants of his pet cats). This full-color magazine-sized book is not available at any other shops and won’t be officially released elsewhere until San Diego Comic Con. You are going to love this sexy, weird, b-movie pulp sci-fi science fiction adventures of everyone’s favorite bear!

The World’s Hairiest Comic Magazine – Be the first on the planet to get your copy!

Ed Luce + SF Pride

Join us in celebrating SF Pride Month with one of our most favorite comic creators of all… WUVABLE OAF‘s Ed Luce!

We’ve been championing this amazing comic series since way back in 2007, and we couldn’t be happier to get to have Ed back in for another official event.

Ed will be sketching and signing his two brilliant body-positive bear-is-beautiful hardcover volumes WUVABLE OAF (back in print!) and WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL. And also the oh-so elusive brand new flipbook issue WUVABLE OAF #5 (are we still the only shop with these? We might be.)! We’ve also dug up a few copies of HENRY & GLENN FOREVER AND EVER #1 which features a fantastic Ed Luce love story featuring the cutest couple in all of comics, Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig.

And what better way to do an Ed Luce event than with a rare turn of events… we’re also stocking a bunch of variant covers featuring Ed’s art, including the Robin Hood and his band of badass queer outlaws comic MERRY MEN #1 and also Ed’s contribution to Image Comics celebrated #Pride Variant Covers, DEADLY CLASS #29 and REDNECK #3! Now we’ll admit that we’re a bit biased but objectively these are the two best ones of all of these variants, right?! Totally! Also, hey Ed, how do we get one of those great t-shirts?!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Wuvable Oaf Launch Party 2016!

We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say there just is no comic cooler than Ed Luce‘s WUVABLE OAF. Here at the Isotope the Cult of Oaf has been championing this amazing indie comic since way back in 2007, and we couldn’t be happier to see publisher Fantagraphics Books is sending out 2016 with a message, and in high style, with the release of the all-new WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL hardcover!

Those of you who attended our previous WUVABLE OAF Launch Party know we go all-out for all things Oaf so it was inevitable we had something secret up our collective sleeves for Ed Luce’s latest release… the Isotope is going to throw the greatest party on Earth to celebrate… of course we are!

Join us for a rare December event and celebrate with us AMERICAN BEAUTY, WUVABLE OAF STYLE!

click to enlarge

Fellow hardcore Oaf fans may have heard that Ed Luce is sending out packs of limited-edition WUVABLE OAF GOTEBLÜD ENAMEL PINS to each of the coolest comic shops on Earth for your retailers to give to you free of charge… well, of course we have those and will be gifting them to you with every copy of WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL (while supplies last of course)!

But because the entire world knows that the greatest Oaf fans of all are here at the Isotope we have so much more for you! Just for you fine folks the WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL hardcover comes with an original ultra-limited edition, Isotope exclusive Ed Luce WUVABLE OAF GOTEBLÜD ART PRINT on acid-free/pH neutral 100% cotton rag paper. Absolutely free of charge! I’ve been calling this piece “The Goteblüd Of Oafly Delights.”

click to enlarge

This exclusive Oaf print is suitable for framing and can be proudly hung on the wall above your bed to impress and delight all potential suitors…

… or you can choose upgrade your copy of your hardcover book from the vanilla cover version other places carry with this as an exclusive dustjacket and your bookshelf can experience the true magnificence that is the WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL, ISOTOPE EDITION.

These Oaf prints were made exclusively for the Isotope and are available nowhere else on Earth. And they come absolutely free! Thanks Ed!

That’s all pretty amazing, right? It gets even better! Because Isotope is the home temple of all things WUVABLE OAF, Ed Luce teamed up with sculptor Erik Erspamer to create a very special gift for the Isotope’s Cult of Oaf, the ultra-limited OFFICIAL WUVABLE OAF GOTEBLÜD ISOTOPE GLOW-IN-THE-DARK OCCULT RITUAL PENDANT. Be the talk of the next party with this perfect totem for flaunting your allegiance to the Dark Oaf God and for all your Oaftanic Baptisms and Oafccult rituals!

click to enlarge

These pendants are *also* free of charge for Isotope customers with the WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL hardcover, as a “thank you” from creator Ed Luce for all the Isotope Faithful’s rabid support over the years. Amazing! We couldn’t be more honored to get to put this amazing Ed Luce / Erik Erspamer original artwork around your necks at this event.

The WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL Launch Party also features the Isotope’s own Kirsten Baldock crafting her original OAF-inspired beverage creations, and San Francisco icon DJ BEARZBUB spinning his unique brand of vintage metal classics, hot b-sides, rare grooves and booty shaking beats.

And, of course, our featured guest… Ed Luce!

This rare December launch party is definitely a can’t-miss event. Come and join us in raising a glass to everything WUVABLE and all things OAF, won’t you?

Ed Luce @ Isotope
Saturday, December 10th 2016
8pm – Midnight
21+ please
Isotope’s Harassment Policy

Wuvable Oaf Party @ Isotope




We’ve been yelling our love for this indie comic from the rooftops since way back in 2007 and now at long last we can finally hear that, yes, everyone else is yelling it too!

There are few things more special than getting to witness the success of one of our best friends, and seeing the industry truly embrace the kind of books we love and that the Isotope’s shelves are famous for. When Fantagraphics Books got behind local superstar Ed Luce to make his dreams come true of a WUVABLE OAF hardcover from one of the most important publishers in all of comics, we all knew it was inevitable… we were going to throw the greatest party on Earth to celebrate!

And that is what we will be doing! In honor of Ed this one has a lot of extra bells and whistles. First up, we will be debuting these fantastic bookplates by Ed made just for the Isotope.

As well as two very special Isotope OAF swag surprises that even Ed didn’t know about until today…

click to enlarge

Not a mixtape! OAF HYSTERIA is an original Oaf album featuring two completely new songs written and recorded just for this event!


Straight off a national tour bus with Faster Pussycat, the underground punk sensations DEATHTRAP AMERICA exploded into the studio for us to create a truly rocking Wuvable Oaf soundtrack theme song! This catchy punk theme will bring a smile to your face and really make you hope for an Oaf cartoon someday! When you get a chance, check out these guys when they play, they’re as incredible live as they are in the studio. Check out for more details on this awesome band.

This song was recorded by Ralph Spight of the NorCal hardcore punk legends Victims Family at San Francisco’s Nerve Center Recordings. We are honored to have gotten to work with Ralph and DEATHTRAP AMERICA on this project!

SPACE: 1666 – Moonbase OAFa

Heavy space doom band SPACE: 1666 turns in a heavy, sludgey, drone metal instrumental Side B. Inspired by old sci fi tv, classic doom bands of New Orleans and Olympia, WA, “Moonrise OAFa” sounds like the soundtrack for a science fiction Oaf story from a yet to be made future Oafanthology. Recorded in the appropriately effects pedal laden Outer Sagittarius Studios.

This two-song cassette EP is hand numbered and features room for Wuvable Oaf creator Ed Luce to sketch in your copy. Only 60 copies of this tape are being produced. And available nowhere but the Isotope!

But even if you can’t attend our event you don’t have to miss out… thanks to the generosity of these musicians we can share these Oaf tunes with all you! Stream & download the album here:

WUVABLE OAF – Oaf Hysteria: the digital cassette download

click to enlarge

One of a kind WUVABLE ED Munny figure painted by MUNCHIES creator Katie Longua!

Now you can have a cute Ed Luce of your very own! Hand painted and felted by Katie Longua this vinyl inaction figure comes with a hand made box by James Sime and also features original side art by Ed himself! This truly one of a kind Oaf collectible is autographed by all the artists and will be raffled off at our event on the 20th.

It is also the most adorable collaborative art keepsake that the Isotope has ever been a part of. Our hats are off to the amazing Katie Longua for her incredible painting and felting work!

As if all that wasn’t exciting enough our Wuvable Oaf Party also features the Isotope’s own Kirsten Baldock crafting her original OAF-inspired beverage creations, and San Francisco’s beloved DJ BEARZBUB spinning his unique brand of metal classics, hot b-sides, rare beats and booty shaking nöyze.

And, of course, our featured guest… Ed Luce!

We think this is going to be one of our best events ever. Come and join us in raising a glass to this great day in comics, won’t you?

Ed Luce @ Isotope
Saturday, June 20th 2015
8pm – Midnight
21+ please
Harassment Policy

Facebook invite is here.

It Is A Wuvable Pride Weekend

In honor of Pride Weekend we’re celebrating with local cartoonist & SF indy comics icon Ed Luce.

We’ve got a worldwide exclusive version of his comic with shiny “foil ink” covers that Ed has been calling the WUVABLE OAF #1: PINK FOR PRIDE CHROMIUM EDITION, and we’re also carrying two of his limited edition HENRY & GLENN prints, including a classic and also a brand spankin’ new print. Check them out:



Check out more at These items are all limited availability, so grab ’em while they’re hot. And have a great Pride Weekend!

Wuvable Oaf – Artist In Residence

Ed Luce drawing the next issue of WUVABLE OAF on the Isotope drafting table as we speak.

Fall Semester at Isotope Comics University

In the decade I’ve been working here in the comics industry one thing has been made abundantly clear… it can be an extremely difficult for an indie comics creator to make any kind of living off of their work. And I’m of the opinion that if there were more indie folks out there making just a little bit of money off their hard work (instead of losing it as is typical) we’d have even more great comics to enjoy.

Which is why we asked Ed Luce, creator of “Wuvable Oaf” comic and teacher at the California Collage of the Arts, to create the Isotope University with us here at the Isotope. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of getting to watch Ed create a nice little comics empire for himself over the years with smart professionally printed publications, brilliant down and dirty DIY handmade specials, clever marketing, amazing merchandising, and an exacting meticulousness to his career management which is downright jaw dropping. Not only do I enjoy his comic immensely, but seeing how expertly he’s brought his great comic work to an even greater audience and managed to make it help pay his rent is truly a thing of beauty. We have to teach other people how to do this!

This fall’s classes are now open for enrollment. As this is our second year of Isotope University, Ed has his sessions refined for maximum usefulness. I’m beyond thrilled to report how amazingly well our 2011 students have been doing for themselves and am really proud of what we’ve seen produced by those folks. And I want to see more great comics made… by you!

This intensive, five Saturday workshop will cover a wide range of topics essential to successfully self-publishing your own comics project, including Comic Design & Construction, Printing Processes, Merchandising, Social Media/Promotion and Conventions. And you’ll be sourcing valuable comics creating career info from special guest lecturers such as Ron Richards (tastemaker behind popular fansite and editor of Image Comics’ “Hell Yeah” series), MariNaomi (acclaimed author of “Kiss & Tell, A Romantic Resume Ages 0-22“, published by Harper books), Alex Woofson (creator of the hugely popular “Artifice” web comic and also a true Kickstarter campaign maestro), Justin Hall (editor of “No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics” from Fantagraphics Books, as well as his own “Glamazonia” and “True Travel Tales” books and fellow CCA professor), and also yours truly, James Sime of the Isotope and MorrisonCon.

Fill out an application and get yourself enrolled here:
Isotope University 2012 Fall Semester

We made all this for you, locally-based indie comics creators, to help empower your work and make creating comics into something that you can actually afford to do with your lives. I truly can think of no more useful series of classes for indie comic creators offered anywhere else. I can’t wait to see what awesome things you create… let’s get to making comics, people!


– James

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever @ Isotope

It’s the comic tour that’s rockin’ the nation!

Isotope welcomes the cartooning duo of Tom Neely and Ed Luce along with the Igloo Tornado Roadcrew in celebration of all-new issues of the indie hit comic book mini-series HENRY & GLENN FOREVER & EVER!

Continuing the domestic saga of Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig’s “what if?” comic adventures as committed life partners, cat lovers, and cult rock ‘n roll gods. This first issue sees our heroes working out, fending off the advances of a demonic Lita Ford, dealing with satanic neighbors Hall and Oats, attending couples counseling and (of course) Fresh Step shopping.

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever launch party @ Isotope
w/ Tom Neely & Ed Luce
Saturday, June 9th, 2012
8pm ’til the Witching Hour

Isotope’s famous mixologist Kirsten Baldock will be cranking up your tastebuds with bespoke adult beverages based on her favorite Henry and Glenn classics, and this event also features DJ Bearzbub on live soundtrack duties. Expect plenty of Rollins Band and Danzig tunes!

Like, Share, Join, Comment, Tell Your Friends!

Noise Pop 2012 + Isotope = Awesome

It’s that time of year again, where we combine our love of spreading the gospel of comics with our love of blisteringly good live music along with our friends from the Noise Pop Music Festival!

For 20 years running, SF’s Noise Pop indie music festival has been cranking up the amps and bringing the Bay Area a live mix of international and local musical superstars, and this year truly looks to be the best collection yet! Once again yours truly will be complementing your experience and bringing you some amazing live music-centric comic art events as Noise Pop’s official “Comics Curator”… with the help of my brilliant Isotope team of Kirsten Baldock and Dyami Serna, of course. With just about every member of our staff and several hundred of our extended family involved in various bands, what better way could there be to combine our collective interests than to create a true cross-pollination of indy music and sequential art to the masses?

Last year we blew the doors off in high style, the set list we’ve got 2012 is all about rocking, and we’ve definitely got a line-up to do just that!

Isotope presents at Noise Pop Culture Club 2012

Public Works Gallery – Upstairs Stage

Painter, performer, animator, web cartoonist and graphic novelist Jaimaica Dyer holds the Public Works Gallery stage with a multi-media reading, art projection, and presentation of her forthcoming original graphic novel Fox Head Stew (currently being serialized on the MTV Geek website). A live mashup of reading, concert, and art show, this featurette pulls back the creative process curtain to reveal the magics behind her comic art before the Public Works audience. With a live soundtrack composed and performed by hand-picked musical guests to accompany a unique, wall-sized live art painting session.

All Week Long, All Over San Francisco

Celebrating Noise Pop 2012 with on-site comic book reportage! Throughout the week our team of Sequential Reporters will be invading the festival’s shows, events, and after-parties to capture their personal Noise Pop experiences in visceral snapshots in single-page comic book form. From backstage interviews with artists to stageside with live bands to interactions with fellow fans to all manner of outrageous adventure. This compilation of sequential art memories will be hosted in an online graphic novel anthology for all to enjoy on

Participating cartoonists include — Ed Luce, Katie Loungua, Beth Dean, Roman Muradov, Justin Hall, Sonia Harris, Danger Bob DeSilva, Kelly Martin, Dyami Serna, Jean Chen, Peter S. Conrad, Brie Spielmann, Josh Richardson, Mari Naomi, Matt DeLight, Janelle Hessig, and more.

All Day Long
Public Works Gallery

See last year’s Noise Pop Festival through the eyes of the SF Bay’s best cartoonists with the Noise Pop Rewind: 2011 Sequential Reporters Comic Art Gallery. Featuring show reports from Yo La Tango, The Fresh & Onlys, Kid Koala, The Concretes, Aesop Rock, Shannon & The Clams, Best Coast, Social Studies, The Soft White Sixes, Nobunny, and many more.

All Day Long
Public Works Gallery

Celebrating the cross-pollination of music and comics… as well as the long history of famous comic artists working on album covers, Public Works Gallery hosts a unique art installation of original comic-inspired record album covers created for, and inspired by, Noise Pop attendees. Spotlighting fresh analog works by some of the most exciting outsider artists in the Bay Area and also a fistful of blank record album sleeves for attendees to join in on this interactive, DIY art gallery.

ARTISTS: Want to participate? Get a blank record album cover at the Isotope after February 10th. Just ask and it’s yours!

Wuvable Oaf Gallery Show

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy taking down the JH Williams III gallery of original BATWOMAN art that the Isotope had proudly been displaying since the end of last year. And once we did, what could we possibly hang next? I mean, seriously, how do you follow up a show with artwork from one of the greatest DC Comics ever produced?!

Here’s how – with work from my absolute favorite self-published comic being made today… Ed Luce‘s WUVABLE OAF!

If you haven’t checked out the beauty that is WUVABLE OAF yet, you definitely should. I like telling people it’s the “Scott Pilgrim of queer comics” as this series is simply chocked full of charming art, smile-inducing awkward romance, hilariously hip jokes, great moments of killer rock and roll, and downright loveable characters. It definitely gets my highest recommendation!

And here at the Isotope you can come see Luce’s original Oaf production pages, hand-painted canvases, never before seen Kerry King Rawk Gawdz art, & (of course) those Henry & Glenn prints that everybody loves so much.

Check out these and more of Ed’s photos from the gallery hanging over the weekend over on the Oaf Tumblr Blog.

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