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Maximum Rock N Roll Comics Issue

Comics and punk rock are two sides of the same DIY art coin, and the creative cross-over between the two movements is a truly glorious one. So it’s great to see that the December issue of the seminal zine Maximum Rock N’ Roll is devoted to that very topic.

Guest editor Janelle Hessig from Tales of Blarg steps in as guest coordinator and brings with her comics creators like Jamie Hernandez, Gary Panter, Mimi Pond, Ed Luce and also a huge host of original punk rock comics from the wonderful Cristy Road, Josh Bayer, Avi SpivakKaz, and many many more. This issue definitely will bring a smile to your punk and comic lovin’ face!

Available here at the Isotope (of course!), good record stores, and also from the official website.

This Weekend: SF ZineFest!

Get ready for one of my favorite weekends all year… it’s time for SF Zine Fest!

It’s no secret how much I love the mini-comics and zines, and there are few things that I think are cooler than San Francisco’s own DIY festival devoted to celebrating zines and mins. Jam-packed with the best local talents and also always some really neat folks from out of town, SF Zine Fest is definitely one of my favorite comic-centric cons anywhere.

To kick off the celebrations, tonight the Cartoon Art Museum is hosting the official pre-event with live readings by a great selection of indy creators. Including awesome folks like Susie Cagle, John Porcellino, Jamaica Dyer, Ed Luce, Isotope Award winner Jonas Madden-Connor, and featured special guest Jesse Reklaw. (more info here)

Hope to see all of you out checking out San Francisco’s great indy comic scene with me this year!

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