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Savage Dragon Celebration w/ Erik Larsen!

Celebrating a true milestone in comics… SAVAGE DRAGON issue 200 with legendary creator and Image Comics founder Erik Larsen!

Larsen will be rocking the Isotope drafting table, signing comics and doing free sketches. We will have three varieties of SAVAGE DRAGON issue 200, including the Kirby/Larsen variant and also those awesome blank covers for him to scrawl on.

This event will also be featuring several dozen pages of Erik’s massively over-sized original art to blow everyone’s collective minds. Wait till you see these! You definitely won’t want to miss this unique once-in-a-lifetime “Storytime with Erik Larsen!”

Cool Gifts from Erik Larsen

Erik Larsen (Isotope amigo, Image Comics Founder, and the creative juggernaut behind one of the longest running creator-owned comics of all time) stopped in today with a couple fistful of autographed copies of SAVAGE DRAGON #188 for us to gift out to all you fine people. Stop on in and get a free signed copy (while supplies last of course)… only at the Isotope!

Thanks Erik!

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