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Debian Perl Signing & Space Disco

Isotope proudly presents the pre-launch party of DEBIAN PERL: DIGITAL DETECTIVE featuring the entire creative team! Lauren Davis (author), Mel Hilario (author), Katie Longua (artist), Brittany Currie (colorist) and Sean Marney (designer)!

We could not be more excited about this candy-colored sci-fi graphic novel that teaches kids computer coding, a little lit of algebra, and algorithmic problem solving! Everything about this book is cool. Can futuristic technomancer Debian and social media guru Digits find a way to re-program a malfunctioning 100-year old robot?! What is the mystery behind Ray-Bot’s mysterious past?! And what is the sinister secret behind ancient robots being overclocked without their permission?!

AFTERPARTY: 8pm – Midnight (21+ please)

The afterparty features the triumphant return of DJ BEARZBUB, San Francisco’s best, spinning the hottest in Italio Space Disco – Electro-Funk – Eurodisco – Krautrock – Spacesynth tunes! And, for the first time ever, unlimited visual delight and optical stimulation by Deadtech’s VJ CONVEX!

Definitely an Isotope event you won’t want to miss!

All day long the DEBIAN PERL team will be gifting unique pins to the best kids and adult costumes. And at the afterparty they will be hosting a Space Disco Dance-Off for an original Katie Longua designer art toy. So be sure to wear your best SCI-FI / ROBOT / KAIJU / ALIEN / ASTRO-FUNK gear!

If you haven’t already please do give a quick read of the Isotope’s Social Conduct Policy. Thank you!

Harassment Policy

Passport 2018 with Katie Longua

The San Francisco Arts Commission and the wonderfully talented cartoonist Katie Longua are teaming up with the Isotope for PASSPORT 2018, a multi-venue art crawl and unique do-it-yourself art collecting experience.

This 10th annual public art event takes participants on a neighborhood art crawl, this year through Hayes Valley the city’s sexiest neighborhood, and into SF’s most stylish venues to collect artist-designed “passport stamps” in a once-in-a-lifetime PASSPORT booklet. What could be more fun than spending a day getting to meet so many of the SF Bay Area’s greatest artists and collect up your own original art work in a limited-edition Moleskine book? We participated in this event with artist Jamaica Dyer way back in 2010 and had a total blast so we couldn’t be more excited to get to be involved in the grand finale of this annual San Francisco tradition!

And we will be representing for Cartoonists + Ninth Art + Sequential Art in high style with San Francisco’s next breakout superstar author / artist Katie Longua, of HER SPACE OPERA, MUNCHIES, GWAR: ENORMOGANTIC FAIL, THE LIVES OF SEAMONKEYS, SPACE TRASH, KATIE LONGUA’S LINES, and what will surely be the biggest all-ages book of 2019… Lion Forge Comics’ DEBIAN PERL: DIGITAL DETECTIVE!

This event also kicks off a gallery show featuring a gallery of Katie’s art adorning the Isotope walls into January. Which will truly be the pinkest / purplest / aquaest the Isotope has ever been! Not to be missed!

Featuring Katie Longua @ Isotope
Sunday 10/21/18
Noon – 4pm

Get your PASSPORT Book here
More info about PASSPORT 2018 here

We couldn’t be more excited to have Katie back for another event and to get to watch her blow everyone’s minds with awesomeness during the city’s coolest art crawl! And what better way to celebrate her beautiful work than with our friends from the SF Arts Commission and all of you?! Come get a stamp!

If you haven’t already, please do read our Harassment Policy. Thank you.

Ed Brubaker @ Isotope!

Isotope proudly presents a one of our most beloved comic authors ever… Ed Brubaker!

Ed Brubaker‘s brilliant, diverse, and influential writing carer has been one of the comic artform’s greatest highlights since he broke onto the scene in the 1990s. Currently one of the writers of the fantastic WESTWORLD tv show, Brubaker’s also is famed for writting dozens and dozens of the very best superhero comics published by Marvel and DC Comics of the last two decades, including CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER, DAREDEVIL, BATMAN, GOTHAM CENTRAL, UNCANNY X-MEN, SECRET AVENGERS, IMMORTAL IRON FIST, THE MARVELS PROJECT and CATWOMAN (with the amazing Darwyn Cooke!). To indie autobio books like LOWLIFE, mind-blowing science fiction and supernatural comics like DEADENDERS, PREZ: SMELLS LIKE TEEN PRESIDENT and DEAD BOY DETECTIVES. And most famously his creator owned instant-classic crime noir comics like FATALE, FADE OUT, CRIMINAL, INCOGNITO, VELVET, SCENE OF THE CRIME, INCOGNITO, SLEEPER, THE FALL, KILL OR BE KILLED and the highly anticipated upcoming original hardcover graphic novel MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Ed in for MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES, a romance / noir graphic novel steeped in late 70s-early 80s pop culture obsessions. Written by Brubaker with jaw-dropping art by the masterful Sean Phillips and colored by Sean’s son Jacob Phillips.
The perfect book for us to have Ed back in after a 10 year absence!

Saturday, October 13th, 2018
8pm – Midnight
21+ please

A late night bash with Ed featuring the best comic crowd anywhere on the planet, once-in-a-lifetime bespoke refreshments by master mixologist Kirsten Baldock, and cracking CBGBs-era tunes with DJ BEARZBUB to make you smile. These events are the stuff of legend in the comic industry, here’s your chance to find out why.

We will have lots of copies of MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES on hand but if you’d like to ensure we have a copy for you that day, please call or email hidden; JavaScript is required to reserve your copy.

If you haven’t already, please do read our Harassment Policy. Thank you.

Rafael Albuquerque & Rafael Scavone!

SATURDAY: Isotope proudly presents a very special day-long event with Rafael Albuquerque & Rafael Scavone, the Brazilian comic superstar duo behind the adaptation of the upcoming NEIL GAIMAN’S A STUDY IN EMERALD graphic novel!

Rafael Albuquerque‘s utterly gorgeous art has been one of the most beloved parts of all of our your comic reading for the past few years, from AMERICAN VAMPIRE to BATMAN to HUCK to EI8HT to UNCANNY X-FORCE to TUNE 8 to TALES OF FEAR AGENT to BATGIRL and also so many amazing comic book covers it is mindblowing.

Rafael Scavone, is the author of ALL STAR BATMAN (with Scott Snyder), WONDER WOMAN 75TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, a heart-wrenching story in WHERE WE LIVE: A BENEFIT FOR THE SURVIVORS IN LAS VEGAS, and an upcoming run on Mark Millar’s HIT GIRL. Together with Deb Dorneles, the Rafaels formed Stout Club in 2014, a comic imprint from Brazil that is revolutionizing the South American comics scene.

NEIL GAIMAN’S A STUDY IN EMERALD from Dark Horse Comics is an original comic graphic novel adaption of Neil Gaiman’s famous Sherlock Holmes short story that runs our hero, together with his ever-present partner Watson, against the nightmares of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. Expect full-on Victorian horror, fog-choked London alleyways, horrific labs from St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, hallucinogenic terrors in caves of Afghanistan, and something terrible lurking in the shadows of 221b Baker Street. Truly a story that Albuquerque and Scavone were born to tell!

Since these gentlemen are coming so far to visit the comic loving people of San Francisco for the first time, and so few North Americans have gotten the chance to meet them before, we’ve scheduled a day-long duo of awesome events for your convenience. A great daytime autograph signing session and a late night afterparty as only the Isotope can do!

Saturday, July 28th 2018
2pm – 6pm

The Isotope’s intimate afternoon autographing session for our all-ages crowd. Sure, there will be a line for this, but here at the Isotope we’ve completely redesigned the signing experience to ensure our events are casual, fun, low pressure affairs. If you haven’t been to one before we think you’ll like the way we do things.

Saturday, July 28th 2018
8pm – Midnight
21+ please

Our late night afterparty features the best comic crowd anywhere on the planet, once-in-a-lifetime bespoke refreshments by master mixologist Kirsten Baldock, and amazing tunes with DJ BEARZBUB to make you smile. These events are the stuff of legend in the comic industry, here’s your chance to find out why.

We will have lots of copies of NEIL GAIMAN’S A STUDY IN EMERALD on hand but if you’d like to ensure we have a copy for you that day, please call or email hidden; JavaScript is required to reserve your copy.

If you haven’t already, please do read our Harassment Policy. Thank you.

PHOTOS: JH Williams III @ Isotope 2018

Oh guys, this was the *perfect* event, I am over the moon! Writing this report on the event took me all week long and, as you’ll see, so full of really special moments that I will never forget. My heart is absolutely bursting with happiness!

Click Here For Photos From This Event

You probably are aware that JH Williams III (or “Jim” as the Isotope family all knows him) doesn’t do many public appearances and given how much my staff and customers treasure him and his work we really wanted to make this one a special night. But what I could not predict was just how special it would truly be!

The weekend was a team-up with our friends at the California College of the Arts​ MFA In Comics Program and the Isotope, so it was a full weekend long celebration of this extraordinary comic creator who has truly re-defined the comics artform in the 21st century. Jim had a talk on Friday night at CCA’s Timken Lecture Hall in celebration of CCA’s MFA in Comics graduate students. I have to say that the CCA students right now are just *incredible*, and the energy behind the whole program is just fantastic, I love what they’re doing there and it’s no exaggeration when I say that I think that school is going to make a huge impact on the future of the comics industry. The JH Williams III talk with professor Justin Hall on Friday night was incredibly insightful and inspirational. And of course full of mind-blowing art. If you haven’t been to one of CCA’s public talks with cartoonists I can’t recommend it more highly. Afterwards Kirsten and I set up a small table with SANDMAN OVERTURE, PROMETHEA, BATWOMAN and WHERE WE LIVE at the CCA reception. In 17 years we’ve never set up and sold comics outside of the Isotope’s four walls but we made an exception because this was such a special event. I pretty much just hung out talking with the amazing art students while Kirsten did all of the work. The weekend was off to an awesome start and we had a blast working with the staff of CCA’s MFA In Comics Program (thanks Matt Silady and Anuja Silady and Justin Hall and Ed Luce). And it was about to get even better…

Our party the next night on Saturday was sublime. Beyond even my highest expectations and hopes. Over the years our parties had been getting just too over-stuffed, even with me intentionally under-promoting our events(!), so last year Kirsten and I decided to take a bit of time off from posting parties to slim down the crowds a bit. A huge success! We had the perfect sized crowd for this!

And the result was everything I could have ever hoped for. Jim’s intricate work is incredibly time-consuming and absolutely not conducive for quick scrawl-out pictures. So it is understandable that he doesn’t tend to draw much in public. I’ve known Jim for 13 years and the Isotope has had the pleasure of hosting several events with him over the years but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen him do so many mind-blowing drawings for fans before. Just phenomenal. Those of us who got to watch him draw and those who got to take home those sketches home. Wow. Talk about a once in a lifetime event!

But it got even better…!

At around 10pm we stopped the party. Which is something I almost never do. But this party was special. And we were about to have one of the most special moments in Isotope history unfold before our collective eyes. Jim is a very by-the-rules guy and he’d promised Entertainment Weekly the chance to debut his pages to the world when the time is right, sometime later this year or early next year. But, as long as no photos were taken of the work, he’d agreed to show the Isotope faithful the *entire first issue* and most of the second issue of his upcoming ECHO LANDS series. And not just show us, but Jim walked us through each and every page, describing the story and characters, pontificating his techniques, and laying bare the thoughts, artistic ambitions and challenges that went into every page.

ECHO LANDS really is unlike anything anyone has seen in comics before. And, of course, Jim’s art is just breathtaking. A pre-eminent master at the top of his game, pushing himself beyond anything we’ve seen him attempt before. And clearly having the time of his life doing it. Despite the whole thing being totally mind-blowing, Jim kept the talk super casual and relaxed, happily answering questions from fans and students and professional comic creators alike.

I could listen to endless hours of Jim talking about his art, transfixed and hanging on his every word. Anyone could tell you his art is incredibly deep and awe-inspiring but getting to hear about the amount of thought he puts into the creation of those pages you feel his work on a totally different level that is somehow even more astonishing and miraculous. My favorite thing is as superlative as his work really is I don’t know any comic artist who describes their work as “fun” as much as Jim does. It just makes your heart sing to hear that.

Speaking of making your heart sing… one of the most special things of the night was that our beloved Katie Longua (of MUNCHIES and HER SPACE OPERA fame) had just her upcoming graphic novel DEBIAN PERL: DIGITAL DETECTIVE announced the day before in a huge way… on the Hollywood Reporter! We’re so excited for her!

I couldn’t be more proud of Katie and spent a good portion of the party just introducing her to people and telling them about her upcoming book. So many of the party’s attendees were art students and future comic creators so it was extra cool to see how inspired by her work and excited everyone was. And even better was later in the night Katie pulled out a flyer she’d saved from her very first Isotope party ever and it was JH Williams III in 2008! I remember meeting Katie and hanging out with her and her fellow the Academy of Art students that night. But what I did not know… and this is the coolest thing… is it was on that day, when she first met JH Williams III at an Isotope party ten years ago. that Katie decided she wanted to make comics! And here we were, the day after her huge Hollywood Reporter announcement, having a party with JH Williams III again!

Just… wow. I was blown away just thinking about that! And definitely one of the happiest moments in my entire 17 year long (so far!) comics career.

Another great moment at the party was when I spotted FAE ARCHAIC creator Kirt Burdick, one of San Francisco’s greatest unsigned comic creators, sitting at the drafting table getting his JH Williams III comics autographed. I quickly grabbed a copy of FAE ARCHAIC and slid it in front of Jim, “This is Kirt’s book…” Jim was instantly excited and enthusiastically exclaimed “Oh, I was looking at that earlier! This is YOURS?!” (laugh) So cool. Kirt was utterly speechless.

As if my heart could not contain more joy my longtime friend Maureen Minn walked in the door of the party. My jaw hit the floor. Back when we lived in Wisconsin Maureen was the person who took me to my very first comic convention ever! “I’m driving to Chicago to go to Chicago Comic Con – and you’re coming with!” It wasn’t long after that she started working at a comic book store. I was so envious! So Maureen will forever be one of the coolest people in my entire world. She lives here in San Francisco but has kiddos and has never made it to one of my parties before. AWESOME! I had a blast introducing her to everyone and telling people she’s responsible for my entire comics career (laugh)! Maureen had come with her next door neighbor, Heather Nodelman, who I had helped pick out books for her twin daughters only weeks before. So sweet. Thank you for sharing your photos with us Heather!

I kept saying “this is perfect, this is perfect, this is perfect” to myself, the happiest mantra, all night long. And it really was.

Jim and Wendy Williams are some of our favorite people on Earth so it was great to spend time with them again. My sincerest thanks to DJ Bearzbub who we haven’t had the pleasure of having at one of our parties in well over a year. I was downright giddy setting up his equipment up once more and to see him up there on the mezzanine doing his thing all night long. Even my beloved friends Adrienne Rappaport​ and Jim Cox who I hadn’t seen in forever were there. And with Josh Richardson was behind the bar with Kirsten, Katie Mattingly at the register, Andrew Gapen and Ash Aiwase at the door? This is perfect, this is perfect, this is perfect.

Thanks to all of you who joined us and filled my night with smiles. You made a perfect event more perfect than I could ever hope to ask for.

I can’t wait to throw another party.

– James

Isotope & CCA Proudly Present:

Isotope has teamed up with our friends at the California College of the Arts’ MFA in Comics Program for a weekend-long celebration with JH Williams III, the artist who blew all our minds on SANDMAN OVERTURE, BATWOMAN, PROMETHEA, DESOLATION JONES, BATMAN, and so many more jaw-dropping books.

Few artists have a more stunning body of work or have been more influential on the evolution of the artform of comics in the 21st century. Williams is also the only artist to have worked with each of the most important writers of several generations, including Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Greg Rucka, and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Not to mention his work with two of the greatest bands ever (check out that work here and here). Simply put, we here at the Isotope we are of the opinion that Mister Williams is the single greatest artist working in comics today.

On Friday, July 13th the California College of the Arts’ MFA in Comics Program is having an-depth talk with Williams as part of their summer lecture series at their San Francisco Campus’ Timken Lecture Hall (more info here). Moderated by queer comics historian Justin Hall. Yes, we will definitely see you all there!

And on Saturday… an epic party at the Isotope! Featuring a perfectly curated setlist by San Francisco’s own DJ Bearzbub, all our favorite local creators, a whole bunch of comic-making CCA students, and all your best, comic-loving friends here at the Isotope!

Williams is a long time member of our family and we have had so many wonderful times together with him… so for those of you who have yet to get to know him… we want to bring that experience to you too. As always Jim will be happy to sign your SANDMAN OVERTURE hardcovers, PROMETHEA omnibii, BATWOMAN paperbacks, vintage CHASE comics, BLONDIE and THE SWORD albums, and anything else he’s ever worked on. And we don’t even mind if you’ve bought those things elsewhere, this isn’t about us, it’s about you and Jim getting to say “hi.”

Saturday, July 14th 2018
8pm – Midnight
21+ please

An intimate late night afterparty with the best comic crowd anywhere on the planet, once-in-a-lifetime bespoke refreshments by master mixologist Kirsten Baldock, and delightful tunes by DJ BEARZBUB. This event is a casual backstage-after-the-show vibe and gives you all an opportunity to actually hang out and get to know our guest of honor JH Williams III… the way we think an in-store appearance should truly be!

We will have lots of copies of Williams’ books on hand but if you’d like to ensure we have a copy of something for you that day, please call or email hidden; JavaScript is required to reserve your copy.

If you haven’t already, please do read our Harassment Policy. Thank you.

Ed Luce + SF Pride

Join us in celebrating SF Pride Month with one of our most favorite comic creators of all… WUVABLE OAF‘s Ed Luce!

We’ve been championing this amazing comic series since way back in 2007, and we couldn’t be happier to get to have Ed back in for another official event.

Ed will be sketching and signing his two brilliant body-positive bear-is-beautiful hardcover volumes WUVABLE OAF (back in print!) and WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL. And also the oh-so elusive brand new flipbook issue WUVABLE OAF #5 (are we still the only shop with these? We might be.)! We’ve also dug up a few copies of HENRY & GLENN FOREVER AND EVER #1 which features a fantastic Ed Luce love story featuring the cutest couple in all of comics, Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig.

And what better way to do an Ed Luce event than with a rare turn of events… we’re also stocking a bunch of variant covers featuring Ed’s art, including the Robin Hood and his band of badass queer outlaws comic MERRY MEN #1 and also Ed’s contribution to Image Comics celebrated #Pride Variant Covers, DEADLY CLASS #29 and REDNECK #3! Now we’ll admit that we’re a bit biased but objectively these are the two best ones of all of these variants, right?! Totally! Also, hey Ed, how do we get one of those great t-shirts?!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Wuvable Oaf Launch Party 2016!

We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say there just is no comic cooler than Ed Luce‘s WUVABLE OAF. Here at the Isotope the Cult of Oaf has been championing this amazing indie comic since way back in 2007, and we couldn’t be happier to see publisher Fantagraphics Books is sending out 2016 with a message, and in high style, with the release of the all-new WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL hardcover!

Those of you who attended our previous WUVABLE OAF Launch Party know we go all-out for all things Oaf so it was inevitable we had something secret up our collective sleeves for Ed Luce’s latest release… the Isotope is going to throw the greatest party on Earth to celebrate… of course we are!

Join us for a rare December event and celebrate with us AMERICAN BEAUTY, WUVABLE OAF STYLE!

click to enlarge

Fellow hardcore Oaf fans may have heard that Ed Luce is sending out packs of limited-edition WUVABLE OAF GOTEBLÜD ENAMEL PINS to each of the coolest comic shops on Earth for your retailers to give to you free of charge… well, of course we have those and will be gifting them to you with every copy of WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL (while supplies last of course)!

But because the entire world knows that the greatest Oaf fans of all are here at the Isotope we have so much more for you! Just for you fine folks the WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL hardcover comes with an original ultra-limited edition, Isotope exclusive Ed Luce WUVABLE OAF GOTEBLÜD ART PRINT on acid-free/pH neutral 100% cotton rag paper. Absolutely free of charge! I’ve been calling this piece “The Goteblüd Of Oafly Delights.”

click to enlarge

This exclusive Oaf print is suitable for framing and can be proudly hung on the wall above your bed to impress and delight all potential suitors…

… or you can choose upgrade your copy of your hardcover book from the vanilla cover version other places carry with this as an exclusive dustjacket and your bookshelf can experience the true magnificence that is the WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL, ISOTOPE EDITION.

These Oaf prints were made exclusively for the Isotope and are available nowhere else on Earth. And they come absolutely free! Thanks Ed!

That’s all pretty amazing, right? It gets even better! Because Isotope is the home temple of all things WUVABLE OAF, Ed Luce teamed up with sculptor Erik Erspamer to create a very special gift for the Isotope’s Cult of Oaf, the ultra-limited OFFICIAL WUVABLE OAF GOTEBLÜD ISOTOPE GLOW-IN-THE-DARK OCCULT RITUAL PENDANT. Be the talk of the next party with this perfect totem for flaunting your allegiance to the Dark Oaf God and for all your Oaftanic Baptisms and Oafccult rituals!

click to enlarge

These pendants are *also* free of charge for Isotope customers with the WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL hardcover, as a “thank you” from creator Ed Luce for all the Isotope Faithful’s rabid support over the years. Amazing! We couldn’t be more honored to get to put this amazing Ed Luce / Erik Erspamer original artwork around your necks at this event.

The WUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL Launch Party also features the Isotope’s own Kirsten Baldock crafting her original OAF-inspired beverage creations, and San Francisco icon DJ BEARZBUB spinning his unique brand of vintage metal classics, hot b-sides, rare grooves and booty shaking beats.

And, of course, our featured guest… Ed Luce!

This rare December launch party is definitely a can’t-miss event. Come and join us in raising a glass to everything WUVABLE and all things OAF, won’t you?

Ed Luce @ Isotope
Saturday, December 10th 2016
8pm – Midnight
21+ please
Isotope’s Harassment Policy

Justin Hall @ Isotope

Join us in welcoming back one of San Francisco’s most important (and nicest) comic creators, Justin Hall for the release of the long-awaited HARD TO SWALLOW graphic novel! Justin is a multiple Eisner-nominated cartoonist known for editing and collecting Fantagraphics Books’ NO STRAIGHT LINES: FOUR DECADES OF QUEER COMICS, the industry’s only historical collection of LGBTQ comics, curating the world’s first museum show devoted to LGBTQ cartooning, No Straight Lines: Queer Culture and the Comics at the Cartoon Art Museum, and for his role as one of the associate professors spearheading the MFA in Comics program at the California College of the Arts.

The HARD TO SWALLOW anthology series was created by Justin Hall and Dave Davenport in 2006 with a mission statement to feature fellow upcoming queer artists like BiL Sherman, Steve MacIsaac, Brad Rader, Drub, Jon Macy, and Victor Hodge and to feature erotic comics that were great stories as well as being sexy reads. Featuring hardcore pirates, naughty werewolves, exotic locales, and all the randy studs you could ask for.

Back in 2008 the Isotope did the launch party for issue #3 of the series (we still stifle a small laugh at the folks leaving comments on this Beat article) and not long afterwards this series went out of print and was potentially lost in the sands of time. But thanks to a fantastic Kickstarter campaign last year we can put it on our collective bookshelves at last!

Join us, the amazing DJ Bearzbub, our featured guest Justin Hall and a whole bunch of our friends (of a multitude of lifestyles and persuasions) in celebrating this great day for LGBTQ creators and the San Francisco comics scene!

Justin Hall @ Isotope
Featuring DJ Bearzbub
Saturday, July 30th
6pm – 8pm. 21+ por favor!

If you haven’t already, please read our Harassment Policy

Are You Ready for FCBD 2016?

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event at comic shops the planet over. And here at the Isotope our FCBD celebrations are truly the stuff of legend. Feast your eyes once again on San Francisco’s most glorious and massive smorgasboard of absolutely free comic reads for comic lovin’ kids of all ages!

For 2016 the Isotope is beyond proud to feature the incredibly talented brothers-in-arms team of Andrew Robertson (11 year old pixel artist) and Owen Robertson (14 year old pencil/ink artist)… sons of the incredible Darick Robertson of TRANSMETROPOLITAN and THE BOYS fame… and to get to host the world wide debut of the Robertson Brothers first ever books!

There’s not a doubt in our minds these guys are going to be taking the world of comics and video games by storm in the coming years, and we are sure you will agree. Check out the greatness:

From Andrew Robertson’s MY BOOK OF PIXEL ART sketchbook.

From Owen Robertson’s THERAPY FOR SATAN sketchbook.

Owen and Andrew will be selling their respective books, doing original sketches for the masses, and hanging out being the future rockstars that they are. We couldn’t be more excited to have them in this year for FCBD!

And because Free Comic Book Day has just gotten *so* busy here at the Isotope over the last few years we’ve actually had to bring in some additional help. We have some surprise “security” every year and we will be keeping up our annual secret “shop boy” tradition (2014 was SANDMAN OVERTURE artist JH Williams III and 2015 was EAST OF WEST artist Nick Dragotta). Every year there’s a lot of wild speculation as to who we could be bringing in to help us run the register and drop your collective jaws. Yep, I’m sure you’re scratching your head already, because this year is a real stumper (laugh)… just who could it possibly be?!

Keep your eyes on our Twitter accounts and Instagram for more details on our mystery staffers on the day of the event.

We are also featuring on staff the amazing Katie Longua author/artist of MUNCHIES, KNOW YOURSELF ANATOMY ADVENTURE SERIES, RÖK and the anthologies 1001 KNIGHTS and CHAINMAIL BIKINI. And also Josh Richardson author of the recently released RATCHET & CLANK: OFFICIAL GUIDE BOOK. And also our latest beloved staff addition, Kate Mattingly of the Miradori Tumblr.

With such a great day lined up for all of you, let me leave you with a final parting thought about what we think really makes FCBD so special…

We do indeed continue to have the most generous, high-stakes, no-limit, can’t-find-anywhere-else explosion of free reads in SF but we do ask that you keep in mind that here at the Isotope we believe Free Comic Book Day is all about the kids, and even the mighty Isotope’s supplies are limited, so before you over-indulge yourselves, remember… every free comic you scoop up is one the kids can’t. So please be sweet to the kiddos. Thank you kindly!


Here’s a list of the official releases: FCBD 2016 website
And please take a moment to read our Harassment Policy

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