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Comics In The City

As you’ve probably heard, San Diego Comic Con in full swing this week, definitely biggest pop culture show in the country. And SCDD has swelled to massive proportions over the last few years (130,000 in attendance) and each year we hear more and more talk that Comic Con is all about movies and video games and tv shows… but not so much the comics anymore.

But lucky for we San Franciscans that comic love that seems to be dwindling in other places is *definitely* not missing here! In fact, our friends at the California College of the Arts have been infusing the city of San Francisco through July with amazing comic creators all month long for their awesome public lecture series – Comics In The City, hosted in conjunction with their MFA in Comics graduate program.

You all know how we love those smart and unique comic events, and we couldn’t be happier to see CCA doing something really special for comic lovers here in SF this month. And as you’d expect from the fine folks behind CCA’s Comics Department, this lecture series has been incredibly well received, with the month kicking off with Cathy Malkasian and James Robinson. And we still have two more to go!

Jason Shiga – Friday, July 19th
Dash Shaw – Friday, July 26th

What better way to celebrate the always vibrant San Francisco comics scene as well as honor this awesome new program and it’s students? Why… with an Isotope after-party of course!

Get out your #2 pencils to block out that date on your calendar, stay tuned for more details, and get ready for the return of one of the Isotope’s favorite comic creators!

Isotope & Comixology’s First Event Together!

Most of you know the Isotope goes way, way back with our friends David Steinberger and John Roberts from Comixology (even back to when they were known as iComicsOnSale). Like all the best friendships, we’ve had many great times just hanging out together and we’ve also taken that mutual admiration for each other to do cool stuff together. We conceived, constructed, and tirelessly beta-tested a Comics Subscription System for Retailers and Readers that has enabled comic stores all over the planet to take amazing care of their customers and grow their businesses. And, along with the industry’s most forward thinking shops, we’ve pioneered together the fusion of analog and digital comics markets. The best of all possible worlds!

But for some strange reason, we’ve never thrown a party together. The time for that to change is now.

with Comixology & the Isotope
Tuesday, June 11th, 8pm
@ The High Dive Lounge
Embarcadero @ Pier 28 1/2

In honor of the 2013 WWDC that brought our friends to town this month and the upcoming 7th anniversary of the Isotope/Comixology friendship, let me invite you to our first official event together! We’ll be posted up Bay Side at one of SF’s most beloved old school treasures, the city’s best dive featuring the city’s best view, The Hi Dive Lounge for a nice evening of cocktails and great comic talk. Join us, won’t you?

Surprise Visit From Lauren Beukes!

Fans of great speculative fiction will know Lauren Beukes. Her hardboiled urban fantasy novel ZOO CITY about crime, chaotic magic, and Acquired Aposymbiotic Familiarism (aka “the Zoo Plague”) won her handfuls of acclaim, including the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award. Her Rapunzel-centric run on Vertigo’s FAIREST took us on a surreal trip into a Tokyo underworld filled with the ghosts and monsters of Japan. And her just-released time-hopping murder thriller THE SHINING GIRLS was just announced today to have been picked up for a development deal by Leonardo DiCaprio.

It’s always a true thrill to have our favorite authors and artists pop in for a surprise visit. And Lauren is one of our most beloved, so it was extra exciting to have her surprise us and autograph a bunch of FAIREST issues this afternoon. That’s right every issue here at Isotope is autographed for your comic loving pleasure! And even better, you too can get a chance to get to know this unbelievably charming/fashionable/brilliant science fiction author while she’s in from South Africa, she’ll be making a schedule in-store with our amigos at Borderlands tomorrow.

Lauren Beukes @ Borderlands Books
Friday, June 7th, 7:00pm
866 Valencia St

Great to see you, Lauren!

FCBD Is Coming!

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event at comic shops the planet over. Here at the Isotope we will once again be featuring a massive selection of absolutely free comic reads for comic lovin’ kids of all ages… and this year we’re thrilled to announce special guest star Aidan Hernacki!

Aidan is a ten year old comic creating wunderkind, and we have the honor of debuting his talents to the industry this week, launching his new mini-comic series THE ONION BROS. ADVENTURES IN SPACE! Expect adorable free sketches from Aidan, a chance to buy original artwork directly from this child prodigy, and lots of copies of his new comic!

FCBD w/ Aidan Hernacki
Saturday, May 4th 2013
11am – 3pm

And while we’re talking about FCBD – Isotope is famous for having one of the greatest comics high-stakes, no-limits, can’t-find-anywhere-else smorgasboards in the city, and we know you’re all excited to check out what’s on tap for 2013. But we do ask that you keep in mind that here at the Isotope we believe Free Comic Book Day is all about the kids, and even the mighty Isotope’s supplies are limited, so before you over-indulge yourselves remember… every free comic you scoop up is one the kiddos can’t. Thank you kindly!

Here’s a list of the official releases:

The Don Cannot Be Contained!

Here’s your reminder… tomorrow is the day!

Straight from the boroughs of East London comes AKIRA THE DON – legendary rapper, producer, cartoonist, internet personality, sbwriel speaker, facial hair sporter and True Elemental Force of Good.

The Isotope is proud to get to kick off our 2013 event schedule year with a live show on our “world’s tallest stage” with this human ball of amazingly magical energy. Following in the grand tradition of the one and only MC Chris @ Isotope, Japan’s Pine*AM @ Isotope, the unsober Uke Apocalypse @ Isotope and Dame Darcy @ Isotope, our intimate concert series shows are always free of charge, packed to the gills, and only thrown when we really, really mean it. Could there be a more exciting follow-up to those amazing international acts than the amazing AKIRA THE DON?

Those of you who joined us for MorrisonCon in Las Vegas already know why Akira was Mister Grant Morrison’s single most requested convention demand. And we cannot wait to get to introduce the rest of you to him!

But is San Francisco ready for The Man Who Cannot Be Contained?!

The epic last time Akira was in SF known around these parts as “the best weekend with the worst hangover of my life” in which The Don recorded an entire new album out of a briefcase, we were lucky enough to join him on the craziest Bay To Breakers ever experienced (topped off with Akira performing superhuman stunts and literally saving a girl’s life), and ended the three day bender of biblical proportions off by blowing the doors off the Isotope filming a music video with E-40’s enigmatic tea-and-Ferrari-loving scion Issue.

Akira is on an Exaltation Mission and he cannot be contained! Isotope’s mixologist maestro Kirsten Baldock will be serving up a bevy of bevvys, including the legendary MorrisonCon inspired Transcendence. And DJ Bearzbub will be bringing the pre-show bodyrock on the wheels of steel. Truly SF, are you ready. for. this?

Saturday, April 20th 2013
8pm – Your Bedtime
featuring Opening Jams by San Francisco’s DJ BEARZBUB



Isotope Presents: Brian Posehn!

Hey… it’s funnyman Brian Posehn!

You’ve seen him in Rob Zombie’s THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and in FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER. You’ve laughed with him on THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM, RENO 911! and on ADVENTURE TIME. You’ve rocked out with him on THAT METAL SHOW, at THE GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS, and in METAL BY NUMBERS. You’ve gotten all real and documentary-ish with him in NERDCORE RISING and in SUPER HIGH ME. You’ve played games with him in BRUTAL LEGEND, on X-PLAY, and rolled polyhedronical dice with him on his weekly D&D podcast NERD POKER. You’ve bought his albums FART AND WIENER JOKES and LIVE IN NERD RAGE. You’ve virtually hung out backstage with him at ANTHRAX and FEAR FACTORY. And you’ve read his (rather awesome) comic books. THE LAST CHRISTMAS and probably the best DEADPOOL comic ever made.

Now you can meet him!

Isotope Presents: Brian Posehn!
Saturday, April 13th 2013
@ Noon

And don’t forget to grab tickets for his live stand-up that week over at Cobb’s Comedy Club that week too. Yeah baby, 2013 totally rocks. Fifteen years old forever!

APE Aftermath 2012: The Legend Returns!

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for our biggest… our best… and our favorite comic in-store event of the year!

APE AFTERMATH, the phenomenal annual afterparty tradition that has set the industry pace for over a decade, crash lands on the city of San Francisco with a late night celebration of the Alternative Press Expo. Featuring the triumphant return of DJ Bearzbub on the wheels of steel with the speaker-breaking booty-shaking thumps that make hundreds of backsides get to the moving and the groovin, and the one and only Master Mixologistrix Kirsten Baldock on the twin cocktail shakers, bringing the high-proof liquid science straight to the livers of the masses!

Hot on the heels of “the most successful comic con of the year” your Isotope amigos are bringing it all back home with all the style, class, and flavorific taste that continues to rock the industry like no other… come join us and 1000 of your closest friends for the return of the APE Aftermath legend!

We’re ready, are you?

Honoring the Bat-Fans @ Isotope

Yes, the rumors are true.

In celebration of this week’s launch of the blockbuster THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, our friends at Warner Brothers Entertainment and DC Comics have sent the Isotope four massive boxes of awesome Dark Knight goodies to give out… and we have some amazing stuff for the biggest Bat-Fans in San Francisco!

Wednesday, July 18th 2012
11am – 7pm

This is truly going to be an amazing week!

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – starring Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy. Directed by Christopher Nolan – in theaters July 20th.

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever @ Isotope

It’s the comic tour that’s rockin’ the nation!

Isotope welcomes the cartooning duo of Tom Neely and Ed Luce along with the Igloo Tornado Roadcrew in celebration of all-new issues of the indie hit comic book mini-series HENRY & GLENN FOREVER & EVER!

Continuing the domestic saga of Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig’s “what if?” comic adventures as committed life partners, cat lovers, and cult rock ‘n roll gods. This first issue sees our heroes working out, fending off the advances of a demonic Lita Ford, dealing with satanic neighbors Hall and Oats, attending couples counseling and (of course) Fresh Step shopping.

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever launch party @ Isotope
w/ Tom Neely & Ed Luce
Saturday, June 9th, 2012
8pm ’til the Witching Hour

Isotope’s famous mixologist Kirsten Baldock will be cranking up your tastebuds with bespoke adult beverages based on her favorite Henry and Glenn classics, and this event also features DJ Bearzbub on live soundtrack duties. Expect plenty of Rollins Band and Danzig tunes!

Like, Share, Join, Comment, Tell Your Friends!

Photos: ROK Release with Katie Longua

Fellow Vikings* – Feast your eyes upon these photos from last Saturday’s event, our RÖK #3 Release with Katie Longua. This event overflowed with cool people, awesome metal, life-size Norse gods, pink Flying V guitars, and some of the most amazing sketches we have ever seen. Adorable, right?!

Thanks to Josh Richardson and Risa Strobel for sending us their pictures to add to the set, and thanks to all of you who helped make this day as fun as it could possibly be!

PHOTOS: Katie Longua’s ROK Release Day @ Isotope

Are you ready to RÖK? Have you checked out this amazing book yet? If not, it’s time to do that right now!

* Yes, the Sime clan traces back directly to the birthplace of everything Viking… Vik, Norway.

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