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If I Had A Time Machine

If I had a time machine I’d travel back to hang out and talk about awesome suits w/ Pete Milligan and Brett Ewins.

The book they’re getting you excited about on this great vintage British tv show is the incredible future war comic Bad Company, a true thing of beauty. And on sale here at the Isotope, of course!

A Clea Fashion Parade

My favorite part of the internet is getting to accidentally run into random nerd weirdness. Today, while answering a customer’s question about Steve Ditko costumes I happened upon a really incredible comic fan blog, The Wastebasket, that looks to have all the obsessive-compulsive features I like in a comics blog.

Blog owner Tony bills his writings “Disposable Thoughts on a Disposable Culture” and features such oddball and wonderful things as slightly dirty remixes of classic Kirby comics with eye-opening results, letters to superheroes about their relationships, massive chronologies of the Marvel Universe broken down to months, and in-depth discussions on why Superman’s hair is blue.

Check out Tony’s amazing article on the changing styles of Dr. Strange’s always cool ladyfriend Clea, the curly-haired master of the Dark Dimension. Of course I love this stuff, what could be better than comics + fashion?

Clea’s Fashion Parade

Hey Tony… love your Mike Allred-y art, your crazy rants, and your hilarious take on silverage comics. When are you going to start making comics for me to sell?

DC Comics Meets French Haute Couture

It’s fun to see where our comic book culture pops up in the world. I’m not just talking about just the appropriation of our stories and characters, it’s great to see stuff like the sheer number of actual printed current comic book goodness strutted on the screen in the movies and to get to see all sorts of geek-centric inside jokes like these on prime time tv. Although it makes me a bit sad when I see more and more people passing off their tracings from comics as fine art pieces at famous galleries, I suppose you have to take the good with the bad. Because there is no denying a real mainstream appreciation of how much comic books are an influence on art, music, literature, entertainment, and style in the last decade.

But the thing that always brings a extra huge smile to my face is seeing comics culture showing up more and more in the world of high fashion. The comic industry usually kind of sleeps on these kind of stories because I guess the news sites think most fans aren’t interested in such things, but you know me, I’m all about going big when comics and fashion collide. What can I say, have you seen what I wear? I like fashion!

So when the fabulous Sally K pointed out to me that leading French fashion emporium Colette has gotten some of the best designers to make comic-inspired haute couture, I just have to share it! These luxurious interpretations of DC’s cultural icons in high fashion style will no doubt turn some heads, go ahead and take a peek to see the hot comic couture culture on the streets of Paris… like the (pictured here) Flash Ballerina shoes by Repetto, this Pierre Hardy Superman handbag, this quirky Joker bow tie by Alexis Mabille and these rather awesome Roger Vivier Catwoman boots. Nice!

See more here: DC Comics x colette Collection

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