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The JH Williams III Suit Has Arrived!

I’ve been going out of my mind waiting to get to announce this since late last year… ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the magic where comics and fashion meet… the JH Williams III suit!

Of course you all know JH Williams III‘s work from PROMETHEA, BATWOMAN, DESOLATION JONES, and the upcoming SANDMAN VOLUME ZERO. His resume reads like a who’s who of the best the industry, and he’s only artist in the history of comics to have worked with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Howard Chaykin, Greg Rucka, Seth Fisher, James Robinson, Mark Waid and Alejandro Jodorowsky!

It’s no secret that my love for awesome suits and for great comic art truly know no bounds. Two things the world should have more of! As an avid nerdy fashion advocate it’s brought a big smile to my heart over the years to know just how many comic professionals have been inspired to buy their first-ever suit because of me and to get to do my small part to help elevate the fashion consciousness of the industry (keep it lookin’ sharp Ben, Antony & Jim… I’m still working on this guy). Of course I’m always on the hunt for something truly unique to add to my wardrobe and, although I had no idea how it might be possible, I’ve been been hoping to find a way to bring those passions for comic art and sharp suits together for years.

And now, the creators, Artful Gentleman and JH Williams III are announcing this amazing work of fashion and art and they’re telling the world about it! Seriously, could this be more exciting?

Artful Gentleman: On The JH Williams III Suit

Me, I’m just a lucky guy who happened to put two amazing individuals together and am reaping the high-fashion benefits. Lucky me! Here’s a nice photo of my vest from last month’s Akira The Don event. But believe me, that is not just a vest… check out the custom JH Williams III suit lining as well.

My particular bespoke suit was created with all my fashion fetishes in mind so it’s an extra-long beauty, in a deep royal purple that shimmers in the sunlight, there’s an over-abundance of buttons and subtle but exciting stitching as per my specifications, and also sports at least one secret pocket you’ll have to frisk me to discover. Working with AG to design this beauty was a total blast I’m sure you’ll agree that’s simply jaw-dropping stuff they have created together with JH Williams III. Of course Mister Williams is the true star of the show, so his custom suit of his own is ultra-sharp jet-black with a blood-red stitch (you’ll have to ask him if he has any secret suit features).

So yes, lucky me. And now lucky you too! Because you can now get your very own custom made JH Williams III suit from Artful Gentleman.

Check out their Kickstarter Campaign to get in on the ground floor of this fashion revolution and sign yourself up for one of these custom beauties. Or to see what other bespoke wonders AG has to offer. You’d better believe I’ll be right there with you supporting this awesome indy San Francisco business and getting my next custom suit too!

Hmm… now what shall we have Artful Gentleman make for us?!

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