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We All Scream For Ice Cream

Ice cream is finally here in Hayes Valley! YES!

Starting this very afternoon you can now indulge yourself in a variety of jaw dropping flavors made from scratch right before your very eyes thanks to our very own local fancy handmade ice cream makers at Smitten. They’re just up the block from the Isotope in the rapidly-developing (and completely cool) Hayes Valley Proxy Projecct. I think Smitten’s brand of swoon-inducing treats is a really fantastic addition to the already amazing neighborhood.

I’m looking forward to letting that poor sucker Ron Richards get the mayorship to this place on Foursquare… just so I can send him cruel texts letting him know I stole it from him mere hours later like I did just this week with his most-coveted Fatted Calf!

(Smitten photo c/o Yelp’s Kymberli C.)

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