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Cool Gifts from Erik Larsen

Erik Larsen (Isotope amigo, Image Comics Founder, and the creative juggernaut behind one of the longest running creator-owned comics of all time) stopped in today with a couple fistful of autographed copies of SAVAGE DRAGON #188 for us to gift out to all you fine people. Stop on in and get a free signed copy (while supplies last of course)… only at the Isotope!

Thanks Erik!

Isotope & Image Comics’ SNAPSHOT Contest

What would you do if you found a hitman’s cell phone full of grisly photos of dead bodies? And then the phone started ringing?

That’s the question Andy Diggle and Jock (creators of THE LOSERS and GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE) ask in Image Comics‘ new noir series SNAPSHOT. We decided since we liked this San Francisco based crime with a twist comic so much (and also where the action takes place here in SF) that we’d put together a fun contest to score you all some autographed bookplates, a chance to be in future issues of the comic, and for one lucky winner a one-of-a-kind original production artwork from the series from the drafting table of Jock himself!

So we’re laying down the challenge for folks to take a page from the thriller story and add to the mystery with our cool SNAPSHOT contest. Here’s how it works:

* Stage you or your friends “death” and capture the moment with a photo on your cell phone.
* Submit the photo to our mini-site, post it on your Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag: #SNAPSHOTCOMIC
* We’ll choose from our favoirites and mail out a limited edition bookplate, signed by creators Andy Diggle and Jock. Perfect to go with your copy of SNAPSHOT #1 or the trade paperback when it’s released.
* Image Comics will be featuring the best of these photos in the back of SNAPSHOT #4, here’s your chance for comic book immortality in “death”!
* One grand prize winner will be chosen by Diggle and Jock and will receive a page of ORIGINAL ART from SNAPSHOT by Jock!

Simple, right? Ojk, let’s fill those phones with photos and kick this promotion off in high style! I’ll go first:

Check out our SNAPSHOT mini-site for more contest information and to see everyone’s gruesome submissions. Make sure to pick up every issue of SNAPSHOT from Image Comics to see the story unfold and don’t miss SNAPSHOT #4 to see who the grand prize winner is!

UPDATE: The first issue of this just-launched series is getting some great critical acclaim and has been absolutely flying off store shelves so fast a second printing was announced just today. Congrats to Diggle and Jock! We’re having fun watching those eBay prices going up!

Captain America Awesomeness @ Isotope

The Isotope is the home for your Captain America: The First Avenger hook-up starting Wednesday July 13th!

We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming release for this flick (watch the trailer here and be as thrilled as we are), and thanks to the fine folks promoting the movie, we’re going to be hooking you up with some awesome Cap swag. Including button packs, posters, Cap shield frisbees, and yes, advanced screening passes so you can see this movie before it hits theaters on July 22, 2011. What could be better?!

Enter into the Isotope’s exclusive Cap trivia contest with these cool prizes and we will make your day patriotically amazing with Steve Rogers goodies all day long. Stop on in and get some free awesomeness on us!

See more Captain America movie news, trailers, and sneak peeks here:

We Got Your Thor Hook-Up!

Excited to see THOR? So are we!

Well your amigos here at the Isotope have got your pre-screening hook-up… IMAX style! Yep you read that right, we’re going to get you into see the movie for free on the big big screen!

To grab yourself your THOR pre-screening passes c/o @isotopecomics, go to the following site and use code “BOOKT6AR”… but there are only a limited number of passes available so do be quick about it, mortal!

UPDATE: We maxed out that screening in the massive theatre in a mere 15 minutes. Nice! I hear rumblings we may get a second screening to fill, so definitely keep watching this space… or better yet, we’ll be giving the first heads-up over on the Isotope Facebook page, so go and sign up!

San Diego Comic Con Getting You Down?

Today is yet another glitch-filled day of frustration for folks trying to get their tickets to San Diego Comic Con, apparently the third time isn’t the charm we were all hoping it would be. It sounds like folks on Twitter are pretty upset seeing TicketLeap’s “over capacity screen” and who can blame them? I, for one, don’t want this to turn into The Year Only Pros Could Go either. So I’m here to tell you not to lose faith, folks are getting through. Just keep hitting refresh, people!

Because I know you’ve all been looking at this frog for what seems like forever, we’ve decided to brighten your day a little and bring a great big smile to your face. The Isotope is going to hook you up with your very own San Diego Comic Con 2011 Registration Disaster commemorative Fail Frog button absolutely free of charge! Why? Because we’re just such huge sweethearts! Send a letter to the Isotope address with a self addressed stamped return envelope and I will personally send you one of these Fail Frog pinback beauties while our supplies last.

Turning even the darkest of days into something wonderful and magical… that’s our thing, it’s what we do!

UPDATE: This was posted in the heat of an industry-wide meltdown with the intention of bringing a few more smiles to the day, and I gotta say, TicketLeap ended up really coming through. Four days later I’ve spoken to literally hundreds of people about this and every single person I talked to got tickets. Every single one. Including the people who asked me for buttons! Ok, so the four day passes sold out immediately (they always do) and the site’s servers were chugging for a while… but unlike the previous two attempts by other companies… these ticket-selling folks did their jobs and are getting all of you folks and all of us folks into Comic Con this year.

Also if you check the comments on this very post you’ll see that, instead of sending their lawyer my direction telling us take this post down and not to send these buttons out, they were actually very cool about taking a little teasing too. A company that delivers the goods and can also handle some negative press with style? Color me impressed!

That’s about the most Success Frog the comic industry has ever seen. Nicely done, TicketLeap!

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