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Passport 2018 with Katie Longua

The San Francisco Arts Commission and the wonderfully talented cartoonist Katie Longua are teaming up with the Isotope for PASSPORT 2018, a multi-venue art crawl and unique do-it-yourself art collecting experience.

This 10th annual public art event takes participants on a neighborhood art crawl, this year through Hayes Valley the city’s sexiest neighborhood, and into SF’s most stylish venues to collect artist-designed “passport stamps” in a once-in-a-lifetime PASSPORT booklet. What could be more fun than spending a day getting to meet so many of the SF Bay Area’s greatest artists and collect up your own original art work in a limited-edition Moleskine book? We participated in this event with artist Jamaica Dyer way back in 2010 and had a total blast so we couldn’t be more excited to get to be involved in the grand finale of this annual San Francisco tradition!

And we will be representing for Cartoonists + Ninth Art + Sequential Art in high style with San Francisco’s next breakout superstar author / artist Katie Longua, of HER SPACE OPERA, MUNCHIES, GWAR: ENORMOGANTIC FAIL, THE LIVES OF SEAMONKEYS, SPACE TRASH, KATIE LONGUA’S LINES, and what will surely be the biggest all-ages book of 2019… Lion Forge Comics’ DEBIAN PERL: DIGITAL DETECTIVE!

This event also kicks off a gallery show featuring a gallery of Katie’s art adorning the Isotope walls into January. Which will truly be the pinkest / purplest / aquaest the Isotope has ever been! Not to be missed!

Featuring Katie Longua @ Isotope
Sunday 10/21/18
Noon – 4pm

Get your PASSPORT Book here
More info about PASSPORT 2018 here

We couldn’t be more excited to have Katie back for another event and to get to watch her blow everyone’s minds with awesomeness during the city’s coolest art crawl! And what better way to celebrate her beautiful work than with our friends from the SF Arts Commission and all of you?! Come get a stamp!

If you haven’t already, please do read our Harassment Policy. Thank you.

Happy Small Business Week

We’re truly blessed to be a small business here in SF’s gorgeous Hayes Valley for so many years.

Come celebrate another wonderful San Francisco Small Business Week with us!

Jazzing with Jim Woodring & Bill Frisell

We here at the Isotope couldn’t be more excited about our new neighbors over at SFJAZZ, especially when they’re throwing events as exciting as this. Live jazz and live art… by Frisell and Woodring?! We wouldn’t miss this for the world!

Here’s more details from our friends at SFJAZZ:

Bill Frisell’s third night as Resident Artistic Director is a delightful live multi-media collaboration between Frisell’s Beautiful Dreamers trio and influential Seattle-based cartoonist and animator Jim Woodring. For this special performance, Woodring will create live digital illustrations, projected on the Miner Auditorium video screen, to accompany and inspire the music.

Preview this great Frisell-Woodring collaboration here

Jim Woodring is an acclaimed artist and animator, known best for his character FRANK, who has appeared in a number of graphic novels and in his previous multi-media collaboration with Frisell, 2006’s Probability Cloud. The Comics Journal named two of Woodring’s creations to their list of 100 Best Comics of the Century, and his previous work with Frisell resulted in a United States Artists Fellowship.

Behind guitarist Bill Frisell’s affable demeanor there’s a steely-willed artist whose creative ambitions span the continent. Since his early days on the Downtown Manhattan scene in the mid-1970s, when he became a key collaborator with John Zorn, Frisell has steadily expanded his sonic purview, staking a claim to an ever-greater range of media, material, and musical traditions.

Bill Frisell & Jim Woodring Live @ SFJAZZ
Saturday, 9/14/13.
2pm Family Matinee & 7:30pm Evening Show
SFJAZZ Center. 201 Franklin Street @ Fell
All ages. Cost: $5-10 (family matinee) $25-65 (7:30PM show)

More info here

What a great way to spend the weekend! I’ll definitely be in attendance at that Beautiful Dreamers evening show. Come join us, won’t you?

Au Revoir Bash for Storm

Join us is sending Storm off with all our love to his new home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We’ll miss you!

UPDATE: Thanks to all who came out, and to the lovely staff of Marlena’s. Some really great photos from this!

Schulzies Bread Pudding Day!

Because I love you, we’ve decided to give all of you a little Isotope treat to go with your favorite comics and graphic novels this weekend… Saturday is Schulzie’s Bread Pudding Day!

Be among the first in San Francisco to get to try Hayes Valley’s newest addition (opening on February 14th next year) and find out why Isotope is all over our favorite SF food blogs this week. From noon until 5pm on Saturday, December 17th,

What could make your hectic holiday shopping weekend better?


Find out more about the amazing Schulzie’s Bread Pudding here:

Lark Pien Show in Hayes Valley

The beauty of Hayes Valley continues to grow all the time and we couldn’t be more thrilled to hear that SF’s comic folks are a source of inspiration to the ever-flourishing wave of delightful new boutiques in the ‘hood.

And what could be a better match than the pairing of one of our favorite Bay Area cartoonists of all, Lark Pien, and Hayes Valley’s recently-opened café/playroom seesaw? Friends of the Isotope will certainly fondly remember our 2006 American Born Chinese launch party with Lark and author/artist Gene Yang, and there’s been no shortage of folks we’ve turned on to the wonderfulness that is her cartooning.

Lark’s dreamy comic books Long Tail Kitty, Mr. Elephanter and Mr. Boombha are great reads for kids of all ages and the perfect additions to Seesaw’s neat and innovative developmental toy and book boutique. Lark will be signing books, meeting fans and families and no doubt telling us more about her upcoming 2 volume graphic novel with Gene Yang called Boxers & Saints. We will definitely be in attendance, come join us!

And hey while you’re there, sign yourself and the little one up for one of seesaw’s nifty workshops… including a Baby Sign Language class (seriously)!

Lark Pien Art Opening @ seesaw
600 Octavia @ Grove
Friday, May 6th
5pm – 10pm

Parking for your Super-Wheels

The biggest change for 2011 here at the Isotope is a sudden abundance of new parking to be found right here on our block. And in a city like SF that is a truly wonderful thing!

It wasn’t too long ago that the garage up the street quite literally filled every available spot with automobiles, but with the city’s metering of Fell street now we’ve always got plenty of room for you to park your Blackbirds, Bat Bikes, Quinjets, Fantasticars, and Owlships (there are quite literally 9 spots on the block as I type this)! Eventually folks will figure out that the parking situation has changed but for now… glory! Thinking about this new embarrassment of parking riches and also checking out the awesome Batgirl Scooter by Ted Naifeh inspired me to come up with a comic themed list of great ways to get around in comics.

Top Five Favorite Comic Vehicles That Aren’t The Batmobile

#5. The Supermobile

Yes, it’s one of the absolute dumbest superheroic vehicles of all. But that, dear friends, is what makes Superman’s Supermobile so awesome. This is the height of leisure, why should Superman bother flying around or use his super strength when he can sit back listening to tunes while his Supermobile does all the work? Yes, the neighbors may laugh at you for putting this in the drive… but only until your car knocks them out with those big crazy fists!

#4. Silver Surfer’s Surfboard

Fueled by nothing more than thought and The Power Cosmic, Silver Surfer’s surfboard remains one of the most snazzy ways to get around in any universe. I don’t know if they had surfing on his home planet of Zenn-La, but the amusingly-named Norrin Radd sure seems to relish in carving the cosmic and shooting the spaceways. This vehicle looks so darn fun to ride it would be worth cruising around the town wearing nothing but your silver underpants!

#3. Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle

Yes, yes, I dig motorcycles. Who doesn’t? Well this one is conjured from the very fingertips of it’s rider, made from living hellfire flames! And it can drive up a wall. With great biker styling and leaving one heck of a hot trail behind it, this should be an essential addition to any list of favorite comic book vehicles. Sadly it probably gives off quite the cloud of burning sulfer stench. While I don’t think Johnny Blaze cares too much if he reeks, stinking of rotten eggs is a bit of a turn off on this one. So the motorcycle only makes it to #3.

#2. Mobius Chair

I’m of the opinion that the best rides really make an impact. And Metron makes being a New God look downright awe-inspiring as he traverses both time and space with kicked-back, out of this world style in the Mobius Chair. I think traveling around on this is so downright swanky I was seriously hard-pressed to come up with a better choice of vehicle. Talk about turning heads, who wouldn’t want to cruise through the local drive-thru in this badboy?!

But there can only be one #1! And that is…

#1. Devil Dinosaur

When it comes to sheer coolness, no vehicle in comics can even compare to riding around on a savage 25 foot tall blood-red Kirby dinosaur like Moon Boy does. Seriously. What could be cooler?!

I’d happily swap in a whole fleet of Batmobiles for Devil Dinosaur!

UPDATE: Just for fun there’s one more addition to this list but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. You’ll find it in the pages of Brat Pack by Rick Veitch, an amazing graphic novel that fans of books like The Boys will absolutely love! That particular vehicle may not exactly be a favorite, but it is definitely the most memorable one of all.

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Ice cream is finally here in Hayes Valley! YES!

Starting this very afternoon you can now indulge yourself in a variety of jaw dropping flavors made from scratch right before your very eyes thanks to our very own local fancy handmade ice cream makers at Smitten. They’re just up the block from the Isotope in the rapidly-developing (and completely cool) Hayes Valley Proxy Projecct. I think Smitten’s brand of swoon-inducing treats is a really fantastic addition to the already amazing neighborhood.

I’m looking forward to letting that poor sucker Ron Richards get the mayorship to this place on Foursquare… just so I can send him cruel texts letting him know I stole it from him mere hours later like I did just this week with his most-coveted Fatted Calf!

(Smitten photo c/o Yelp’s Kymberli C.)

A Nice Write-Up on Passport 2010

There’s a really great write-up at Red Letter Day Zine on the SF Arts Commission’s recent PASSPORT 2010 event, which featured our beloved Jamaica Dyer stamping passports here at the Isotope. It’s a really terrific vicarious adventure with lots of running around Hayes Valley collecting stamps from some of the best local artists SF has to offer. We’re told nearly 500 people did this event this year, and they kept us all pretty busy, so for us it’s particularly great to get a peek at what it was like for folks who attended. With lots of photos and lots of love! Check it out:

Red Letter Day Zine’s PASSPORT Report

Jamaica also has a very sweet write-up on her site on the event too, with a pretty great photo from the pre-event party too!

Jamaica Dyer’s PASSORT Report

Your Passport to Great Art

The San Francisco Arts Commission and wonderfully talented cartoonist Jamaica Dyer are teaming up with the Isotope for PASSPORT 2010, a multi-venue art crawl and unique do-it-yourself art collecting experience.

This 2nd annual public art event takes participants on a neighborhood stroll of SF’s sexiest and most stylish venues to collect artist-designed “passport stamps” in a special booklet that, once complete, becomes a limited-edition Moleskine passport art book with original work by some of the Bay Area’s finest artists, both established and emerging.

Of course, my staff and I know a thing or two about the SF Bay Area’s finest artists, and we’re particularly thrilled to be featuring one of our favorites, Jamaica Dyer of Weird Fishes fame. This event kicks off a gallery show featuring lots of Jamaica’s original paintings adorning the Isotope walls into December. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see what she’s going to be dazzling us with!

Featuring Jamaica Dyer @ Isotope
Sunday 10.10.10
Noon – 4pm

More info about PASSPORT 2010 here

We’ve been wanting to do an event with Jamaica for quite some time, what better way to celebrate her beautiful original artwork than with our friends from the SF Arts Commission and all of you?! Come get a stamp!

Tuesday through Friday

11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday through Sunday

11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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