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Meat, Glorious Meat!

My sincerest apologies to all my vegetarian friends out there. I hope you can forgive me for taking just a small moment out of my day to write about the wonderful world of cured meats and how they pertain to us here at the Isotope.

As you probably already know, our beloved neighbor Helen shut the doors of The Urban Knitting Studio a few months back to live an exciting life of a married lady of leisure (I saw her just the other day and she seems so happy!)… and because we’re quite friendly with all of our Hayes Valley and Lower Gough (or as a few of us like to call it “the LoGo“) neighbors my staff and I have been waiting in anticipation to see who would take over the lease at Helen’s former location.

Personally I couldn’t be more excited to see it go to another incredibly well-loved SF Bay Area business, The Fatted Calf artisanal charcuterie. I adore local small businesses that wear their passions on their sleeves, and my new neighbors have a true dedication to jaw-dropping customer experiences, organic and hormone-free cured meats from local area farmers, and an admirable love for making the best pâtés, salami, prosciutti, and confits possible. Some of you may have already heard about this new location, it has been the buzz of all the local food blogs thanks to their celebrated weekly pop-up stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market and their gorgeous Napa Store in the Oxbow Public Market.

Tonight is their unofficial launch event which I’ll be headed to shortly, and Thursday morning they are open for business. I’m excited to welcome The Fatted Calf to the neighborhood, they’re all extremely nice people, and I look forward to enjoying their many delicious delicacies!

The Fatted Calf Charcuterie

(I now return you to your regularly scheduled non-meat broadcast, thanks for bearing with me all you veggies out there. XOXOX!)

When Empty Lots & German Beer Meet

People have been asking me why this vacant lot on the corner of the Isotope’s block suddenly has a public notice to serve alcoholic beverages up. In the past this lot (across the street from beautiful Hayes Green park) has served as temporary home to Christmas tree sales and temporary art installations… but what does this innocent looking empty lot need a notice to sell liquor for? A very good question!

It will soon be the home for a beer garden run by our friends at SF’s best german restaurant, Suppenküche! Designed by local developer Envelope A+D this and another nearby lot across from our lovely local park will be transformed into Proxy, a great destination for relaxing outdoor eats and drinks.

I foresee many great nights of Germanic brews in our futures, friends!

Between this and the soon to be opened Fatted Calf next door to us, the Isotope’s block just got a heck of a lot more interesting. I’m told in at least one of these cases, nearby proximity to the Isotope and our clientel was considered a real advantage to the business owners. It’s nice to be loved, isn’t it?

More info on Proxy here:
Proxy on

Learn about German beer traditions here:
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