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Isotope Customers Are Amazing!

Isotope customers are the sweetest, most wonderful people on the entire planet. We are truly blessed to have met such friendly people over the years. I am constantly blown away by all the nice things you amazing people do!

Today I received an interesting looking package in the mail from Pascal in Toulon, France. Having absolutely no idea what could be in this package, I decided to grab a quick iPhone video opening it up just for the fun of it. Inside was something that absolutely blew my mind!

That’s right! An original sketch, penciled and inked, by the legendary Hermann, one of the most famous and greatest Belgium comic artists of all! (Pictured at left here) Wow wow wow!

You may know Hermann from and as the creator of the gorgeous graphic novels Rodrigo, Manhattan Beach 1957, and Jeremiah, the post-apocalyptic comic upon which the television show is based.

I am truly blown away. Pascal came to visit the Isotope last year and I remember having a great discussion with him about European comics, but who could expect such an amazing thing? Thank you so much for the extremely lovely gift, Pascal. It quite literally brought tears to my eyes!

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