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Realize Your Comic Book Dreams

There are few things in life more rewarding than sharing your knowledge and helping enable others to achieve their dreams, and it was with this conviction in our hearts that we first launched the Isotope University back in 2011 with instructor and co-founder Ed Luce of WUVABLE OAF fame. There are other places to learn creative writing and cartooning, so we developed a curriculum unique only to us which focuses on practical, real world comics industry knowledge to equip students for success in creating and selling comics. These classes have proven to be very popular and hosting more is constantly in demand.

So it is with great pleasure that we announce brand new classes for the Isotope University… coinciding with the first annual San Francisco Comics Fest, a multi-venue comics week featuring fun events all over the Bay Area including the Cartoon Art Museum, the SF Public Library, and several SF Bay Area comic stores (we think this event sounds particularly awesome).

We’re excited to present these first new classes of the revamped Isotope University during SF Comics Fest as we think they bring a unique voice to the proceedings and we could not be more excited about the truly amazing instructors we have to teach them!


Alex Woolfson, the author behind the hit queer superhero series THE YOUNG PROTECTORS and the yaoi science fiction graphic novel ARTIFICE, is one of the most successful users that we have ever seen of the crowdfunding services Kickstarter and Patreon to fund his comic book dreams. With the help of an ever-growing fanbase Alex has been able to professionally print his graphic novels, create thousands of dollars of steady income each month, and even quit his day job to create comics on a full time basis! Alex’s students will get to learn how crowdfunding works, gain smart strategies on what to include (and not include!) on their Kickstarter and Patreon pages, glean insights from the crowdfunding successes and mistakes of others, and best of all “learn how to promote your project without annoying all your Facebook friends.”

Tuesday, May 5th 2015
6:00pm – 7:30pm
All Ages

Harassment Policy

Class size is limited for this FREE event.
Reserve your spot starting @ Noon, Sunday April 19th!


The Isotope could not be more honored to be working with the amazing Devin Grayson! She’s written a good chunk of the greatest BATMAN comics ever made, a favorite BLACK WIDOW run, the uncannily prescient science fiction / fantasy cyberpunk series USER, and we’re pretty convinced that it was Devin’s legendary five-year arc on NIGHTWING that made him into one of DC Comics’ most beloved characters. More recently her work has been seen in the WOMANTHOLOGY collections and also on Dynamite Comics’ LEGENDS OF RED SONJA series. She also happens to be one of the industry’s most important LGBT+ advocates going back to a time when our industry just didn’t have very many of those.

Learn script creation and character development from one of comics’ best storytellers. This class will inspire and prepare students with Devin’s very own “tips for creating scrutable scripts, charming characters and serialized stories.”

Saturday, May 9th 2015
2:00pm – 4:00pm
All Ages

Harassment Policy

Class size is limited for this FREE event.
Reserve your spot starting @ Noon, Sunday April 19th!

Our hearts are bursting with joy to get to feature these wonderful instructors who are such important voices in shaping our industry and dedicated to continuing to push the community of comics forward. We are truly blessed to have Devin and Alex bringing their immense talents and so many years of hard-won experience to share. Their generosity is a true inspiration.

“Nothing is too heavy for those who have wings”

Fall Semester at Isotope Comics University

In the decade I’ve been working here in the comics industry one thing has been made abundantly clear… it can be an extremely difficult for an indie comics creator to make any kind of living off of their work. And I’m of the opinion that if there were more indie folks out there making just a little bit of money off their hard work (instead of losing it as is typical) we’d have even more great comics to enjoy.

Which is why we asked Ed Luce, creator of “Wuvable Oaf” comic and teacher at the California Collage of the Arts, to create the Isotope University with us here at the Isotope. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of getting to watch Ed create a nice little comics empire for himself over the years with smart professionally printed publications, brilliant down and dirty DIY handmade specials, clever marketing, amazing merchandising, and an exacting meticulousness to his career management which is downright jaw dropping. Not only do I enjoy his comic immensely, but seeing how expertly he’s brought his great comic work to an even greater audience and managed to make it help pay his rent is truly a thing of beauty. We have to teach other people how to do this!

This fall’s classes are now open for enrollment. As this is our second year of Isotope University, Ed has his sessions refined for maximum usefulness. I’m beyond thrilled to report how amazingly well our 2011 students have been doing for themselves and am really proud of what we’ve seen produced by those folks. And I want to see more great comics made… by you!

This intensive, five Saturday workshop will cover a wide range of topics essential to successfully self-publishing your own comics project, including Comic Design & Construction, Printing Processes, Merchandising, Social Media/Promotion and Conventions. And you’ll be sourcing valuable comics creating career info from special guest lecturers such as Ron Richards (tastemaker behind popular fansite and editor of Image Comics’ “Hell Yeah” series), MariNaomi (acclaimed author of “Kiss & Tell, A Romantic Resume Ages 0-22“, published by Harper books), Alex Woofson (creator of the hugely popular “Artifice” web comic and also a true Kickstarter campaign maestro), Justin Hall (editor of “No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics” from Fantagraphics Books, as well as his own “Glamazonia” and “True Travel Tales” books and fellow CCA professor), and also yours truly, James Sime of the Isotope and MorrisonCon.

Fill out an application and get yourself enrolled here:
Isotope University 2012 Fall Semester

We made all this for you, locally-based indie comics creators, to help empower your work and make creating comics into something that you can actually afford to do with your lives. I truly can think of no more useful series of classes for indie comic creators offered anywhere else. I can’t wait to see what awesome things you create… let’s get to making comics, people!


– James

Tuesday through Friday

11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday through Sunday

11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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