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Comics In The City

As you’ve probably heard, San Diego Comic Con in full swing this week, definitely biggest pop culture show in the country. And SCDD has swelled to massive proportions over the last few years (130,000 in attendance) and each year we hear more and more talk that Comic Con is all about movies and video games and tv shows… but not so much the comics anymore.

But lucky for we San Franciscans that comic love that seems to be dwindling in other places is *definitely* not missing here! In fact, our friends at the California College of the Arts have been infusing the city of San Francisco through July with amazing comic creators all month long for their awesome public lecture series – Comics In The City, hosted in conjunction with their MFA in Comics graduate program.

You all know how we love those smart and unique comic events, and we couldn’t be happier to see CCA doing something really special for comic lovers here in SF this month. And as you’d expect from the fine folks behind CCA’s Comics Department, this lecture series has been incredibly well received, with the month kicking off with Cathy Malkasian and James Robinson. And we still have two more to go!

Jason Shiga – Friday, July 19th
Dash Shaw – Friday, July 26th

What better way to celebrate the always vibrant San Francisco comics scene as well as honor this awesome new program and it’s students? Why… with an Isotope after-party of course!

Get out your #2 pencils to block out that date on your calendar, stay tuned for more details, and get ready for the return of one of the Isotope’s favorite comic creators!

Autographed JLA #51 Variant. Want it?

I’ve been completely nerding out over this week’s variant cover to Justice League of America #51 by David Mack. featuring Congorilla and Starman. Here it is in it’s full textless glory. See, I told you!

This is a great issue in author James Robinson‘s latest arc, and it’s really feeling like Mister Robertson is starting to have some real fun with the title. So I thought since James is an amigo of the store’s we’d do something special to celebrate… yep that’s his hand doing the autographing in that picture! Who wants me to mail them this copy? I’ll randomly pick one winner on Monday November 22nd to mail it to one lucky fan anywhere on the planet absolutely free of charge.

Retweet the original Twitter post, one of these retweets of it by David Mack or James Robinson, post on my Facebook, or on the Isotope fan page, or comment here on my Flickr to be entered into the contest.

Best of luck!

Clash of the Isotope Titans on Comic Vine

When Storm and I were invited to be on Comic Vine‘s Brutally Honest webcast with Babs to talk about our favorite books of the week, we knew it was going to get ugly. Have you seen all the great books out this week?! But how could we know that our taping was going to crashed by comic author James Robinson with plenty opinions of his own!

Hey waitaminite… does Mister Robinson actually make the announcement he’s doing a new Starman comic with legendary artist Neal Adams?! (grin) You’ll have to watch the episode to find out!

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