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Photos: Jeffrey Brown @ Isotope

Check out this cute photoset from our recent Jeffrey Brown DARTH VADER & SON launch event… those of you who missed it will be greener than Yoda when you see all the amazing Star Wars themed sketches he did for people!

Probably my favorite part of the event was when he and his publisher got the text telling them the book had just hit The List. So excited! I ran right out and bought a bunch of champagne to celebrate. Enjoy these adorable pictures of kids, fangirls, and lots of smiling faces…

PHOTOS: Jeffrey Brown DARTH VADER & SON Launch Event @ Isotope

Don’t have a copy of DARTH VADER & SON yet? See more from this amazing book here.

Darth Vader And Son @ Isotope

One of the most talked about comics and creators of the year is coming to the Isotope!

Indie comics god Jeffrey Brown, the man behind some of our most beloved comics including CAT GETTING OUT OF A BAG, CLUMSY, UNLIKELY, and INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS, has a really wonderful new book coming out that you won’t want to miss… DARTH VADER AND SON, and the Isotope and our friends at Chronicle Books have teamed up to bring you Jeffrey’s first 2012 San Francisco public appearance.

DARTH VADER AND SON takes place in an alternative Star Wars universe filled with hilarious and charming scenes from Luke Skywalker’s childhood if Darth Vader had been a good dad. One look and you’ll be just as in love with this as we all are!

Jeffrey Brown @ Isotope
Wednesday, May 16th 2012
4pm – 7pm

While we await Mister Brown’s imminent arrival with stacks of what will surely be one of our favorite graphic novels of the year, go check out this cinematic trailer for the book, catch a preview over at Apartment Therapy, sit in on a Skype interview with Jeffrey, check out the Drawing Between the Lines Jeffrey Brown documentary which had it’s world premiere screening at the Isotope, and go have some puzzle-solving and finger-puppet making fun with the Darth Vader And Son Activity Book.

We’ll also be giving out free DARTH VADER AND SON pinback buttons during our event too! How cool is that?!

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