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Post Apocalypse Now

Our favorite new series of 2013 is definitely the post-apocalyptic western EAST OF WEST and we couldn’t be more excited to get to celebrate the launch of the collection with the book’s amazing artist… Nick Dragotta!

Nick’s art has dazzled us for a few years now with mystic arts and high mutant weirdness on X-STATIX PRESENTS: DEAD GIRL (with Isotope favorite Peter Milligan), explored the uncomfortable underbelly of the Marvel Universe on VENGEANCE (with another IsoFave Joe Casey), dazzled our poor little minds on FF (with yet another favorite ’round these parts Jonathan Hickman), transported us back to yesteryear on CAPTAIN AMERICA: FOREVER ALLIES (with comics legend Roger Stern), and always always brings a smile to our faces with his awesome site HOWTOONS.

Come celebrate with us! Our beloved Kirsten Baldock is crafting up a palette-stunning cocktail list based on Nick’s work in honor of the evening. Mister Dragotta promises a sketchbook-filling Four Horsemen styled evening… and we’re hoping he’ll bring in some original art for us to buy as well!

Isotope Presents: Nick Dragotta
EAST OF WEST Vol. 1 Launch Party
Saturday, September 21st 2013
8pm – Midnight

Are you ready for the Post-Apocalypse Now? We are!

Now It Can Be Told

An entire comic convention curated by superstar comics author Grant Morrison… and it’s created by your friends from the Isotope and Ron Richards from iFanboy?

Featuring a hand-picked special guest list of UMBRELLA ACADEMY’s Gerard Way, FANTASTIC FOUR’s Jonathan Hickman, ALL-STAR SUPERMAN’s Frank Quietly, BATWOMAN’s JH Williams III, BATMAN INC’s Chris Burnham, and four more guests still to be announced?

No, you’re not dreaming!

Want to know more? Click and see what amazingness we have up our sleeves for you.

Official Website for MorrisonCon
Announcement & Interview w/ Comic Book Resources
WIRED Magazine talks to Grant about MorrisonCon
Comics Alliance really “Gets It” when it comes to MorrisonCon

All hype aside… this is going to be jaw-dropping.


Jonathan Hickman‘s THE NIGHTLY NEWS Anniversary Edition hardcover has arrived and it is gorgeous. Encapsulated in it’s 272 oversized pages is the jaw-dropping science fiction series and also over 80 pages of Criterion Collection style “extras” for we process junkies… including commentary, script, original series pitch, behind the scenes peeks, and best of all…


Check out a preview of this series here.

On Sale Today: Fantastic Four

Quick, before you get the latest issue of Fantastic Four spoiled for you by CNN, NPR and Yahoo News, stop on by the Isotope today for a very special Tuesday Pre-Release made possible by the folks at Marvel Comics, Diamond Distributors, and of course your friends here at the Isotope!

This issue is shipping in a sealed commemorative bag, but if you ask nicely, I’ll let you sit down and read my open copy so yours can remain as pure and pristine as you want it.

Those of you who can resist the internet can expect some shocking revelations this issue… just look at that expression of concern podcast guest superstar Kyle Minor makes reading it!

Eyeball This: Halcyon

As you probably already know (if you’ve been keeping up with your pull-list that is) Jonathan Hickman and artist Ryan Bodenheim‘s long awaited A Red Mass For Mars softcover collection arrives on store shelves this very week. Several years in the making this was one of my favorite books in Hickman’s creator-owned library, despite the time there when we were all pretty much convinced that it was never getting finished. From that first Isotope sneak peek to the celebrated return earlier this year, I’ve been on-board throughout. And Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim came through with flying colors!

And as if to make up for making us wait last time Bodenheim is quickly following it up with more goodness! This time teaming up with author Marc Guggenheim for Halcyon from Image Comics, a superhero book with all the stops pulled out. I think this one looks pretty darn good, so make sure you add this to your pull-list tout de suite. 

Check out a 10 page preview here:

Halcyon #1 Preview @ CBR

Your Future Is Full of Love

It’s that time of the month, my amigos, to start thinking about the wonderful world of the future again! No, no, I’m not actually talking about this future or this one either (although I’m a massive fan of both)… I’m talking about your future of comics!

There’s really nothing that I want more than to make sure every single person coming in the Isotope door leaves here with the things that make life happier and filled with pure, undiluted funnybook joy. It is with this thought in mind that I teamed up with my friends at Comixology and built an on-line pull list system to make all your lives simpler… and to ensure that I’m getting every single comic and graphic novel for every single person I can. It’s a pretty wonderful thing!

And the future is definitely full of love! Browse by hardcover to find such treasures as Darwyn Cooke‘s Parker: The Outfit, Marvel’s classic undersea invasion Atlantis Attacks Omnibus, the 10th anniversary edition of Phil Hester and Mike Huddleston‘s brilliant The Coffin, and even amazingly awesome all-ages things like Yo Gabba Gabba – Comic Book Time.

Or browse the trade paperbacks and softcovers where you’ll find wonderful can’t-miss things like Forgetless (one of the coolest new series in a long time, you’ll thank me for it!), this kitchy-cool Batman: The Brave and the Bold book, Isotope Support Staffer Jason McNamara and Paige Braddock‘s awesome Martian Confederacy vol 2 (which features the hot lip-to-lip scene pictured with this very post), and even the long-awaited A Red Mass For Mars by the brilliant Jonathan Hickman!

Don’t hesitate, AUG10 orders are due this coming Monday, and any orders placed after that time are not guaranteed. If knowing that a bunch of these indy creators need your orders or they may not get distributed at all isn’t enough incentive, think about this… you wouldn’t really want Darwyn Cooke finding out you forgot to order the next volume of Parker, would you?! I sure wouldn’t!

Click here and place your orders by Monday, September 27th

So be smart people, place those orders tout de suite… duty now for the future!

(Don’t already have a pull-list at the Isotope? email hidden; JavaScript is required for all the info!)

A Red Mass For Mars… Returns!

Wow, could I possibly be more excited from one tiny Twitter today by comic author Jonathan Hickman?! Let me share it with you:

What? What?!!!!! RED MASS issue 4 AT THE PRINTERS.

This, my friends is a great day indeed! Hickman burst onto the comics scene with the awe-inspiring mini-series The Nightly News which, if you shop at the Isotope, I have probably put in your hands personally. From the moment I read those first pages I had already decided that I was going to be following his career with an eagle eye to make sure my collection didn’t miss a thing. And boy did Hickman deliver!

From corporate backstabbery and genetic engineering gone wrong with Transhuman, to the alternative history mind-melt of Pax Romana, to great spy action in Secret Warriors, to my current favorite Marvel book S.H.I.E.L.D., to the smartest and most fun Fantastic Four comics of my lifetime… anything he puts his name on his nothing short of brilliant.

But the one sadness in the wonderful world of Hickman was always A Red Mass For Mars, a post-apocalyptic thriller jam-packed with technology run amok, pissed off superhumans, warring alien hoards, precognitive benefactors, and black hole doomsday bombs you could ever hope for. Three of the four issues came and went leaving us all on the edge of our proverbial seats waiting for a conclusion that would no doubt blow our collective minds with all the star-burning power of the end of everything. We then we waited. And waited. To be honest, I’d given up on the series.

But once again… Jonathan Hickman delivers!

Go ahead and get excited about this great news with me, go check out a ton of previews of his comics at his home on the web:

Tuesday through Friday

11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday through Sunday

11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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