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Justin Hall @ Isotope

Join us in welcoming back one of San Francisco’s most important (and nicest) comic creators, Justin Hall for the release of the long-awaited HARD TO SWALLOW graphic novel! Justin is a multiple Eisner-nominated cartoonist known for editing and collecting Fantagraphics Books’ NO STRAIGHT LINES: FOUR DECADES OF QUEER COMICS, the industry’s only historical collection of LGBTQ comics, curating the world’s first museum show devoted to LGBTQ cartooning, No Straight Lines: Queer Culture and the Comics at the Cartoon Art Museum, and for his role as one of the associate professors spearheading the MFA in Comics program at the California College of the Arts.

The HARD TO SWALLOW anthology series was created by Justin Hall and Dave Davenport in 2006 with a mission statement to feature fellow upcoming queer artists like BiL Sherman, Steve MacIsaac, Brad Rader, Drub, Jon Macy, and Victor Hodge and to feature erotic comics that were great stories as well as being sexy reads. Featuring hardcore pirates, naughty werewolves, exotic locales, and all the randy studs you could ask for.

Back in 2008 the Isotope did the launch party for issue #3 of the series (we still stifle a small laugh at the folks leaving comments on this Beat article) and not long afterwards this series went out of print and was potentially lost in the sands of time. But thanks to a fantastic Kickstarter campaign last year we can put it on our collective bookshelves at last!

Join us, the amazing DJ Bearzbub, our featured guest Justin Hall and a whole bunch of our friends (of a multitude of lifestyles and persuasions) in celebrating this great day for LGBTQ creators and the San Francisco comics scene!

Justin Hall @ Isotope
Featuring DJ Bearzbub
Saturday, July 30th
6pm – 8pm. 21+ por favor!

If you haven’t already, please read our Harassment Policy

Fall Semester at Isotope Comics University

In the decade I’ve been working here in the comics industry one thing has been made abundantly clear… it can be an extremely difficult for an indie comics creator to make any kind of living off of their work. And I’m of the opinion that if there were more indie folks out there making just a little bit of money off their hard work (instead of losing it as is typical) we’d have even more great comics to enjoy.

Which is why we asked Ed Luce, creator of “Wuvable Oaf” comic and teacher at the California Collage of the Arts, to create the Isotope University with us here at the Isotope. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of getting to watch Ed create a nice little comics empire for himself over the years with smart professionally printed publications, brilliant down and dirty DIY handmade specials, clever marketing, amazing merchandising, and an exacting meticulousness to his career management which is downright jaw dropping. Not only do I enjoy his comic immensely, but seeing how expertly he’s brought his great comic work to an even greater audience and managed to make it help pay his rent is truly a thing of beauty. We have to teach other people how to do this!

This fall’s classes are now open for enrollment. As this is our second year of Isotope University, Ed has his sessions refined for maximum usefulness. I’m beyond thrilled to report how amazingly well our 2011 students have been doing for themselves and am really proud of what we’ve seen produced by those folks. And I want to see more great comics made… by you!

This intensive, five Saturday workshop will cover a wide range of topics essential to successfully self-publishing your own comics project, including Comic Design & Construction, Printing Processes, Merchandising, Social Media/Promotion and Conventions. And you’ll be sourcing valuable comics creating career info from special guest lecturers such as Ron Richards (tastemaker behind popular fansite and editor of Image Comics’ “Hell Yeah” series), MariNaomi (acclaimed author of “Kiss & Tell, A Romantic Resume Ages 0-22“, published by Harper books), Alex Woofson (creator of the hugely popular “Artifice” web comic and also a true Kickstarter campaign maestro), Justin Hall (editor of “No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics” from Fantagraphics Books, as well as his own “Glamazonia” and “True Travel Tales” books and fellow CCA professor), and also yours truly, James Sime of the Isotope and MorrisonCon.

Fill out an application and get yourself enrolled here:
Isotope University 2012 Fall Semester

We made all this for you, locally-based indie comics creators, to help empower your work and make creating comics into something that you can actually afford to do with your lives. I truly can think of no more useful series of classes for indie comic creators offered anywhere else. I can’t wait to see what awesome things you create… let’s get to making comics, people!


– James

SF Pride Weekend!

In celebration of SF Pride weekend, here’s a sneak peek of Fantagraphics’ upcoming NO STRAIGHT LINES: FOUR DECADES OF QUEER COMICS historical anthology put together and edited by Isotope regular Justin Hall of GLAMAZONIA fame.

This book is debuting at San Diego Comic Con this year but Justin was kind enough to give us a peek at an advance copy during our (rather awesome) HENRY & GLENN party. NO STRAIGHT LINES is a massive 328-page hardcover and the first real comprehensive historical look at the history of LGBTQ comics. Filled with excerpts by creators like Alison Bechdel, Howard Cruse, Christine Smith, Ralf Konig, Dan Savage, Eric Shanower, Ellen Forney, former Isotope staffer Tristan Crane, and so many more.

Check out these two outrageously hilarious Mexican wrestling masked interviews with Mister Hall for more about this book. Video one is here. And also check out video two which takes place in a bathtub. (laugh)!

Have a great Pride weekend!

Noise Pop 2011 + Isotope = Awesome

Here at the Isotope we love live music almost as much as we love spreading the gospel of comics. And with just about every member of our staff and several hundred of our extended family involved in various bands there truly can be no better nexus point than right here for the cross-pollination of indy music and sequential art.

What better way could there be to combine our collective interests than to create live music-centric art with San Francisco’s wonderful Noise Pop indie music festival and some of the coolest comic creators on the planet? So yours truly will be bringing you just that as Noise Pop’s official “Comics Curator”… with the help of my brilliant Isotope team of Kirsten Baldock, Josh Richardson and Dyami Serna, of course! I humbly think the set list we’ve lined up for 2011 will truly rock your world.

Isotope presents at Noise Pop Culture Club 2011

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Public Works Gallery – Upstairs Stage

Co-creator of 30 Days of Night, Choker and Fell and famed for his work on Dead Space and on album covers for Fear Factory, Isotope and Noise Pop are proud to present international comics superstar Ben Templesmith. A cutting edge live-art demo with the artist pulls back the wizard’s curtain on the creative process, transporting you directly into the art studio and musically-infused with a wicked mix of Witch House, Hyphy and other hair-raising Bay Area beats by cut-creator DJ Samsupa. This presentation will be webcast across the globe so even author Warren Ellis may be among the first on the planet to witness as Templesmith draws live one of the most anticipated comics of the decade, Fell.

PLUS: Our in-house bash w/ Templesmith as only the Isotope can do! Saturday, February 26th 8pm.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Public Works Gallery – Upstairs Stage

A live multimedia exposition of the acclaimed Courtney Crumrin & The Night Things series of spooky all-ages graphic novels hosted by award-winning author/artist Ted Naifeh. Presented in traditional olde tyme radio play fashion, Courtney Crumrin Live fuses modern technological advancements with conventional storytelling, featuring Naifeh’s dapper team of Avant-Garde voice actors, massive rear-screen comic book panel recreations, and live foley work and music by string-informed neo-electric-skiffle band This Can’t End Well.

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Public Works Gallery – Workshop Room

Isotope and the California College of the Arts present a workshop on comic creation with the Eisner-Award nominated duo of Professor of Comics Matt Silady (The Homeless Channel) and Comics Lecturer Justin Hall (Glamazonia). Workshop attendees will be discovering the secrets of comic art with the help of Silady and Hall and learning the simple-but-complex art of sequential storytelling while crafting original comic works for Noise Pop Culture Club’s Vinyl Dreams Gallery on blank record album sleeves.

All Week Long, All Over San Francisco

Celebrating Noise Pop 2011 with on-site comic book reportage! Throughout the week our team of Sequential Reporters will be invading the festival’s shows, events, and after-parties to capture their personal Noise Pop experiences in visceral snapshots in single-page comic book form. From backstage interviews with artists to stageside with live bands to interactions with fellow fans to all manner of outrageous adventure. This compilation of sequential art memories will be hosted in an online graphic novel anthology for all to enjoy on

Participating cartoonists include— Jamaica Dyer, Beth Dean, Ed Luce, Amy Martin, Matt Silady, Roman Muradov, Susie Cagle, Justin Hall, Aubrie L’rai Johnson, Karl Dotter, Sonia Harris, Greg Hinkle, Danger Bob DeSilva, Kelly Martin, Gianii Calvert, and more.

All Day Saturday & Sunday
Public Works Gallery – Gaunt Gallery Room

Celebrating the cross-pollination of music and comics… as well as the long history of famous comic artists working on album covers, Public Works Gallery hosts a unique art installation of original comic-inspired record album covers created for, and inspired by, Noise Pop attendees. Our two-day celebration spotlights these fresh analog works by some of the most exciting outsider artists in the Bay Area and beyond.

ARTISTS: Want to participate? Get a blank record album cover at the Isotope until February 25th. Just ask and it’s yours!

Glamazonia @ Isotope

Justin Hall just brought us copies of his eagerly anticipated new graphic novel Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny hot off the presses. Each copy comes with an exclusive signed and numbered Isotope book plate (psst! It’s Blondie themed – check it out here!) and all pre-orders are personalized. Awesome!

Find out more about Glamazonia:

Tuesday through Friday

11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday through Sunday

11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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