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Trick-Or-Treat w/ First Second Books

How are your All-Hallow’s Eve plans shaping up this year? Ours are looking pretty exciting! It’s San Francisco, we know all you people have some mad Halloween plans going on that whole weekend… and we’ve got the perfect pre-party fun lined up for you, a Trick-or-Treat themed bash with one of our favorite publishers in the biz, First Second Books!

Come join us for this festivity of sweetest of sweet treats, featuring the long-awaited Isotope return of Lark Pien (LONG TAIL KITTY), and also sugar-coated welcomes to special guest superstars Thien Pham (LEVEL-UP), Alex Puvilland (SOLOMON’S THIEVES), legendary creator/game designer Jordan Mechner (PRINCE OF PERSIA), and also the one and only First Second Books Editorial Director Mark Siegel.

We’ll be stuffing your metaphorical treat bags with this killer early-eve celebration of some of the best comic books being published today and a generous handful of :01’s best creators. The Isotope’s annual Halloween Costume Contest will be judged this year by the First Second crew, so come and show off your best!

Who doesn’t love a little Halloween sweetness?!

(yes, zombies are welcome)

Lark Pien Show in Hayes Valley

The beauty of Hayes Valley continues to grow all the time and we couldn’t be more thrilled to hear that SF’s comic folks are a source of inspiration to the ever-flourishing wave of delightful new boutiques in the ‘hood.

And what could be a better match than the pairing of one of our favorite Bay Area cartoonists of all, Lark Pien, and Hayes Valley’s recently-opened café/playroom seesaw? Friends of the Isotope will certainly fondly remember our 2006 American Born Chinese launch party with Lark and author/artist Gene Yang, and there’s been no shortage of folks we’ve turned on to the wonderfulness that is her cartooning.

Lark’s dreamy comic books Long Tail Kitty, Mr. Elephanter and Mr. Boombha are great reads for kids of all ages and the perfect additions to Seesaw’s neat and innovative developmental toy and book boutique. Lark will be signing books, meeting fans and families and no doubt telling us more about her upcoming 2 volume graphic novel with Gene Yang called Boxers & Saints. We will definitely be in attendance, come join us!

And hey while you’re there, sign yourself and the little one up for one of seesaw’s nifty workshops… including a Baby Sign Language class (seriously)!

Lark Pien Art Opening @ seesaw
600 Octavia @ Grove
Friday, May 6th
5pm – 10pm

Tuesday through Friday

11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday through Sunday

11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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