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Darwyn Cooke & The Vegas Wedding Bar Crawl

We’re still recovering from a multitude of insane Vegas weekends… it’s been a crazy six weeks!

It all started off with the congromeration/convention/conference we held with our good friend Grant Morrison known as MorrisonCon (yep, that crazy con was put on by your very own Isotope amigos)! It was a tremendous amount of work to pull it off but it was all worth it. A truly huge personal success for Kirsten, myself, Ron Richards and the Morrisons, especially creatively and culturally. Of course when you do something truly innovative there’s always going to be folks who come out of the woodwork to disparage your efforts but I’m happy to report it was *such* a success that after the fact pretty much everyone has universally accepted the life-changing convention paradigm shift we hoped it would be. That makes me smile!

It was only two weekends later that Kirsten and I were rushing straight back to Sin City for a truly lovely renewing of the vows ceremony for JH Williams III and his wife Wendy Williams. The wedding was held in one of the most adorable and un-Vegas like places I’ve ever seen, in the beautiful chapel at the Artisan Boutique Hotel. It was simply filled with love and sweetness. Jim and Wendy clearly felt the same. I had the honor of walking the bride down the isle and I have to tell you I’ve never cried so much at a wedding in my entire life. I’m truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Last but certainly not least was a third weekend in Las Vegas for Darwyn Cooke‘s wedding to the always lovely Ms. Marsha Cooke. For those of you who love Dar’s art as much as I do you’ll probably be thrilled to see that they made some very sexy Darwyn Cooke Custom Wedding Celebration Card Decks in honor of the day for the guests (pictured at left). The wedding ceremony, held under the waterfalls at Mandalay Bay on the Strip, was absolutely lovely. And Darwyn and Marsha’s vows definitely got my crying like a baby all over again. We’d been quickly becoming Vegas experts over the previous visits but even so we knew this would be potentially one of the craziest trips of all, filled with all sorts of fun events the Cooke’s had planned for their multitudes of guests and also more than a few evenings that didn’t end until the crack-of-dawn. One of those events was a “Joker’s Wild Bar Crawl” held by myself and Kirsten that Dar asked us to do to entertain the Cooke’s many guests. Kirsten contacted our brilliant circus goddess friend (and Vegas local) Jenn-O-Cide to get some bar crawling advice and really put together something special for the Cooke’s. The Joker’s Wild Bar Crawl took place on a swanky party bus named “Big Daddy” (see it in all it’s flashing disco lights and hot-pink-stripper-pole glory here), we filled it to the brim with an assortment of adult beverages, and took the crew of comics industry who’s whos out on an off-the-Strip tour of some of Las Vegas’ best watering holes!

While we were having too much fun (particularly with the world class bartenders at Frankie’s) and didn’t quite get to all the stops, I thought it would be nice to share the itinerary we put together with you folks. Just in case any of you were ever planning to host a Las Vegas tour with a similar group, or needed an excuse to do some off the Strip exploring of that city. Enjoy!

Click to Enlarge

Have fun and please do always remember to call ahead and warn the bars before you bring 40 people on a bus to visit them. They’ll thank you for it!

Congrats again to Darwyn & Marsha for a beautiful wedding! And thanks to all who attended and helped make our part of of it special for Darwyn and Marsha… we had a blast!

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