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Eyeball This: Halcyon

As you probably already know (if you’ve been keeping up with your pull-list that is) Jonathan Hickman and artist Ryan Bodenheim‘s long awaited A Red Mass For Mars softcover collection arrives on store shelves this very week. Several years in the making this was one of my favorite books in Hickman’s creator-owned library, despite the time there when we were all pretty much convinced that it was never getting finished. From that first Isotope sneak peek to the celebrated return earlier this year, I’ve been on-board throughout. And Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim came through with flying colors!

And as if to make up for making us wait last time Bodenheim is quickly following it up with more goodness! This time teaming up with author Marc Guggenheim for Halcyon from Image Comics, a superhero book with all the stops pulled out. I think this one looks pretty darn good, so make sure you add this to your pull-list tout de suite. 

Check out a 10 page preview here:

Halcyon #1 Preview @ CBR

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