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20 Coolest Comic Stores in America

The folks at the hugely popular pop-culture site Green Label have compiled a carefully crafted list of The 20 Coolest Comic Shops in America. Not only is the Isotope on this list but we’re pretty excited to see a couple fantastic retailers on there that we inspired to open up stores of their own too. We couldn’t be more proud to have helped make such a positive impact on our industry’s comic stores!

Here’s what Green Label folks have to say about the Isotope:

Feel free to take a seat on one of the plush couches at Isotope to flip through the comics you’re interested in buying. The San Francisco comic book store combines a lounge, original comic art gallery, and educational environment all in one place. In addition to their wide selection of comics and graphic novels, through their Isotope Comics University, they offer comic book classes to help those trying to launch a career in the field understand how to strengthen their existing story, effectively market their product, and embark on conventioneering — all with a small budget.

Hey, thanks Green Label! It’s nice to be recognized and to have such importance placed on a program here we really love. We are actively talking to new professors for our 2015 year of classes!

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