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Whitney Matheson, Buried in Happiness

Our collective hearts leapt with joy upon hearing that the beloved internet personality, Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy fame, was returning to San Francisco for a visit. She’s definitely one of the Isotope’s most favorite people!

Whitney’s daily pop culture explorations and unearthing of hidden gems always brings a smile, from interviews with Pee Wee Herman to her discovery of metal music to the yummiest candies to best music podcasts to her favorite things of the 2011. Pretty much every day I can count on Whitney to overload my brain with great information, brilliant interviews and endlessly amusing stories.

But best of all Whitney has amazing taste in comics. She was instrumental in bringing graphic novels to the masses with USA Today way, way back before the mainstream media outlets were paying attention to such things. And for that she will always be a hero to the industry. Do check out her legendary Comics Crash Course series of articles (part one, two, three and four) for some of her comic recommendations. She and I also served as Eisner judges together in 2007 and helped develop what I think is the coolest list of nominations the award has ever seen… but I’m probably biased!

On her grand SF vacation, between cablecar rides, street art visits, fine dinings, shoppings, afternoon teas, and historic bar crawls throughout San Francisco Whitney stopped in to the Isotope for a long, relaxing kick-back on the Isotope sofa with a giant stack of comics. See all those awesome books she’s reading? Like I say, the girl has amazing taste in comics. And this photo I snapped was really just too cute not to share!

Check out more Ms. Matheson:

Thanks for visiting, Whitney!

Get Ready For APE Aftermath 2011

Here we go! In celebration of the Alternative Press Expo it’s our biggest… our best… and our favorite event of the year!

As always, this 10th annual APE AFTERMATH features the true highlight of the entire APE weekend, the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics ceremony at 10pm. With yours truly, our Special Projects Director (and legendary cocktail conjuring goddess) Kirsten Baldock, and this year’s mini-comic award winner. Words simply cannot express how many smiles giving out this trophy and hosting this ceremony always brings. I’m biting my nails right up until the last entries are in (submissions still open!). Who will take home the most dangerous trophy in comics this year?!

APE AFTERMATH 2011 also sees the triumphant return of the booty-shaking thumps of DJ Bearzbub that got hundreds of backsides moving and grooving last year, and also once again our special guest behind the IsoBar during the Top Shelf Happy Hour, co-publisher Brett Warnock of Top Shelf Productions fame, making his delightfully fancy pants margaritas starting at 8pm. What better chance to do a little schmoozing with one of the best publishers in the comics industry, and join us in the annual tradition of dancing the paint right off the Isotope floor with the coolest, cutest and most charming crowd on the planet?

We’re sure to be packing the house to the rafters and beyond with cool comic lovin’ folks again. I have a feeling this decade anniversary event is going to be our favorite year yet!

Saturday, October 1st
8pm – 2am

Are you ready? We are.

Happy Mini-Comics Wednesday!

The Wednesday after Thanksgiving means that Diamond and UPS aren’t shipping comics in the United States until tomorrow… so as is tradition we’re celebrating with Mini-Comics Wednesday @ the Isotope and debuting a whole bunch of exclusive new self-published comics, minis, and zines today.

And I do each year, I’ve cracked open the Isotope’s extensive vault of rarities of yesteryear too. Where else are you going to find long out-of-print xeroxed and indy comics by the likes of Jeff Lemire, Jim Rugg, Paul Pope, Jim Mahfood and Charles Burns alongside new comics of the superstars of tomorrow like Andrew Mar, Breanne Boland, Matt Voss, Amy Martin and Agnes (her comic No! Bad Kitty! shown here)? Supplies are, as I’m sure you can guess, limited. But there’s some darn good stuff on the New Arrival rack today. Join us in celebrating indy comic creators today!

Tomorrow the Marvels and DCs arrive on the big brown truck and will be on the shelf by 11am, which we like too. Life is good, isn’t it?

Pete Hodapp Wins 2010 Isotope Award!

Is there anything that makes us happier than getting to award our annual trophy to one lucky toiling-in-the-underground winner? 

This year the prize went to Wisconsin based cartoonist Pete Hodapp for his mini The Possum And The Pepper Spray, and so well deserved! We had a great ceremony with him and are thrilled to get to help share his work with the comics industry. 

Check out Pete’s amazing comics work here:

Possum And The Pepper Spray

And then go check out the love:

Comics Reporter on Pete Hodapp

Comics Worth Reading on Pete Hodapp

Robot6 on Pete Hodapp

Poopsheet review of Pete Hodapp’s Yawning Void

This Saturday is APE AFTERMATH 2010!

It’s the party you’ve been waiting all year for! In celebration of the Alternative Press Expo it’s our biggest… our best… and our favorite event of the year with the return of DJ Bearzbub, and also Top Shelf Productions publisher Brett Warnock‘s fancy pants margaritas during the Top Shelf Happy Hour. We’re sure to be packing the house to the rafters and beyond with cool comic lovin’ folks again!

Of course the highlight of the weekend can be none other than APE AFTERMATH’s 8th annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics ceremony at 10pm featuring yours truly, our Special Projects Director (and our awesome in-house bartender) Kirsten Baldock, and this year’s winner. Who will take home the most dangerous trophy in comics this year?!

Ahh love me some APE AFTERMATH! See you there!

Up Close w/ the Isotope Award Trophy

As a follow-up to last week’s awesomely nerdy trophy unboxing video Dyami and I decided to give you all a better look at what the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics actually looks like in all it’s beautiful stone and steel sexiness.

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Today is the last day to get your minis in for 2010 and we’ll be accepting all mini-comic submissions up until midnight tonight at Smuggler’s Cove. stop by and join us!

Unboxing the 2010 Isotope Award!

Is there anything more gloriously nerdy than an “unboxing” video?

I thought letting you all join in as I cracked open the trophy box for the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics would be fun. Dyami and I shot this quick iPhone video in between customers on a busy Friday, apologies I talk so fast! Also featured are a couple former winners’ post IsoAward professionally published works, Will Dinski‘s just released Fingerprints from Top Shelf and Danica Novgorodoff‘s gorgeous Slow Storm from First Second Books.

Hope you enjoy!

Isotope Award for Excellence in MIni-Comics

Now Accepting Submissions Through October 1st

SAN FRANCISCO (August 17th, 2010) San Francisco comics retailer James Sime, proprietor of Isotope – the comic book lounge, announced today that submissions for the 2010 Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics will be accepted until October 1st at midnight.

“It’s my favorite time of year, when we get an opportunity to help spotlight a creator who is toiling in the underground making something wonderful,” said Sime, “I consider whoever wins this award to be the comic industry’s Miss America for the year, and it’s my job to get their work out there to the comics press and reviewers. And I’m proud to say that often winning this award has helped these folks get noticed and published by some of the best publishers in the industry. So don’t be shy… I know that many of you out there are hand-crafting some mini-comics brilliance, let us help share that work with the world!”

The Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics has helped bring attention to the likes of Joshua W. Cotter, 2004’s winner who has just had a new printing of his brilliant SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST from AdHouse Books, and 2006’s winner Danica Novgorodoff who now has two amazing graphic novels out from First Second Books, including SLOW STORM and REFRESH, REFRESH. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect, last year’s winner Will Dinski was quickly scooped up by Top Shelf and his new original graphic novel FINGERPRINTS goes on sale this September 15th.

The five comic professionals who will serve as this year’s Isotope Award judges include:

Jann Jones – Former Editor at DC Comics and Viz Media. The driving force behind some of the best all-ages comics of the 21st century, including BILLY BATSON & THE MAGIC OF SHAZAM and TINY TITANS.

Brett Warnock – Co-publisher and art director of Top Shelf Productions. Last year Brett secretly used his judging of the Isotope Award as an opportunity to scout new talent… and we don’t mind if does it again this year!

Ed Luce – Author, artist of the brilliant WUVABLE OAF series. His “Scott Pilgrim of Gay Comics” is our absolute favorite self-published book right now. Read more about it here.

Kirsten Baldock – The Isotope’s Special Projects Director. Kirsten is also a Librarian, bartender, and the author of the SMOKE AND GUNS graphic novel with Fabio Moon.

James Sime – Proprietor of Isotope – the comic book lounge in San Francisco.

To enter this competition, simply send five copies of your mini-comic to Isotope’s address (326 Fell St. San Francisco, CA 94102) before the October 1st deadline. The award will be given out at the grand ceremony during APE AFTERMATH at the Isotope in conjunction with San Francisco’s ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO. Because of the nature of this award, the winner will be contacted in advance and must be present at the Isotope at 9 PM on Saturday, October 16th for the award presentation ceremony.

For more information contact the Isotope at (415) 621-6543 or at email hidden; JavaScript is required

This Weekend: SF ZineFest!

Get ready for one of my favorite weekends all year… it’s time for SF Zine Fest!

It’s no secret how much I love the mini-comics and zines, and there are few things that I think are cooler than San Francisco’s own DIY festival devoted to celebrating zines and mins. Jam-packed with the best local talents and also always some really neat folks from out of town, SF Zine Fest is definitely one of my favorite comic-centric cons anywhere.

To kick off the celebrations, tonight the Cartoon Art Museum is hosting the official pre-event with live readings by a great selection of indy creators. Including awesome folks like Susie Cagle, John Porcellino, Jamaica Dyer, Ed Luce, Isotope Award winner Jonas Madden-Connor, and featured special guest Jesse Reklaw. (more info here)

Hope to see all of you out checking out San Francisco’s great indy comic scene with me this year!

The Girls Are Mighty Fine

I couldn’t be happier to get to be the recipient today of two brand new books hand delivered by Amy Martin, one of my favorite local cartoonists. If you haven’t already picked up copies of The Single Girls or her Bachelor Girl series of minis, I definitely suggest you make you way up to the Isotope’s mini-comics lounge and check them out. They’re pretty awesome.

I’m of the opinion that Playboy should hire Ms. Martin on to be their resident cartoonist, her comics style fits right in with the likes of Gahan Wilson, Erich Sokol, Phil Interlandi and other great cartoonists of years past who have worked for the magazine. Mark Frauenfelder at BoingBoing thinks Amy’s comics are like what you’d get “if Jules Feiffer were a woman and had a comic book based on Sex and the City”… which is a pretty great description of her work!

Stop on in and check out her latest handmade collection of strips, entitled The Girls Are Mighty Fine, on sale at this very minute here at the Isotope or online at Amy’s Etsy shop.

And don’t be shy, check out lots of her comic samples, sketches, and modern gal wisdom here:

Tuesday through Friday

11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday through Sunday

11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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