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Free Dredd Makeovers @ Isotope

In honor of the DREDD 3D movie coming out, this week the Isotope is offering free “Dredd Makeovers” to anyone who asks. And we’re inducting an entire generation of rookies into the Mega-City One Justice Department! So far we’ve gotten 54 new Judges on the street.

For your viewing pleasure here’s a small sampling:

“Running on a walkway, 10 months punk!” – Judge Aubrey

“Inappropriate touching, six months creep!” – Judge Ricon

“Overdue on the meter, 3 months citizen!” – Judge Pistilli

“Unlawful assembly, 5 years punks!” – Judge Garber

(sigh) It really makes you proud, doesn’t it?

We are also giving out free posters and badges and advance screening passes to citizens as well. Check out the full set of Dredd Makeovers photographic evidence here:

Dredd Makeovers at Isotope

Get your own helmet and other MC1 gear from the fine folks at Planet Replicas.

Honoring the Bat-Fans @ Isotope

Yes, the rumors are true.

In celebration of this week’s launch of the blockbuster THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, our friends at Warner Brothers Entertainment and DC Comics have sent the Isotope four massive boxes of awesome Dark Knight goodies to give out… and we have some amazing stuff for the biggest Bat-Fans in San Francisco!

Wednesday, July 18th 2012
11am – 7pm

This is truly going to be an amazing week!

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – starring Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy. Directed by Christopher Nolan – in theaters July 20th.

Here Comes The Judge

The critics are quite all enjoying the pre-screening of DREDD from Comic Con.
I am beyond thrilled.

Captain America Awesomeness @ Isotope

The Isotope is the home for your Captain America: The First Avenger hook-up starting Wednesday July 13th!

We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming release for this flick (watch the trailer here and be as thrilled as we are), and thanks to the fine folks promoting the movie, we’re going to be hooking you up with some awesome Cap swag. Including button packs, posters, Cap shield frisbees, and yes, advanced screening passes so you can see this movie before it hits theaters on July 22, 2011. What could be better?!

Enter into the Isotope’s exclusive Cap trivia contest with these cool prizes and we will make your day patriotically amazing with Steve Rogers goodies all day long. Stop on in and get some free awesomeness on us!

See more Captain America movie news, trailers, and sneak peeks here:

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Santo teams up with Captain America to kick several Spider-Mans’ backsides for your Cinco De Mayo viewing pleasure!

More info on this bizarre flick here.

People Think Folks Don’t Know Who Thor Is?!

Running the register at a comic book store you talk to a whole lot of people about comic book movies. A lot. And over the years we’ve heard some pretty crazy theories, rants, diatribes and quite a bit of people’s hand-wringing concerns. Personally, I love it. But I gotta tell you none have struck me quite as weird as one I’ve been hearing from a couple folks the past few weeks about Thor.

“I just don’t think people who don’t read comics will know who Thor is!”

Wait, what?!

I could understand this kind of concern back when we were talking about such comic book adaptation flicks as Hellboy, V For Vendetta, Sin City, or even Iron Man (all of which didn’t do too shabby at the box office)… but Thor?

People have quite literally been telling stories about Thor and Odin since before the written word was invented. And once they could write they wrote poems, sonnets, and books to go along with their carved runestones and statues and tattoos and necklaces.

But to see the character in a more modern context, there are still chruches and cults and even some crazy crackpots dedicated to Thor worship, and for more pop culture-isms you can find yourself with more than a few rock tributes, University classes, concept albums, operas, and even Thor Bräu beer. And just in case you’ve missed all of that… well, there is that day of the week is named after him!

So yeah, I tend to think people who don’t read comics will at least have an idea who Thor is.

Granted, perhaps it’s my midwestern upbringing, maybe it’s because I read lots of different mythology in literature classes, maybe I just played too much D&D in my life, or maybe I’ve just been exposed to too much cheesy heavy metal over the years.

Ok. So I guess maybe it could just be me, after all (laugh)!

For those of you who are looking forward to watching the movie, you’re in for a treat! I caught a pre-screening last Saturday and thought it was awesome.

We Got Your Thor Hook-Up!

Excited to see THOR? So are we!

Well your amigos here at the Isotope have got your pre-screening hook-up… IMAX style! Yep you read that right, we’re going to get you into see the movie for free on the big big screen!

To grab yourself your THOR pre-screening passes c/o @isotopecomics, go to the following site and use code “BOOKT6AR”… but there are only a limited number of passes available so do be quick about it, mortal!

UPDATE: We maxed out that screening in the massive theatre in a mere 15 minutes. Nice! I hear rumblings we may get a second screening to fill, so definitely keep watching this space… or better yet, we’ll be giving the first heads-up over on the Isotope Facebook page, so go and sign up!

This Is Absolutely Gorgeous

Check out the gorgeous just-released steampunk-y music video for the upcoming album by Lovett.

Eye Of The Storm music video here and you can watch a “making of” here.

Wow. I want a whole feature length film of this!

Here Comes The Judge

Today we’re celebrating the news that this week kicks off shooting for Dredd, the big-screen resurrection of Brit comics’ Judge Dredd by producer Andrew Macdonald (28 Days Later), writer Alex Garland (28 Days Later/Sunshine), and director Pete Travis (Vantage Point). This 2012 release by British production company DNA Films stars Karl Urban (Star Trek) and Olivia Thirlby (Juno), and is being filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa with much of the team behind District 9.

Check out Karl Urban decked out in full Judge uniform from this week’s rehearsals

With some heavy involvement from Dredd creator John Wagner and a very good sounding team working on it my hopes are certainly raised… cross your fingers!

But let’s not forget the other Judge movie from the world of 2000AD’s Mega-City One in the not-so distant future. The Judge Minty fan film. For those not up on your lore, Judge Minty was Dredd’s mentor who, instead of retiring at the end of his long career, opted to take The Long Walk into the Cursed Earth to “bring law to the lawless.” Quietly in production for the past year, it looks downright incredible for a non-Hollywood flick. It was quite a shock to see how well this group of fans managed to kit out the cast with incredible costumes, bring a near-perfect Mega-City One to life, and even feature Dredd’s iconic wide-tired Lawmaster motorcycle. There’s a great thread on the RPF with tons of photos of the props and costumes. The screenshots look good, but you’re definitely going to want to see the trailer. Check it out:

Judge Minty trailer

For more info, keep your eyes on I will be!

Getting Neil Gaiman Animated

Here’s a story that will bring happiness to your heart. 

Christopher Salmon, an animator and huge fan of author Neil Gaiman has launched a project to fund what looks like a really beautiful animated adaption of Neil Gaiman’s The Price, narrated by Gaiman himself!

As with all Kickstarter projects, Salmon is sourcing the fan community for small to large donations from the people who would benefit the most from seeing the project realized, with all sorts of free goodies and bells and whistles for those who contribute the most. Including a chance to be an Associate Producer on the project or a chance to join Christopher and Neil in an exclusive special theatrical screening in Boston. Very cool! 

 Check out a preview of the project and hear more about it straight from Christopher Salmon here:

Getting Neil Gaiman Animated

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