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Whitney Matheson, Buried in Happiness

Our collective hearts leapt with joy upon hearing that the beloved internet personality, Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy fame, was returning to San Francisco for a visit. She’s definitely one of the Isotope’s most favorite people!

Whitney’s daily pop culture explorations and unearthing of hidden gems always brings a smile, from interviews with Pee Wee Herman to her discovery of metal music to the yummiest candies to best music podcasts to her favorite things of the 2011. Pretty much every day I can count on Whitney to overload my brain with great information, brilliant interviews and endlessly amusing stories.

But best of all Whitney has amazing taste in comics. She was instrumental in bringing graphic novels to the masses with USA Today way, way back before the mainstream media outlets were paying attention to such things. And for that she will always be a hero to the industry. Do check out her legendary Comics Crash Course series of articles (part one, two, three and four) for some of her comic recommendations. She and I also served as Eisner judges together in 2007 and helped develop what I think is the coolest list of nominations the award has ever seen… but I’m probably biased!

On her grand SF vacation, between cablecar rides, street art visits, fine dinings, shoppings, afternoon teas, and historic bar crawls throughout San Francisco Whitney stopped in to the Isotope for a long, relaxing kick-back on the Isotope sofa with a giant stack of comics. See all those awesome books she’s reading? Like I say, the girl has amazing taste in comics. And this photo I snapped was really just too cute not to share!

Check out more Ms. Matheson:

Thanks for visiting, Whitney!

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