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Paul Pope Sneak Peek!

We’ve all been patiently awaiting Paul Pope‘s long-rumored epic adventure BATTLING BOY like over-anxious kids on Christmas Eve… and 2013 is the year!

Monsters from another multiverse are terrorizing the dystopian sprawl of Arcopolis, an alternate Earth city full of dystopian sprawls, talking animals, and retro-futuristic ray guns. And with the planet’s greatest bastion of heroic derring-doo no longer among the living, it’s up to the 12 year old son of a demigod to save the day.

BATTLING BOY is the first of two volumes in Paul’s giant 400-page opus (to be adapted to the big screen by Brad Pitt‘s production company with Michael Chabon), this is Paul’s first major work since his 2006 Eisner Award winning BATMAN: YEAR 100, and continues his gorgeously unique European comics infused with Jack Kirby and Manga artstyle seen in 100% and HEAVY LIQUID.

The first volume arrives early this October but you lucky folks can check it out right now, thanks to an advanced preview copy gifted to us by publisher First Second Books this week.

Stop on in and we’ll show you this gorgeous new book!

Sink Your Teeth In With Chew

Hitting tomorrow’s new arrivals rack like a side of beef is the latest issue of Chew, the final chapter of the “Just Desserts” storyline. This is the grand finale of the first quarter of the series and according to author John Layman “Nothing will be the same after Chew #15. That’s not hype. Not a gimmick. The status quo of this book is about to be annihilated,” and knowing John, we’re inclined to believe him!

In celebration Layman and artist Rob Guillory are serving up heaping helpings of goodies to dazzle your comic reading palate. Extra story pages, a gorgeous Last Supper themed tri-fold poster cover… and all for the same price as a regular issue of the series.


10 page preview of Chew #15 @ CBR

Eyeball This: Halcyon

As you probably already know (if you’ve been keeping up with your pull-list that is) Jonathan Hickman and artist Ryan Bodenheim‘s long awaited A Red Mass For Mars softcover collection arrives on store shelves this very week. Several years in the making this was one of my favorite books in Hickman’s creator-owned library, despite the time there when we were all pretty much convinced that it was never getting finished. From that first Isotope sneak peek to the celebrated return earlier this year, I’ve been on-board throughout. And Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim came through with flying colors!

And as if to make up for making us wait last time Bodenheim is quickly following it up with more goodness! This time teaming up with author Marc Guggenheim for Halcyon from Image Comics, a superhero book with all the stops pulled out. I think this one looks pretty darn good, so make sure you add this to your pull-list tout de suite. 

Check out a 10 page preview here:

Halcyon #1 Preview @ CBR

Happy Darwyn Cooke Day!

Yes dear friends, it has finally arrived… Darwyn Cooke‘s highly anticipated Parker: The Outfit.

This follow-up to the best book of 2009, Cooke once again rocks our worlds with a great crime noir thriller. And look, we got a bunch of them in today!

Here’s the first six pages to start your morning off right:

(click on the images to see the rest of the pages)

Those extra-special smart ones of you who pre-ordered this from the Isotope are also going to be the proud owners of an exclusive Darwyn Cooke 19″ by 13″ 19mil cotton rag velvet fine artprint signed by Mister Cooke himself absolutely free! Similar to these Isotope exclusive JH Williams III prints, the print run on these was incredibly tiny. We expect to see them arriving from Dar’s section of the Canadian Outback in just a couple weeks.

If you want to ensure you’re not missing out in the future on sweet things like these from some of the best artists in the industry be sure to set up a pull-list and make sure you’re placing your pre-orders early. Because we adore you so and want to continue making these awesome incredible things with you in mind, we’ve made it incredibly easy to do just that.

Ahhh… life is good, isn’t it?!

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