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Happy Special Appearance Week!

Two of the most anticipated reprints of the month here at the Isotope (and everywhere else) are the new printings of Darwyn Cooke‘s PARKER: THE HUNTER and THE COURIERS by Brian Wood and Rob G.

We’re thrilled to get to finally help put these gorgeous new softcovers in your hands… and it’s extra fun that both of these fantastic books feature special comic appearances by members of the Isotope staff!

PARKER: THE HUNTER by Darwyn Cooke
Yes, it’s finally here in softcover, the first volume in the best series of crime noir comics ever made! The hardcover version of this was without a doubt all our favorite book of 2009 and if you haven’t read it already I can’t recommend it more highly. I was lucky enough to be staying with Dar and Marsha on a short vacation while he was drawing this book and got to show the first sneak peek of it anywhere… and was surprised many months later to find out Dar not only added a tiki bar for me but also drew myself and (ex-cigarette girl) Kirsten into the book! I got a pretty hilarious call from Darwyn the week this came out, he gave me a bunch of crap for “not even looking at page 71.”

THE COURIERS by Brian Wood and Rob G
This one’s been out of print for too long and it always bums me out when enjoyable books are lost in the sands of time, so it’s pretty nice to finally have another one of these long lost books back on the Isotope shelves. Brian Wood was living in SF just up the block from the shop when these comics originally came out and we did all sorts of crazy promotions to help Bri promote the series. My favorite promotion was something we called “Couriers Adrenaline Rush” an annual series of high-flying daredevil stunt photos featuring crazy aerial acrobatics. Like this photo of yours truly. You can check out more of those here. For special appearance fun, artist Rob G drew me into a few scenes like the one below, and there are plenty of Isotope t-shirts all over this book!

Two great books and they are now back on comic store shelves everywhere as we speak. Your bookshelf will be happy to have these additions if you don’t already own them. Thanks to Darwyn, Brian and Mister Rob G for honoring us in the artworks of these!

Hey, waitaminute… page 71 in PARKER and page 72 in COURIERS? Now that’s pretty crazy!

The CBGB Comic Gets Even Better

As a comic store retailer it’s my job to distill down those special somethings that make people excited to leave the comfort of their easy chairs to venture out into the world and come into my store. I’ve designed my entire business around the concept of making the Isotope into something much more than just a place to purchase goods. It’s in the store’s DNA, in the culture of people, and in everything we do. I think the best brick-and-mortar retail establishments are all about creating awesome experiences and crafting wonderful memories. And I’m always excited to see other folks in the comic industry who are on the same page as I am.

So when longtime Isotope amigos Sam Humphries and Rob G wrote to me asking if we would like to be one of the few select retailers to get to give away their limited edition show poster prints for folks who buy the first issue of the upcoming CBGB comic? You know I smiled! Not only were our pals pretty much on the exact same wave-length as me, but I actually may have been the person who taught Rob G that double-devil salute (which I first saw a guy holding high at a Danzig show years ago and you can see me doing the same in the pit in this here Gwar video).

Anyway, my staff and I were already pretty excited about the release of the four issue CBGB comic already… with stories from Jamie Hernandez, Kieron Gillen, Chuck BB, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Sam Humphries, Rob G, and the rather awesome Scissor Sisters songstress Ana Matronic? How could we not be?!

Check out the print here, read more about the series, and don’t forget to add it to your pull-list!

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