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San Diego Comic Con Getting You Down?

Today is yet another glitch-filled day of frustration for folks trying to get their tickets to San Diego Comic Con, apparently the third time isn’t the charm we were all hoping it would be. It sounds like folks on Twitter are pretty upset seeing TicketLeap’s “over capacity screen” and who can blame them? I, for one, don’t want this to turn into The Year Only Pros Could Go either. So I’m here to tell you not to lose faith, folks are getting through. Just keep hitting refresh, people!

Because I know you’ve all been looking at this frog for what seems like forever, we’ve decided to brighten your day a little and bring a great big smile to your face. The Isotope is going to hook you up with your very own San Diego Comic Con 2011 Registration Disaster commemorative Fail Frog button absolutely free of charge! Why? Because we’re just such huge sweethearts! Send a letter to the Isotope address with a self addressed stamped return envelope and I will personally send you one of these Fail Frog pinback beauties while our supplies last.

Turning even the darkest of days into something wonderful and magical… that’s our thing, it’s what we do!

UPDATE: This was posted in the heat of an industry-wide meltdown with the intention of bringing a few more smiles to the day, and I gotta say, TicketLeap ended up really coming through. Four days later I’ve spoken to literally hundreds of people about this and every single person I talked to got tickets. Every single one. Including the people who asked me for buttons! Ok, so the four day passes sold out immediately (they always do) and the site’s servers were chugging for a while… but unlike the previous two attempts by other companies… these ticket-selling folks did their jobs and are getting all of you folks and all of us folks into Comic Con this year.

Also if you check the comments on this very post you’ll see that, instead of sending their lawyer my direction telling us take this post down and not to send these buttons out, they were actually very cool about taking a little teasing too. A company that delivers the goods and can also handle some negative press with style? Color me impressed!

That’s about the most Success Frog the comic industry has ever seen. Nicely done, TicketLeap!

CNN Talks Comics w/ People You Know

Myself and the fab Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy fame talk with the fine folks at CNN on the floor of San Diego Comic Con about the current state of the con, the big media invasion, and what it all means for comics at the convention in this short but sweet Sunday afternoon interview. As you can probably expect, I do just a bit of ranting in the process.

Is there still room for comic books at Comic Con?

Go ahead an give it a watch:
CNN presents “Do Comics Still Exist At San Diego Comic Con?” w/ James Sime & Whitney Matheson

And if you’re not already making Whitney’s pop culture blog a daily stop now is the time to start. You’ll be glad you did!

Your Next Comic Creator Obsession: Dave Taylor

It’s my job to always have one eye out for the Next Big Thing In Comics. To hunt down the best comics have to offer and to keep my customers right on that bleeding edge, discovering their favorite new comic creators before the rest of the industry catches on. So with San Diego Comic Con is coming up I thought now was a good time to let you all know about your next favorite comic creator before the official announcements hit.

Chances are you haven’t heard of Dave Taylor yet (unless you’re a reader of 2000ad that is)… but that is all about to change. Because in only a few weeks DC is going to be announcing the Batman project Taylor has been quietly working on for the past year.

With a style that brings to mind all the best aspects of Frank Quitely, Seth Fisher and Moebius there isn’t a doubt in my mind that whatever they announce about him at SDCC is going to blow people’s minds. If that image above (just a piece of a panel) hasn’t already made your pulse quicken allow me to let Mister Taylor show you what he can do, go ahead and click this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this … and then check out this absolutely gorgeous Iron Man variant cover and this mind-blowing view of Mega-City One.

See, he’s your next favorite comic artist, isn’t he?!

I’ve been following Dave’s blog carefully over the last couple years (as well as making sure my collection has everything that I can get of his work before he hits big here with American comic readers), and it’s pretty clear that it’s very soon that DC finally announces the “high-end Batman project” he’s been hinting at. Trust me, whatever it is, it’s going to be big.

Check out Dave’s blog and see even more drop-dead gorgeous artwork here:

And watch for that Dave Taylor Batman news at San Diego Comic Con!

UPDATE: Well it looks like the settings on my Orb of Agamotto are set a little farther in the future than I thought! According to Mister Taylor himself we’re going to have wait just a little bit longer until the project he and his “mystery author” are working on detonates the US comics market.

I guess that just gives all of us just a little more time to enjoy his work before he becomes one of the biggest names in comics… and with that in mind, I suggest scooping up some of his original art from his website while it’s still affordable! Here’s the page I’m buying. What amazing Dave Taylor original art are you guys getting?

San Diego Sketchbook Theme for 2010?

A lot of my customers and staff over the years have come home from Comic Con with some amazing books of convention sketches from wildly different comic artists, but one thing is always true… all the best sketchbooks always have a great theme.

One of the most impressive ones you can find online is Walt Parrish‘s collection of Mason Jar sketches (take a look, it’s absolutely genius) but the various themes run far and wide. You’ll find great sketchbooks devoted to Yoda, David Bowie, Tintin, Groo, Sexy Mummies, and yes even grass themed sketchbooks!

Jamie Rich, former editor at Oni Press, has one of my favorite sketchbook themes ever an Audrey Hepburn sketchbook (represented here on the IsoSite with that gorgeous Audrey by Joëlle Jones), and he’s also written a great article about starting your own theme sketchbook you might want to read. Very inspirational!

So tell me, what amazing sketchbook themes do you fine folks have up your sleeves for 2010? I’m actually considering doing one too this year!

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