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Thank You San Francisco: Best Comic Store

The SF Bay Guardian’s “Best Of…” issue has arrived and the Isotope is proud to be recognized once again, with the prestigious “Best Comic Store” award. In one of the most competitive cities in the country for comic shops, there can be no greater honor than to be chosen by the people of San Francisco as a winner for this award for our eleventh year in a row. Truly, we could not be more honored!

And we’re thrilled to see some of our favorite Bay Area places are also taking home trophies this year too! Including our very best of friends at SAUCE, our new neighbors and collaborators at SCHULZIE’S BREAD PUDDING and the SF JAZZ CENTER, as well as our other great Hayes Valley friends at SHOE BIZ, SAMOVAR TEA LOUNGE, and the fantastic LUNCHPAD. As well as some of our other SF staples we adore like the fantastic GREEN APPLE BOOKS, ZEITGEIST, BRENDA’S FRENCH SOUL FOOD, DNA LOUNGE, CHECK PLEASE! BAY AREA (see the Sauce episode the Isotope staff is in here), and our beloved BAY AREA DERBY GIRLS. Yay, derby girls! And even KARL THE FOG is taking home the well-deserved gold this year!

Check out the full list of the Best San Francisco has to offer here.

Thank you, to all of you, for showing us such love. You touch our hearts and fill our lives with happiness, San Francisco and SF Bay Guardian!


Celebrate Those You Love, San Francisco!

Is there another city so full of amazingly nice people doing so many wonderful things as San Francisco? Here at the Isotope we feel just so lucky to have all these around! And once a year we get to celebrate all those fabulous denizens, wild visionaries, indie businesses, and awesome characters that make this city so great in the SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay reader’s poll.

Don’t be shy, San Francisco… it’s time to show some love to the people and places that make us all smile! Please do take a moment with me to honor those things that make SF such a fantastic place to live. There really are lots of wonderful eligible businesses and delightful staff members who make all our lives happier who will no doubt appreciate being showered with love and told how much it means to us to have them all around. Who wouldn’t want to see our friends at Image Comics and also WUVABLE OAF creator Ed Luce getting a Best of the Bay award this year?!

Celebrate the things you love, San Francisco. Vote here:
SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll 2013

Here’s some people and places we think make San Francisco so very wonderful: (UPDATED: 9/20)

Best New Restaurant – Noir Lounge
Best Splurge Restaurant – Millennium
Best Late-Night Restaurant – Sauce
Best Romantic Restaurant – First Crush
Best Food/Drink Festival – Domingo de Piña @ Smuggler’s Cove
Best Food Cart – Sanguchón Peruvian Food Truck
Best Pizza – Patxi’s
Best Small Plates – Sauce
Best Burger and Fries – Jardiniere (shhh… it’s a secret!)
Best Barbecue – Brick Pig’s House
Best Indian Restaurant – Chutney
Best Thai Restaurant – Jitlada Thai
Best Breakfast – Lunchpad
Best Appetizers – Boiled Peanuts @ Boxing Room
Best Lunch – Catfish Po’ Boy @ Brenda’s French Soul Food
Best Dessert – PB&J @ Sauce
Best Food/Drinks Blog or Site – EaterSF
Best Cup of Coffee – Blue Bottle
Best Cup of Tea – Samovar Tea Lounge on Page
Best New Bar – Brass Tacks
Best Dive Bar – Hi Dive
Best Swanky Bar – Smuggler’s Cove
Best Wine Bar – Rosebowl Florist & Wine Bar
Best Brewery – Speakeasy
Best Creative Cocktails – Kirsten Baldock @ Isotope
Best Bloody Mary – Zeitgeist
Best Butcher Shop – Fatted Calf
Best Cheese Shop – Gourmet & More Store
Best Chocolatier – Christopher Elbow

Best Movie Theater – Balboa Theatre
Best Rep Film House – Vortex Room
Best Performance Space – SF Jazz
Best Film or Arts Festival – Noir City
Best Museum – The Exploratorium
Best Art Gallery – Cartoon Art Museum
Best Artist or Collective – Ed Luce
Best Zine – Wuvable Oaf
Best Publishing House – Image Comics
Best Record Label – Prank Records
Best Band – Class Actress
Best Singer-Songwriter – Bob Mould
Best DJ – DJ Bearzbub
Best Overall Dance Party – Breakfast of Champions
Best Rock Club – Thee Parkside
Best Jukebox – Molotov’s
Best Gay Bar or Club – The Stud
Best Drag Show – It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere: A Drag King Variety Show
Best Drag King or Queen – Art Kahn
Best Burlesque Act or Show – Pickles Kintaro & the Hubba Hubba Review
Best Open Mic Night – The Riptide
Best Literary Night – Writers With Drinks

Best Overall Bookstore – Borderlands Books
Best Used Bookstore – Green Apple Books
Best Comic Book Store – Isotope
Best Magazine Selection – Kayo Books
Best Record Store – Grooves Inspiralled Vinyl
Best Men’s Clothing Store – Artful Gentleman
Best Local Designer – Phoenix Zoellick
Best Shoe Store – Gimme Shoes
Best Furniture Store – Inside Modern
Best Toy Store – Super7 Store
Best Bike Shop – Market Street Cycles
Best Skate Shop – Purple Skunk
Best Gift Shop – Paxton Gate
Best Quirky Specialty Store – Costumes on Haight
Best Flower Shop – Rosebowl Florist & Wine Bar
Best Place to Buy Lingerie – Dark Garden

Best Street Fair – BYO Big Wheel
Best Hotel – SF Sleep
Best Tourist Attraction – Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum
Best Tour – Alcatraz
Best Spot for Kids – Chabot Space and Science Center
Best Overall Blog – Squidlist
Best News Blog or Site – SFist
Best Style Blog or Site – CurbedSF
Best Nonprofit Organization – BayKids
Best TV Show – Check Please
Best Radio Station – SomaFM
Best Tattoo Parlor – Body Manipulations
Best Tattoo Artist – Tex
Best Local Animal Rescue – Rocketdog Rescue
Best Pet Groomer – All Creatures Healing Network
Best Alternative Healing – Jaden Rose Holistic Bodywork
Best Bicycle Repair – Matt Aimes @ Market Street Cycles
Best Salon – Hair of the Gods
Best Hairstylist – Donnelle @ Hair of the Gods
Best Massage – Justin Hall
Best Amateur Sports Team – Bay Area Derby Girls
Best Public Sports Facility – Circus Center San Francisco
Best Beach – Baker Beach
Best Public Park – Golden Gate Park
Best Park for Dogs – Lafayette Park
Best Skate Spot – Golden Gate Park on a Sunday
Best Surf Spot – Ocean Beach
Best place to Watch the Sunset – Golden Gate Bridge

Please do feel free to add your own wonderful suggestions in the comment section below, we always want to know about the amazing people and places that we might be missing out on! And don’t delay on getting those votes in, the poll ends September 25th.

SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll 2013

Jazzing with Jim Woodring & Bill Frisell

We here at the Isotope couldn’t be more excited about our new neighbors over at SFJAZZ, especially when they’re throwing events as exciting as this. Live jazz and live art… by Frisell and Woodring?! We wouldn’t miss this for the world!

Here’s more details from our friends at SFJAZZ:

Bill Frisell’s third night as Resident Artistic Director is a delightful live multi-media collaboration between Frisell’s Beautiful Dreamers trio and influential Seattle-based cartoonist and animator Jim Woodring. For this special performance, Woodring will create live digital illustrations, projected on the Miner Auditorium video screen, to accompany and inspire the music.

Preview this great Frisell-Woodring collaboration here

Jim Woodring is an acclaimed artist and animator, known best for his character FRANK, who has appeared in a number of graphic novels and in his previous multi-media collaboration with Frisell, 2006’s Probability Cloud. The Comics Journal named two of Woodring’s creations to their list of 100 Best Comics of the Century, and his previous work with Frisell resulted in a United States Artists Fellowship.

Behind guitarist Bill Frisell’s affable demeanor there’s a steely-willed artist whose creative ambitions span the continent. Since his early days on the Downtown Manhattan scene in the mid-1970s, when he became a key collaborator with John Zorn, Frisell has steadily expanded his sonic purview, staking a claim to an ever-greater range of media, material, and musical traditions.

Bill Frisell & Jim Woodring Live @ SFJAZZ
Saturday, 9/14/13.
2pm Family Matinee & 7:30pm Evening Show
SFJAZZ Center. 201 Franklin Street @ Fell
All ages. Cost: $5-10 (family matinee) $25-65 (7:30PM show)

More info here

What a great way to spend the weekend! I’ll definitely be in attendance at that Beautiful Dreamers evening show. Come join us, won’t you?

Dave Johnson Brings Drink & Draw to SF

Multiple award winning comic artist Dave Johnson is famous for his stunning covers on 100 BULLETS, THE PUNISHER, BATMAN, FURY MAX, DEADPOOL and hundreds more. He did full interiors on one of the best Superman stories ever SUPERMAN RED SON. He’s known his amazing animation projects including BATMAN BEYOND, LEGION OF SUPER HEROES, BEN10, FLATULENE, and even a heartbreakingly unproduced MICRONAUTS series. He hosted one of the Isotope’s craziest barcrawls ever, DAVE JOHNSON NEEDS PIRATES TIKI TOUR.

And he, along with fellow artist Dan Panosian, launched a SoCal tradition in 2005 that has spread through the country like wildfire and spawned two gorgeous hardcover collections (here and here)… THE DRINK AND DRAW SOCIAL CLUB.

And now San Francisco, it’s your turn to celebrate this fine tradition alongside the founding father and one of the industry’s best artists! The right Reverend Dave Johnson is calling out to all local artists to gather up your fistful of Rapidographs, Conté Crayons, General’s Charcoals and Prismacolors for an evening of good cheer, great tunes and amazing live art here at the Isotope. Featuring amazing Rev Dave inspired cocktails by Kirsten Baldock.

Saturday, August 10th, 8pm – Midnight
@ the Isotope

You drink and you shall draw!

Isotope + Music Video = Magical

Check out this magical music video from the central Connecticut based indy hip hop star ILLUS, featuring the Isotope and lots of beautiful SF locations.

Known for his uplifting, thought-provoking, “boom-bap HIPHOP for the people” and has been recording music and illustrating comics since 1991. We love his positive groove and DIY ethic. And is makes us happy knowing that can-do attitude has resulted in over 250,000 records sold with no label or traditional airplay. This song, “Magical,” is off his latest album FAMILY FIRST. Grab it on the iTunes store here.

FCBD Is Coming!

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event at comic shops the planet over. Here at the Isotope we will once again be featuring a massive selection of absolutely free comic reads for comic lovin’ kids of all ages… and this year we’re thrilled to announce special guest star Aidan Hernacki!

Aidan is a ten year old comic creating wunderkind, and we have the honor of debuting his talents to the industry this week, launching his new mini-comic series THE ONION BROS. ADVENTURES IN SPACE! Expect adorable free sketches from Aidan, a chance to buy original artwork directly from this child prodigy, and lots of copies of his new comic!

FCBD w/ Aidan Hernacki
Saturday, May 4th 2013
11am – 3pm

And while we’re talking about FCBD – Isotope is famous for having one of the greatest comics high-stakes, no-limits, can’t-find-anywhere-else smorgasboards in the city, and we know you’re all excited to check out what’s on tap for 2013. But we do ask that you keep in mind that here at the Isotope we believe Free Comic Book Day is all about the kids, and even the mighty Isotope’s supplies are limited, so before you over-indulge yourselves remember… every free comic you scoop up is one the kiddos can’t. Thank you kindly!

Here’s a list of the official releases:

Isotope Presents: Brian Posehn!

Hey… it’s funnyman Brian Posehn!

You’ve seen him in Rob Zombie’s THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and in FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER. You’ve laughed with him on THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM, RENO 911! and on ADVENTURE TIME. You’ve rocked out with him on THAT METAL SHOW, at THE GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS, and in METAL BY NUMBERS. You’ve gotten all real and documentary-ish with him in NERDCORE RISING and in SUPER HIGH ME. You’ve played games with him in BRUTAL LEGEND, on X-PLAY, and rolled polyhedronical dice with him on his weekly D&D podcast NERD POKER. You’ve bought his albums FART AND WIENER JOKES and LIVE IN NERD RAGE. You’ve virtually hung out backstage with him at ANTHRAX and FEAR FACTORY. And you’ve read his (rather awesome) comic books. THE LAST CHRISTMAS and probably the best DEADPOOL comic ever made.

Now you can meet him!

Isotope Presents: Brian Posehn!
Saturday, April 13th 2013
@ Noon

And don’t forget to grab tickets for his live stand-up that week over at Cobb’s Comedy Club that week too. Yeah baby, 2013 totally rocks. Fifteen years old forever!

Free Dredd Makeovers @ Isotope

In honor of the DREDD 3D movie coming out, this week the Isotope is offering free “Dredd Makeovers” to anyone who asks. And we’re inducting an entire generation of rookies into the Mega-City One Justice Department! So far we’ve gotten 54 new Judges on the street.

For your viewing pleasure here’s a small sampling:

“Running on a walkway, 10 months punk!” – Judge Aubrey

“Inappropriate touching, six months creep!” – Judge Ricon

“Overdue on the meter, 3 months citizen!” – Judge Pistilli

“Unlawful assembly, 5 years punks!” – Judge Garber

(sigh) It really makes you proud, doesn’t it?

We are also giving out free posters and badges and advance screening passes to citizens as well. Check out the full set of Dredd Makeovers photographic evidence here:

Dredd Makeovers at Isotope

Get your own helmet and other MC1 gear from the fine folks at Planet Replicas.

Scenes From The City

One of the best things about California is how often a carnival suddenly appears.

Blowing Kisses At SF Weekly!

Aw… we’re blushing over here from all the love!

The fine folks at SF Weekly have an article up today featuring the Top 8 Comic Stores in San Francisco, and we here at the Isotope couldn’t be more honored to be picked #1!

Check out the full article here.

There can be no doubt that there’s some truly amazing funnybook shops here in SF and we know there’s simply a lot of variety of greatness for folks to choose from. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the SF Weekly editors, writers, readers, and also to the entire city of San Francisco… we’re truly basking in the glow of all the wonderful appreciation!

We adore you more than words could ever say and will continue to do our best to always be worthy of being your first love!


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