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Free Dredd Makeovers @ Isotope

In honor of the DREDD 3D movie coming out, this week the Isotope is offering free “Dredd Makeovers” to anyone who asks. And we’re inducting an entire generation of rookies into the Mega-City One Justice Department! So far we’ve gotten 54 new Judges on the street.

For your viewing pleasure here’s a small sampling:

“Running on a walkway, 10 months punk!” – Judge Aubrey

“Inappropriate touching, six months creep!” – Judge Ricon

“Overdue on the meter, 3 months citizen!” – Judge Pistilli

“Unlawful assembly, 5 years punks!” – Judge Garber

(sigh) It really makes you proud, doesn’t it?

We are also giving out free posters and badges and advance screening passes to citizens as well. Check out the full set of Dredd Makeovers photographic evidence here:

Dredd Makeovers at Isotope

Get your own helmet and other MC1 gear from the fine folks at Planet Replicas.

Scenes From The City

One of the best things about California is how often a carnival suddenly appears.

Blowing Kisses At SF Weekly!

Aw… we’re blushing over here from all the love!

The fine folks at SF Weekly have an article up today featuring the Top 8 Comic Stores in San Francisco, and we here at the Isotope couldn’t be more honored to be picked #1!

Check out the full article here.

There can be no doubt that there’s some truly amazing funnybook shops here in SF and we know there’s simply a lot of variety of greatness for folks to choose from. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the SF Weekly editors, writers, readers, and also to the entire city of San Francisco… we’re truly basking in the glow of all the wonderful appreciation!

We adore you more than words could ever say and will continue to do our best to always be worthy of being your first love!


Thank you San Francisco!

The SF Bay Guardian‘s “Best Of…” has arrived and the Isotope is proud to be recognized once again, the prestigious “Best Comic Store” award… we couldn’t be more honored!

Some of our favorite Bay Area places are also taking home trophies. You’ve got goooood taste, SF! We were thrilled to see our beloved amigois at The Vortex Room (Best Movie Theater In Which To Blow Your Mind), Borderlands Books (Best Store Staff), Green Apple Books (Best Used Books), and Last Gasp (Best Publishing House), along with Oakland’s Endgame (Best Place To Stash Your Nerds) and 1-2-3-4 Go! Records (Best Punk Pushers), and Isotope friend Susie Cagle (Best Graphic Occupation) all also taking home the well-deserved gold this year. Check out the full list here.

Thanks for the love San Francisco and SF Bay Guardian!


Celebrate Those You Love, San Francisco

Don’t be shy, San Francisco… it’s time to let your passions out and celebrate with some love! Please do take a moment with me to honor those things that make SF such a fantastic place to live and get your votes in for the SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay reader’s poll. Join us in embracing these amazing people and places we all love here in the greatest city on Earth. There really are lots of wonderful eligible businesses and delightful staff members who make all our hearts race who will no doubt appreciate being showered with love and told how much it means to us to have them around.

Celebrate those you love, San Francisco! Vote here:
SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll 2012

Here’s some of mine and the Isotope family’s most beloved people and places”

Best New Restaurant – Sauce on Belden Place
Best Splurge Restaurant – Millennium
Best Late-Night Restaurant – Sauce
Best Romantic Restaurant – Waterbar
Best Food/Drink Festival – Domingo de Piña @ Smuggler’s Cove
Best Food Cart – Curry Up Now
Best Pizza – Patxi’s
Best Sandwiches – Ike’s
Best Burgers – Jardiniere
Best Barbecue – Memphis Minnie’s
Best Sushi – Otoro Sushi
Best Seafood – Farallon
Best Soul Food – Brenda’s French Soul Food
Best Indian – Chutney
Best Thai – Jitlada Thai
Best Lunch – Catfish Po’ Boy @ Brenda’s French Soul Food
Best Dessert – PB&J @ Sauce
Best Food and/or Drinks Website – EaterSF
Best Cup of Coffee – Blue Bottle
Best Cup of Tea – Samovar Tea Lounge
Best Dive Bar – 500 Club
Best Swanky Bar – Bourbon & Branch
Best Happy Hour – Shotwell’s
Best Wine Bar – Rosebowl Florist & Wine Bar
Best Brewery – Speakeasy
Best Selection of Beers – City Beer Store
Best Creative Cocktails – Kirsten Baldock @ Isotope
Best Bloody Mary – Zeitgeist
Best Bar Staff – Smuggler’s Cove
Best Butcher Shop – Fatted Calf
Best Cheese Shop – Gourmet & More Store
Best Chocolatier – Christopher Elbow

Best Movie Theater – Balboa Theatre
Best Rep Film House – Vortex Room
Best Film or Arts Festival – Noir City
Best Museum – The Exploratorium
Best Art Gallery – Cartoon Art Museum
Best Artist or Collective – Cycleside Bike Rodeo
Best Author – Ed Luce
Best Zine – Ashcan
Best Publishing House – Nightshade Books
Best Record Label – Prank Records
Best Band – Class Actress
Best Singer-Songwriter – Bob Mould
Best DJ – DJ Bearzbub
Best Music Festival – Noise Pop
Best Overall Dance Party – Breakfast of Champions
Best Rock Club – Thee Parkside
Best Jukebox- Lucky 13
Best Gay Bar or Club – Lone Star
Best Drag Show – Anna Conda’s Charlie Horse
Best Burlesque Act or Show – Hubba Hubba Review
Best Magician – Eric Cash

Best Overall Bookstore – Borderlands Books
Best Used Bookstore – Green Apple Books
Best Comic Book Store – Isotope
Best Record Store – Grooves Inspiralled Vinyl
Best Men’s Clothing Store – Siegel’s Suits
Best Shoe Store – Gimme Shoes
Best Furniture Store – Inside Modern
Best Toy Store – Super 7
Best Bike Shop – Market Street Cycles
Best Quirky Specialty Store – Pirate Supply Store
Best Flower Shop – Rosebowl Florist & Wine Bar
Best Place to Buy Lingerie – Dark Garden

Best Street Fair – BYO Big Wheel
Best Hotel – Sleep
Best Tourist Attraction – Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum
Best Tour – Alcatraz
Best Style Blog – CurbedSF
Best Radio Station – SomaFM
Best Place to Get a Tattoo – Body Manipulations
Best Tattoo Artist – Tex
Best Local Animal Rescue – Rocketdog Rescue
Best Pet Groomer – All Creatures Healing Network
Best Salon – Hair of the Gods
Best Hairstylist – Donnelle @ Hair of the Gods
Best Amateur Sport Team – Bay Area Derby Girls
Best Massage Therapist – Justin Hall
Best Public Park – Golden Gate Park
Best Park for Dogs – Lafayette Park
Best Skate Spot – Great Highway Bike Lane
Best Place to Watch the Sunset – Golden Gate Bridge

Please do feel free to add your own wonderful suggestions in the comment below, I always want to know about the amazing people and places that I may be missing out on. And don’t delay on getting those votes in, the poll ends July 4th.

SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll 2012

SF Pride Weekend!

In celebration of SF Pride weekend, here’s a sneak peek of Fantagraphics’ upcoming NO STRAIGHT LINES: FOUR DECADES OF QUEER COMICS historical anthology put together and edited by Isotope regular Justin Hall of GLAMAZONIA fame.

This book is debuting at San Diego Comic Con this year but Justin was kind enough to give us a peek at an advance copy during our (rather awesome) HENRY & GLENN party. NO STRAIGHT LINES is a massive 328-page hardcover and the first real comprehensive historical look at the history of LGBTQ comics. Filled with excerpts by creators like Alison Bechdel, Howard Cruse, Christine Smith, Ralf Konig, Dan Savage, Eric Shanower, Ellen Forney, former Isotope staffer Tristan Crane, and so many more.

Check out these two outrageously hilarious Mexican wrestling masked interviews with Mister Hall for more about this book. Video one is here. And also check out video two which takes place in a bathtub. (laugh)!

Have a great Pride weekend!

Isotope Beams You To Shatner’s World!

Yes, your prayers have been answered! The legendary William Shatner is bringing a new solo show to the San Francisco bay and the Isotope is giving away a pair of free tickets to a lucky winner. Because, let’s face it, we know you love Shatner as much as we do!

SHATNER’S WORLD is an intimate, one man evening with the otherworldly television and movie superstar. Taking audiences on a voyage through his life and career, from a young Shakespearean stage actor, to his famous and genre-defining work on Star Trek and TJ Hooker, to the internationally known icon and raconteur he is today. Featuring his signature storytelling, video clips, & an inimitable musical style, the one and only William Shatner brings it all to stage at San Francisco’s Orpheum Theatre this March 11th.

Enter to win our Isotope Beams You To Shatner’s World contest by sending the most amusing response to the Isotope’s official Twitter account with the “#shatnersworld” hashtag. All you’ve got to do is make me laugh, cry, or leap with joy the most before 5pm on Friday March 9th, and you’ll be getting two free tickets to attend this once in a lifetime event. @ us here:

But it gets better, my friends. We know you all want to attend this show so we’re also hooking all of you up with an exclusive discount, 20% off all tickets through the official website. Who loves ya?

@ Orpheum Theatre
7pm on March 11th 2012

Visit the website below & enter the secret code KIRK to receive a 20% discount:

So don’t be shy, go ahead and enter the contest or grab yourself some tickets to the show. Let the Isotope help beam you to Shatner’s World!

Avengers Vs X-Men gets Isotope-ized

There are few things that could make the most anticipated Marvel event of the year, AVENGERS VS X-MEN, better. This 12 issue mini-series boasts a true superstar creative team, teaming up a fistful of the industry’s best writers Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman, Brian Bendis, Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker with art gods Frank Cho, Johnny Romita Jr, Olivier Coipel and Adam Kubert. And c’mon, it’s the Avengers verses the X-Men, if that doesn’t get you at least a little excited, I think your Nerdjoy Receptors need a re-configuration.

So what could make it better? If it got Isotope-ized! Check out this awesome shout-out our comic writing amigo Jason Aaron managed to work into issue zero, complete with the shop’s address, over some San Francisco police scanner chatter:

And what’s that 10-30 that’s in progress?! Click through to the Official Ten-Code List from the Association of Public Communications Officers to see!

AVENGERS VS X-MEN issue #0 hits store shelves the planet over on March 28. You can indulge in an exclusive 5 page sneak peek of this issue over on CBR to see this panel in it’s full glory. And… for those of you who have been waiting for us to announce this…

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
8pm – 11pm

So which side will your friends here at the Isotope be backing? Do you have to even ask?

Whitney Matheson, Buried in Happiness

Our collective hearts leapt with joy upon hearing that the beloved internet personality, Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy fame, was returning to San Francisco for a visit. She’s definitely one of the Isotope’s most favorite people!

Whitney’s daily pop culture explorations and unearthing of hidden gems always brings a smile, from interviews with Pee Wee Herman to her discovery of metal music to the yummiest candies to best music podcasts to her favorite things of the 2011. Pretty much every day I can count on Whitney to overload my brain with great information, brilliant interviews and endlessly amusing stories.

But best of all Whitney has amazing taste in comics. She was instrumental in bringing graphic novels to the masses with USA Today way, way back before the mainstream media outlets were paying attention to such things. And for that she will always be a hero to the industry. Do check out her legendary Comics Crash Course series of articles (part one, two, three and four) for some of her comic recommendations. She and I also served as Eisner judges together in 2007 and helped develop what I think is the coolest list of nominations the award has ever seen… but I’m probably biased!

On her grand SF vacation, between cablecar rides, street art visits, fine dinings, shoppings, afternoon teas, and historic bar crawls throughout San Francisco Whitney stopped in to the Isotope for a long, relaxing kick-back on the Isotope sofa with a giant stack of comics. See all those awesome books she’s reading? Like I say, the girl has amazing taste in comics. And this photo I snapped was really just too cute not to share!

Check out more Ms. Matheson:

Thanks for visiting, Whitney!

Celebrate Those You Love, San Francisco!

(sigh) Seeing that gorgeous Darwyn Cooke art above just makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

Speaking of things that make you feel good, it’s time to do something nice for the great city of San Francisco and to take a moment to celebrate what makes it such a fantastic place to live… it’s time for the SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay reader’s poll. Join us in celebrating the people and places we all love here in the greatest city on Earth. There really are lots of wonderful eligible businesses and delightful staff members behind those spots we adore who will no doubt appreciate being told how much it means to us to have them around.

Celebrate those you love, San Francisco! Vote here:

SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll 2011

Here’s some of mine and the Isotope family’s personal favorites:

Food & Drink
“Best New Restaurant” Boxing Room
“Best Late-Night Restaurant” Sauce
“Best Romantic Restaurant” Waterbar
“Best Food Cart” Curry Up Now
“Best Pizza” Patxis
“Best Sandwich” Ike’s Place
“Best Burger” Jardiniere (seriously!)
“Best Sushi” Otoro Sushi
“Best Seafood Restaurant” Farallon
“Best Indian Restaurant” Chutney
“Best Thai Restaurant” Jitlada Thai
“Best Lunch” Catfish Po’ Boy @ Brenda’s French Soul Food
“Best Dessert” PB&J @ Sauce
“Best Food/Drinks Blog” EaterSF
“Best Cup of Coffee” Blue Bottle
“Best Cup of Tea” Samovar Tea Lounge
“Best Dive Bar” 500 Club
“Best Swanky Bar” Bourbon & Branch
“Best Happy Hour” Shotwell’s
“Best Wine Bar” Rosebowl Florist & Wine Bar
“Best Brewery” Speakeasy
“Best Selection of Beer” City Beer Store
“Best Cocktails” Smuggler’s Cove
“Best Bloody Mary” Zeitgeist
“Best Butcher Shop” Fatted Calf
“Best Chocolatier” Christopher Elbow

Arts & Nightlife
“Best Movie Theatre” Balboa Theatre
“Best Rep Film House” Vortex Room
“Best Museum” The Exploratorium
“Best Art Gallery” Cartoon Art Museum
“Best Art Collective” Writers Old Fashioned
“Best Local Author” Jamaica Dyer
“Best Local Zine” Ashcan
“Best Local Publishing House” Nightshade Books
“Best Local Record Label” Prank Records or Pirate’s Press
“Best Local Band” Hunx and His Punx
“Best DJ” DJ Bearzbub
“Best Rock Club” Thee Parkside
“Best Salsa Club” The Roccapulco
“Best House/Techno Club” Shine
“Best Jukebox” Lucky 13
“Best Overall Queer Party” Friday Night @ The Stud
“Best Gay Bar” The Cinch
“Best Drag Show” Anna Conda’s Charlie Horse
“Best Burlesque Act or Show” Hubba Hubba Review

“Best Overall Bookstore” Borderlands Books
“Best Used Bookstore” Green Apple Books
“Best Comic Book Store” Isotope
“Best Record Store” Grooves Inspiralled Vinyl
“Best Men’s Clothing Store” Harry O. Menswear’s Secret Upstairs Floor
“Best Local Designer” Sally Kuchar
“Best Shoe Store” Gimme Shoes
“Best Furniture Store” Inside Modern
“Best Toy Store” Super 7
“Best Bike Shop” Box Dog Bikes
“Best Quirky Specialty Store” Swankety Swank
“Best Florist” Rosebowl Florist & Wine Bar
“Best Place to Buy Lingerie” Dark Garden

City Living
“Best Street Fair” BYO Big Wheel
“Best Hotel” Sleep
“Best Tourist Attraction” Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum
“Best Tour” Alcatraz
“Best Style Blog” CurbedSF
“Best Radio Station” SomaFM
“Best Place to Get a Tattoo” Body Manipulations
“Best Tattoo Artist” Tex
“Best Local Animal Rescue” Rocketdog Rescue
“Best Pet Groomer” All Creatures Healing Network
“Best Hairstylist” Donnelle @ Hair of the Gods
“Best Amateur Sport Team” Bay Area Derby Girls: Oakland Outlaws
“Best Massage Therapist” Justin Hall
“Best Public Park” Golden Gate Park
“Best Park for Dogs” Lafayette Park
“Best Skate Spot” The Embarcadero
“Best Place to Watch the Sunset” Golden Gate Bridge

Feel free to add your own wonderful suggestions in the comment below, I always want to know about the amazing people and places that I may be missing. And don’t delay on getting those votes in, the poll ends next week on Wednesday the 29th!

SF Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll 2011

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