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Rocking Out w/ Scott Pilgrim

This year’s most anticipated nerd-centric objet d’obsession is without a doubt Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the big screen adaptation of the brilliant graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

I caught a pre-screening last Monday, mere hours after I got home from SDCC. Other members of the Isotope family were also there and had been sitting in line for many hours but I wasn’t about to line-jump all those hardcore Pilgrim fans that had gotten there before I did so I happily made my way to the back of the line, crossed my fingers, and let the crowd’s energy re-invigorate me. The comic gods were smiling on me and I ended up being the last person who made it into the theatre that day!

I honestly have no idea how the general public will take it, I hope they love it. It was a thing of beauty seeing this and Walking Dead dominating the mass media message at Comic Con. And I’d definitely like to see a lot more cool indy comics like this doing the same next year. After last year’s box-office bomb I fear we kind of need Scott to deliver the crowds to keep Hollywood catering to us funnybook folks… so keep your fingers crossed!

Anyone who has seen the trailers already knows that director Edgar Wright serves up a manic mash-up of movies, videogames, comics, and rock and roll in a completely overwhelming way and the movie is like what you get when you string all those trailers together. This is Triptocaine movie making for the Street Fighter II generation, with as much Hyper Turbo EX Plus Alpha Remix as you can handle. With endless Funimation style battles to otaku tsunamis of geek culture references to Bollywood-bizarre musical outbreaks to nerdy indy rock chiptune soundtracks to the real-life/virtual 16-bit emulation hybrid Scott Pilgrim pours it on heavy. Anyone who doesn’t mind plugging their brain directly into a site like ign for a few hours will no doubt absolutely love it.

For me, more than anything else, I’m just glad that Scott Pilgrim really knows how to rock. And he rocks hard. Every scene where Scott’s band Sex Bob-Omb plays is downright awesome and I would have gladly watched two hours of just that alone!


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We had fun playing with the Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator this week. I don’t think any of us could be more excited about that movie!

See the full-size versions of the IsoStaff avatars here, here and here.

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