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Birthday Wishes to Steve Ditko

Each year on November 2nd here at the Isotope we offer up a celebratory toast of our collective cocktail glasses in celebration of the birth of Steve Ditko and his truly Scorpiotastic creations like Spider-Man, The Question, Mister A, The Creeper, the jaw-droppingly awesome Shade The Changing Man, and also the coolest comic character ever… Doctor Strange.

While he probably doesn’t care about such things like bdays these days, here at the Isotope we will always honor him on this his special day. Today I’m spending my off-work hours drawing an album cover for a new release by Space Station, my atomic spacerock band. What better day to let Ditko’s mad genius guide us and keep our bubble helmeted space girls full of beauty, style and sly wit?

Thank you for a lifetime of inspiration, Mister Ditko!

Happy Birthday Steve Ditko

Every year here at the Isotope on November 2nd we take time out to celebrate the scorpiotastic Steve Ditko’s birthday. Creator of such so many timeless comic characters like Spider-Man, The Question, Mister A, The Creeper, the jaw-droppingly awesome Shade The Changing Man, and also the coolest comic character ever… Doctor Strange.

In his work and in his life Ditko makes his beliefs well known and unabashedly challenges all of us to stretch our imaginations, explore new worlds, stay true to the personal codes which we live our lives, and never give in to darkness or despair. And we accept the challenge! Those lessons of Ditko’s are well learned and are in the very DNA of all that the Isotope does.

So, Happy Birthday Steve Ditko! Thank you for so many wonderful years of entertainment and inspiration.


Happy Birthday, Steve Ditko

A toast of the Isotope cocktail glass in celebration of his birthday to the mighty Steve Ditko, creator of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, The Question, Shade The Changing Man, Hawk & Dove, Captain Atom, The Creeper, and many many more. He probably doesn’t care about such things like bdays these days, but here at the Isotope we will always honor him on the day of his birth.

Thanks for transporting us all to the strange new worlds of your imagination, Mister Ditko.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

While the planets take their time to align and the stars configure at what surely must be the slowest speed possible, the good Doctor Strange has always weathered the most turbulent storms of the Marvel universe, battling the unseen forces of chaos with a grace and dignity that few others have. 

Even with the most rudimentary knowledge of astrology I know it’s pretty clear that, given all that has been written about the character over the years, the man is a Scorpio. And that means that sometime between October 23rd and November 22nd must be the good doctor’s birthday. What better time for Marvel to announce the next stage in Doctor Strange’s life/death/rebirth cycle than now… with a return to the golden area of the legendary Roger Stern at the helm?

Since Marvel announced this on the 3rd, the day after creator Steve Ditko‘s day of birth, I’m going to be counting that as the good doctor’s birthday from here on out. Feel free to join me. 

Doctor Strange: From The Marvel Vault hits this February and with this news I can feel the stars aligning just a little bit faster. Thank the Hoary Hoasts for that! Read more about it here:

Marvel Unearths Lost ‘Doctor Strange’ One-Shot by Roger Stern and Neil Vokes

The most INTERESTING man in comics

In an industry like comics, which is full to over-flowing with interesting characters both inside the books and outside of the comic book pages, it’s not easy to decide who “the most interesting man” of all really is… but our friends from the Comic Geek Speak podcast messageboard have attempted to do just that in a heated discussion thread.

Not the most talented. Not the most creative. Not the most awarded. But the most interesting.

As you can probably expect a number of great gents are brought up. Including such gods of comics as Steve Ditko, Dr. William Moulton Marston, Alan Moore, Wally Wood, Charles Schulz… and (gasp) even yours truly! Heated discussions ensue, leaving two creators standing head and shoulders above the rest, but the discussion ends in a tie. Curses!

So with apologies to our beloved Grant Morrison who will have to settle for the runner up prize… it’s time to break the stalemate by casting a vote of my own.

The “Most Interesting Man In Comics” goes to famous comics innovator, escape artist & magician, publisher, historian, musician, sharp-dresser, and production artist on Raiders of the Lost Ark

The legendary Jim Steranko!

Put This In Print. I Will Sell It.

From my side of the counter it looks all pretty simple. You’re a publisher and you have a great comic with a big name creator attached? It’s a book you already paid for years ago and all that needs to be done is to collect it up so people can buy it? Put it in print!


Perhaps the reason why these publishers aren’t reprinting these is because they just don’t think anyone wants them. Well, if that’s the case I plan to change that. Here on the Isotope Communique I’m going to dig up some lost gems of yesteryear and ask the industry to let me sell them. Because these are comics I can definitely sell!

The Complete Steve Ditko DC/Charlton Library

Ditko created some of the greatest comic icons of all time and there’s a real revival of interest in his work in recent years. And with several recent books dedicated to the artist, a groundswell of wacky oddball books from the golden and silver ages garnering attention, hundreds of titles reprinted in the pages of DC Archives, and hoards of readers devouring up Jack Kirby Omnibii at 50 bucks a pop… one would think The Complete Steve Ditko DC/Charlton Library would have been printed years ago. But it hasn’t. The Creeper is a good start,  but where’s our Hawk & Dove, Starman, The Question, Blue Beetle, and Captain Atom? Or better yet, how about the mind-melting comic book brilliance that is Shade The Changing Man?!

Hey DC, let’s not wait for Ditko to die before people can discover more of his work, please.

Put this in print. I will sell it.

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