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Headed to Comic Con!

This weekend we’re doing what hundreds of other comic fans are doing… we’re traveling by plane, train and batmobile to a fair SoCal city to attend the San Diego Comic Con. It’s a great time to join all our favorite nerd friends from the world over for a grand celebration of comics and all sorts of great geeky pop culture.

While I’m away, I think you will all have a great time with Josh Richardson running things. I know you all know and love Isotope’s one and only Cultural Attache… who could be better?!

For my part I’ll be easy to find sponsoring the Eisner Awards (and accepting for JH Williams III if/when he wins), doing my thing on a panel, checking out cool stuff, seeing amazing people, attending some parties, and enjoying all the great new comics.

If you see me wandering the floor stop me and say “hi” – I’m pretty easy to pick out of a crowd!

A Toilet Seat Cake?!

This is about the funniest gift I’ve ever received, an Isotope Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum inspired cake presented to us in honor of the shop’s anniversary by Dyami and Tammy.

Too hilarious!

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