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Alan Moore: Rockstar

Moore is undeniably one of the best comic authors of our time. Is there anybody who doesn’t consider at least one of his comics in their Top 10 favorites? Personally I can’t make up my mind if I like Promethea or Ballad of Halo Jones the most. Or perhaps it’s From Hell or V For Vendetta or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Hm. On second thought, maybe Top 10 or Swamp Thing. Or what about DR & Quinch?! (shakes fist) Darn you Alan!

But man, the guy sure has made some hard to listen to albums!

Have you listened to The Highbury Working or Birth Caul? Moore’s monotone monologues combined with some kind of poor man’s Throbbing Gristle stuff makes both those albums pretty darn challenging to listen to all the way through. It’s probably not Alan’s fault I can’t stand those albums, I always thought that I’d like those albums 1000 time more if they’d had Thomas Gabriel Fischer doing the music. Moore’s not alone in making crummy music (who am I to talk?), I’m also not what I’d call a fan of Joe Casey’s tunes or Grant Morrison’s either. But despite the thought of listening to any more Alan Moore music not being very high on my list… I tend to like seeing live music in whatever form it’s served up in so I would actually like to see him perform some of those mystical performance poetry monologues live.

And performing live is something Mister Moore’s been doing a lot recently, actually, and I’m liking the sound of his new music much more than the older stuff. Nice!

Mister Moore has just confirmed two live dates and will be performing under the railway arches of London’s Waterloo station in celebration of his upcoming album. Mike Patton of Faith No More is also featured on this album… can you imagine if Patton makes one of his famous surprise appearances and both those guys perform together? I know a few hundred folks who would lose their minds over just the thought of it!

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