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Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever @ Isotope

It’s the comic tour that’s rockin’ the nation!

Isotope welcomes the cartooning duo of Tom Neely and Ed Luce along with the Igloo Tornado Roadcrew in celebration of all-new issues of the indie hit comic book mini-series HENRY & GLENN FOREVER & EVER!

Continuing the domestic saga of Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig’s “what if?” comic adventures as committed life partners, cat lovers, and cult rock ‘n roll gods. This first issue sees our heroes working out, fending off the advances of a demonic Lita Ford, dealing with satanic neighbors Hall and Oats, attending couples counseling and (of course) Fresh Step shopping.

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever launch party @ Isotope
w/ Tom Neely & Ed Luce
Saturday, June 9th, 2012
8pm ’til the Witching Hour

Isotope’s famous mixologist Kirsten Baldock will be cranking up your tastebuds with bespoke adult beverages based on her favorite Henry and Glenn classics, and this event also features DJ Bearzbub on live soundtrack duties. Expect plenty of Rollins Band and Danzig tunes!

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