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Parking for your Super-Wheels

The biggest change for 2011 here at the Isotope is a sudden abundance of new parking to be found right here on our block. And in a city like SF that is a truly wonderful thing!

It wasn’t too long ago that the garage up the street quite literally filled every available spot with automobiles, but with the city’s metering of Fell street now we’ve always got plenty of room for you to park your Blackbirds, Bat Bikes, Quinjets, Fantasticars, and Owlships (there are quite literally 9 spots on the block as I type this)! Eventually folks will figure out that the parking situation has changed but for now… glory! Thinking about this new embarrassment of parking riches and also checking out the awesome Batgirl Scooter by Ted Naifeh inspired me to come up with a comic themed list of great ways to get around in comics.

Top Five Favorite Comic Vehicles That Aren’t The Batmobile

#5. The Supermobile

Yes, it’s one of the absolute dumbest superheroic vehicles of all. But that, dear friends, is what makes Superman’s Supermobile so awesome. This is the height of leisure, why should Superman bother flying around or use his super strength when he can sit back listening to tunes while his Supermobile does all the work? Yes, the neighbors may laugh at you for putting this in the drive… but only until your car knocks them out with those big crazy fists!

#4. Silver Surfer’s Surfboard

Fueled by nothing more than thought and The Power Cosmic, Silver Surfer’s surfboard remains one of the most snazzy ways to get around in any universe. I don’t know if they had surfing on his home planet of Zenn-La, but the amusingly-named Norrin Radd sure seems to relish in carving the cosmic and shooting the spaceways. This vehicle looks so darn fun to ride it would be worth cruising around the town wearing nothing but your silver underpants!

#3. Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle

Yes, yes, I dig motorcycles. Who doesn’t? Well this one is conjured from the very fingertips of it’s rider, made from living hellfire flames! And it can drive up a wall. With great biker styling and leaving one heck of a hot trail behind it, this should be an essential addition to any list of favorite comic book vehicles. Sadly it probably gives off quite the cloud of burning sulfer stench. While I don’t think Johnny Blaze cares too much if he reeks, stinking of rotten eggs is a bit of a turn off on this one. So the motorcycle only makes it to #3.

#2. Mobius Chair

I’m of the opinion that the best rides really make an impact. And Metron makes being a New God look downright awe-inspiring as he traverses both time and space with kicked-back, out of this world style in the Mobius Chair. I think traveling around on this is so downright swanky I was seriously hard-pressed to come up with a better choice of vehicle. Talk about turning heads, who wouldn’t want to cruise through the local drive-thru in this badboy?!

But there can only be one #1! And that is…

#1. Devil Dinosaur

When it comes to sheer coolness, no vehicle in comics can even compare to riding around on a savage 25 foot tall blood-red Kirby dinosaur like Moon Boy does. Seriously. What could be cooler?!

I’d happily swap in a whole fleet of Batmobiles for Devil Dinosaur!

UPDATE: Just for fun there’s one more addition to this list but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. You’ll find it in the pages of Brat Pack by Rick Veitch, an amazing graphic novel that fans of books like The Boys will absolutely love! That particular vehicle may not exactly be a favorite, but it is definitely the most memorable one of all.

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