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Cool & Nerdy: Street-Legal Tron Lightcycles

What could be better than rolling up to opening night for Tron Legacy on an actual completely street-legal custom Tron lightcycle? That’s about as cool and nerdy as it gets, and talk about a James Sime boyhood dream come true!

Built from the exact specs of the movie props by the madmen at Parker Brothers Choppers, these custom-built beauties sport 22-inch hubless wheels, your choice of 1000cc gas burning engine or high-powered electric motor, and enough glow-y neon LED light-up bits to drop jaws from half a mile away. Apparently only five will be built, and each of these one-of-a-kind collector’s items feature a different accent color. Red, blue, yellow, green, or orange lights of course.

But looking this nerdy cool is not going to be cheap, the bidding on these start at 35 thousand dollars a pop, so you might want to start cashing in your change jars now before the blue and red ones are gone! Lots more pictures and eBay auction here.

Me, I’m still trying to figure out what this Astro Gunner postcard they sent me is all about. Any ideas?

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