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Courtney Crumrin Live

Webcast footage of Ted Naifeh and This Can’t End Well performing a live version of Ted’s award winning graphic novel COURTNEY CRUMRIN & THE NIGHT THINGS from Oni Press.

Performed before a truly packed house for San Francisco’s beloved indie music festival, Noise Pop, and truly a shining moment for the first-ever Noise Pop Culture Club. I think you will all really enjoy watching it and seeing what Ted and his merry band of fabulous musicians, actors and sound effectians brought to wow us with.

Apologies for the somewhat rough nature of the camera work and the times when we lose video. We had two professional video crews covering this event as well so there will certainly be better footage released soon… but I thought you’d all enjoy seeing our unpolished live webcast capture of this amazing performance.

Thanks to Ted, the band, Noise Pop and to Dyami Serna for helping make all of this possible.

Hanging the Isotope Gallery w/ Jamaica Dyer

Come behind the scenes with us as we hang Jamaica Dyer‘s gorgeous artwork in the Isotope Gallery in preparation for PASSPORT 2010.

Up Close w/ the Isotope Award Trophy

As a follow-up to last week’s awesomely nerdy trophy unboxing video Dyami and I decided to give you all a better look at what the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics actually looks like in all it’s beautiful stone and steel sexiness.

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Today is the last day to get your minis in for 2010 and we’ll be accepting all mini-comic submissions up until midnight tonight at Smuggler’s Cove. stop by and join us!

Unboxing the 2010 Isotope Award!

Is there anything more gloriously nerdy than an “unboxing” video?

I thought letting you all join in as I cracked open the trophy box for the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics would be fun. Dyami and I shot this quick iPhone video in between customers on a busy Friday, apologies I talk so fast! Also featured are a couple former winners’ post IsoAward professionally published works, Will Dinski‘s just released Fingerprints from Top Shelf and Danica Novgorodoff‘s gorgeous Slow Storm from First Second Books.

Hope you enjoy!

James Delivers @ Comic Vine

Our videocasting friends at Comic Vine are throwing an all day multi-pass celebration with their Big Live Live Show Live at their new secret headquarters tomorrow… and since that is also new comics day and we know the show’s hosts can’t make it out to the comic book store… I thought it might be fun to hand deliver the week’s latest reads to G-Man and Babs in person.

If you want to catch me and my shiny gold suit, be sure to tune in Thursday, September 9th, between 4pm and 6pm.

Comic Vine’s Big Live Live Show Live

CNN Talks Comics w/ People You Know

Myself and the fab Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy fame talk with the fine folks at CNN on the floor of San Diego Comic Con about the current state of the con, the big media invasion, and what it all means for comics at the convention in this short but sweet Sunday afternoon interview. As you can probably expect, I do just a bit of ranting in the process.

Is there still room for comic books at Comic Con?

Go ahead an give it a watch:
CNN presents “Do Comics Still Exist At San Diego Comic Con?” w/ James Sime & Whitney Matheson

And if you’re not already making Whitney’s pop culture blog a daily stop now is the time to start. You’ll be glad you did!

Clash of the Isotope Titans on Comic Vine

When Storm and I were invited to be on Comic Vine‘s Brutally Honest webcast with Babs to talk about our favorite books of the week, we knew it was going to get ugly. Have you seen all the great books out this week?! But how could we know that our taping was going to crashed by comic author James Robinson with plenty opinions of his own!

Hey waitaminite… does Mister Robinson actually make the announcement he’s doing a new Starman comic with legendary artist Neal Adams?! (grin) You’ll have to watch the episode to find out!

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