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Celebrating The Blue Estate

In honor of one of our favorite pulp crime series in recent years, the Isotope is proud to present a day with BLUE ESTATE series author, cover artist, and art director Viktor Kalvachev!

A truly tension-packed book, BLUE ESTATE jam packs every page with enough dim-witted private eyes, low-rent starlets, alcoholic hitmen, groovy hippies, psycho mobsters, and all the glittery, Hollywood trash you could possibly ask for. It’s one part Guy Ritchie film, one part Elmore Leonard novel, one part It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, and 100% love.

We’ll be celebrating the launch of the second volume with Viktor all day at the shop. He’s doing a cool Isotope promotion, every Blue Estate Volume 2 (or 1 or both) you’ll get a free custom Blue Estate Coaster. And for an additional 5 bills he’ll do quick sketch of a character from the BE on the back. Very cool, we like Viktor.

And then we’re following it all up with a fantastic BLUE ESTATE after-party at one of the world’s most beloved cocktail lounges, Smuggler’s Cove. Come join us and see why Drinks International Magazine listed Smuggler’s Cove #19 on their World’s Best 50 Bars for 2011 list!

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