Templesmith Drawing FELL Live w/ DJ SamSupa

Isotope and SF’s Noise Pop Music Fest teamed up for an number of jaw-dropping events that combined comics, music and art… the line-up was pretty amazing if I do say so myself! The headliner was none other than Australian superstar artist Ben Templesmith penciling and inking an entire page of his and Warren Ellis‘ highly anticipated next issue of FELL. Yes, more FELL is coming! And you can watch it as it’s made!

Drawn live on stage in front of a packed house with live mixing by the immortal DJ SamSupa, Templesmith thrilled the crowd with text jokes, amazing technique… and even inking with beer!

Check it out. Live comic art has never been cooler.

This live footage captured from the big screen projection by the fantastic Dyami Serna @tweaksf.

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