The Calm Before The Storm

I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this week!

The original IsoSite was kludged together by yours truly in true MacGyver fashion with plenty of chewing gum and bailing wire holding everything together. I’m no website designer but seven years ago it was a pretty functional little site for a funnybook shop, no work of art but a enough of a whisper better than “just good enough” so that I could be happy with it. However, over the years it’s definitely shown some serious wear and tear.

An entire new site was planned. And this time I was going to recruit an expert to help me. And here we are, on the verge of an Isotope anniversary, with the new website nearly launched and thousands of future plans for it rattling in my head… I’m taking some calm before the storm time to sit back and really appreciate all of the amazing magics Arik Devens (danieltiger) has conjured up to bring this beauty to life. Today is a day of true happiness.

Tomorrow can’t come fast enough.

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