The Don Cannot Be Contained!

Here’s your reminder… tomorrow is the day!

Straight from the boroughs of East London comes AKIRA THE DON – legendary rapper, producer, cartoonist, internet personality, sbwriel speaker, facial hair sporter and True Elemental Force of Good.

The Isotope is proud to get to kick off our 2013 event schedule year with a live show on our “world’s tallest stage” with this human ball of amazingly magical energy. Following in the grand tradition of the one and only MC Chris @ Isotope, Japan’s Pine*AM @ Isotope, the unsober Uke Apocalypse @ Isotope and Dame Darcy @ Isotope, our intimate concert series shows are always free of charge, packed to the gills, and only thrown when we really, really mean it. Could there be a more exciting follow-up to those amazing international acts than the amazing AKIRA THE DON?

Those of you who joined us for MorrisonCon in Las Vegas already know why Akira was Mister Grant Morrison‘s single most requested convention demand. And we cannot wait to get to introduce the rest of you to him!

But is San Francisco ready for The Man Who Cannot Be Contained?!

The epic last time Akira was in SF known around these parts as “the best weekend with the worst hangover of my life” in which The Don recorded an entire new album out of a briefcase, we were lucky enough to join him on the craziest Bay To Breakers ever experienced (topped off with Akira performing superhuman stunts and literally saving a girl’s life), and ended the three day bender of biblical proportions off by blowing the doors off the Isotope filming a music video with E-40‘s enigmatic tea-and-Ferrari-loving scion Issue.

Akira is on an Exaltation Mission and he cannot be contained! Isotope’s mixologist maestro Kirsten Baldock will be serving up a bevy of bevvys, including the legendary MorrisonCon inspired Transcendence. And DJ Bearzbub will be bringing the pre-show bodyrock on the wheels of steel. Truly SF, are you ready. for. this?

Saturday, April 20th 2013
8pm – Your Bedtime
featuring Opening Jams by San Francisco’s DJ BEARZBUB



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