The Revolution Will Be Archie-ified

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event at comic shops the planet over. Here at the Isotope we think FCBD should be all about the kids so in years past we’ve always really played that fact up by stocking up on a huge range on kids comics and things like in-stores with 8 year old comic creators.

This year Diamond mis-shipped our FCBD Archie Comics order & was unable to replace them. Isotope has so many Archie fans… we all had a moment of panic. No Archie on Free Comic Book Day at the Isotope? The kids were going to riot!

Thankfully, Alex Segura and the Archie Comics folks managed to hook us up and saved the store from the impending Archie Riots. (whew)! So I let this story inspire this year’s flyer and theme.

So yes… on May 7th 2011… The Revolution Will Be Archie-ified!

  1. Ken Sanderson

    No Jughead! No Peace!

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