This Is Splendid: Bulletproof Coffin #1

Maybe it’s a result of reading my friend Sonia’s often nostalgia-filled comics columns over on CBR recently, but I’ve definitely been in the mood to dig into some 80’s style books of late. Actually, it seems like the whole industry is going through something of a crave for the nostalgic right now, with all this winding back of the clock at both Marvel and DC

But, for me, nothing has giving me that wide-eyed feeling of years gone by more than reading Bulletproof Coffin. Reading this book was like stepping into a time-machine to when I first discovered things like MadmanMr XSilent InvasionFlaming Carrot, and Marshal Law, transporting me back to a time when I was devouring up as many of that particular era of first-generation Direct Market comics as my finances made possible. 

Bulletproof Coffin has all the best trappings of my favorite books of those times. There’s that familiar scrawled-in-a-fever-dream quality to David Hine‘s writing, the quirky Twilight Zoned out characters, plenty of references to obscure 50’s culture that never existed, and strange mysteries that probably won’t ever be fully explained anyway. This particular book is jam-packed with hallucinatory Golden Age comics-within-comics from an alternate dimension by the creator who practically invented the cliche, Deadline‘s style cut-up king Shaky Kane. While I think the issue’s cover is doing the book no favors (which is a surprise because all the “covers” on the comic’s interior are so strong), but one look inside at Kane’s gorgeous art has invoked more than a few “wows” in my customers with it’s style that invokes Mike Allred and Geoff Darrow, Jack Kirby and Brandon Graham.

But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself:

David Hine & Shaky Kane’s Bulletproof Coffin preview
More Bulletproof Coffin art

Go ahead and try out the first issue. This one’s got an Isotope Guarantee on it, so if you don’t like it feel free to bring it back. email hidden; JavaScript is required or give us a call to make sure you get a copy before they’re all gone!

UPDATE: Thanks to Thor and Phonogram author Kieron Gillen who convinced me to re-title this post.

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